Browns-Eagles: Gameballs and Goats

The Browns loss to the Eagles was encouraging because of the level of play, but ultimately Browns fans still had some irritation at fumbling and (lack of) pass rushing to get off their chests this week. Jeff Garcia gets mad props for calmness under fire, but it's a bad week to be named Jackson...<BR>

The Week's Results: Voter turnout was a little lower than expected, thanks to the World Series and a game that left one half-enthused (about the level of play) and half-angry (because of the loss). Frisman Jackson was just added to the roster and wasn't on our voter sheet, so he becomes the first write-in candidate ever to make the list. Terrell Owens was a close miss, just for being T.O. Some insightful comments this week... take a look through the comments and write-ins to see what Browns fans are thinking after the close loss to the Eagles.


Player Gameballs
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 69
William Green (31/RB) 30
Lee Suggs (44/RB) 27
---RB Unit--- 25
Terrelle Smith (42/FB) 23
---O Line--- 22
Aaron Shea (80/H-B) 19


"A welcome ball to A.Bryant", "Bill Maas (Fox Color Commentator.) ", "Fox TV Sports ", "The Crestwood 'lil Red Devils!", "The fans who made the awesome signs!"


Player Goathorns
James Jackson 48
---Special Teams--- 22
Butch Davis (Head) 22
Frisman Jackson 19
Earl Little (20/SS) 17
Anthony Henry (37/CB) 15
---D Line--- 11

Write-Ins: Frisman Jackson(19), Terrell Owens(10), Tim Couch (3), "Whoever gave Frisman Jackson #19, probably Tim Couch", "stupid penalties and turnovers", "T.O. and his over-inflated ego", "Campo if you are so frickin good, where is our pass rush???", Whoever hired The GE Smith Band, Benedict Arnold, "D-LINE 'CMON!!!!!!!!! RUSH THE QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Terrell "I am a knob" Owens


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 William Green Butch Davis
2 Jeff Garcia Offensive Line
3 Lee Suggs TV Announcers
4 Andre Davis Officiating Crew
5 Phil Dawson Quincy Morgan

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
jmazzulo920 Garcia and the running game was great today. Smith should have never come off of the field until 3rd down. Suggs and Green both ran very hard today.
glabonne GREAT production from the Tight ends!!! Ekuban keeps getting better each week! Bodden just kills on Special teams!!! WHEW what a player
dk Ran the ball very well and Garcia really took command
losangelesdawg Why don't I feel that bad...they stood in there with one of the best teams in the NFL and even minus most of our wide outs we did OK! Just wish we could have bent TO's finger back just a little bit more.
tadams Defense stepped up several times and the offense was never able to capitalize
lukedawg12 Great effort but we lost. That's all that matters.
mulekicker3 Our O-Line has been getting better each game. A loss stinks, but at least our offense is showing some signs.
izdlizard Suggs and Green making it hard to choose a favorite both running hard and making the most of their playing time. Love seeing them congratulate each other after big plays. Smith is a monster, his teeth shaking blocks have made a huge difference in the running game. Oline gave Garcia more time than he's had all year and did some impressive run blocking today.
mrgrinch the running backs, receivers, TE's and Garcia for giving this game some hope... should have let them try to finish it
lynxis Offense played great. Defense played good. Almost, too bad this isnt horseshoes or hand grenades.
doctorfresh Gameballs go to Henry for his excellent coverage on TO (yes, he scored two TDs, but for the most part, Henry shut him down), the TE unit for stepping up in the absence of Winslow, and Jeff Garcia for playing his heart out.
thejamdawg Too bad about the loss, because at least the effort was there. The Fans were in force (especially those with the T.O. Signs) Terrelle Smith is becoming a fan favorite (Where was he in the 2nd half.) Bill Maas (Fox Color Commentator.) gets a gameball. Anyone who brings up Dixon, Minnifield & the mid/late 80's Browns Teams (In a positive way.) is allright by me.
gbeachy50310 GARCIA: What a performance. 2nd half QB rating of 105.1. The diving TD at the end was awesome. ENTIRE D: This team held the powerful Eagles in check most of the game. Impressive. RB UNIT: People single out Suggs or Green or Smith, but they must be recognized together for the awesome job they are doing.
naxos That was one fun game to watch. I am still ticked off that we lost though. Great game by our RBs & TEs.
gmathiasf a well played game by the offense especially. Garcia gets a gameball for a very solid game with virtually no receivers. The tight end unit came up big for us. and of course, the 2 back attack looked great especially in the first half. Suggs, Green, and Smith: you gotta love this.
apvic great game by the o-line.. great game by our running backs. Garcia was super.. i'm very proud of the way our tight ends are playing...
bendal Garcia literally put the team on his back in this game. Green ran hard and Lang was a one man wrecking crew late in the game.
section 527 dawg Who else but MY son's 'lil Devils team could possibly get a gameball? :) They are now 9-0 and going the the "Super Bowl" On Sunday!! Go Devils Go!!
clevelandfan Jeff Garcia - Jeff earned a year's worth of gameballs with the TD run...he is one tough SOB! O-Line - showing improvement, and is stepping up to the challenge. Fans - Boy did it sound loud over the TV!!! Green/Suggs - great day by both backs. Phil Dawson - Mr. Automatic was automatic again, great job!!!
bfan99 Whether you like Garcia or not he played his guts out today. Our tight ends were outstanding and this is the first game ball I've ever given to the O-LIne. They easily had there best game this year.
bucksr1big10 O-line deserves it for what they did.. awesome job. Rb's for running all over the eagles, and Aaron Shea for making some great plays and finding ways to get open. Garcia had a nice game.. underthrew a couple potential td passes(one was intercepted), but he stood in there and gutted it out and showed what a competitor he is.
weimer19 Best Game since the return of the Browns in 1999. If not for the Jackson Brothers we win this game.
photocitydawg Andra Davis - His interception came at a time where a TD could have put the game out of reach at 28-10. It slowed down the Eagle's offensive momentum.
clevelandcraig One hell of an effort, it was a great game one we should have won. The backfield is really impressing me this year.
redright Butch got the team on track, showed promise.....Garcia showed that he can play and win....had announcers expecting the Browns to win it.....The TEs Heiden and Shea mad a major contribution and brought another unit to our offense.
irishmutt great game
dawghowl Garcia-Once again he played his heart out and gave it his all out there. O-Line- They really have stepped it up the last two weeks, and have done a great job. Looks like they are really starting to gel together. Terrell Smith- I just love watching this guy block. He just destroys linebackers, what a difference it makes to have a great lead blocker like Smith.
dapound very surprised they were competitive. after 6 weeks i still have no idea how the browns are doing.
vandalfan11 Jeff, Jeff, Jeff... man o man you rock! finally after sucking it up you really showed what you can do when you ignore that moron Robiskie. Thank you for talking to him and letting him know that he was killing your style! Please keep throwing it to the TE's and RB's, and once 'dre Davis is back... OH it is so clearly ON! Cutch- Hey you played your best game so far this season, I was impressed with your reaction time when you were in zone, and your quick hips in Man, I can tell that you really studied film this week, I am proud of you.. all of us are proud of you Cutch! Shea- I really don't know what to say, who would have thought that a guy from Michigag would be perform at the pro-level KEEP IT UP!! They may just cut Winslow with you playing like that, oh and change your contract for next season with a bonus of 2.5 million if you catch more than 50 balls you should get the money Winslow would have got!! Brownies keep it up... we are almost there!!!
southwestdawg I don't care what anyone says, Garcia is a bad-ass.
dan2dupertd85 O-Line looked VERY Good giving Garcia the time he needed to make big plays which he did, also they did some great run blocking for William Green who had a great day.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
dawglberbarb (TO) what a jerk!! Pulling down that sign gets him all my goat horns.
jmazzulo920 Earl Little should be benched. The defense was gashed today by too many big plays and a lack of a pass rush. Terry Robiskie called a great first half and then tried to get too creative in the second. We never should have went away from the run.
glabonne Jackson for the fumble Cutch for the early touchdown - UNACCEPTABLE Coach Davis for punting on 4th and 2 instead of going for it!!!!!!!! Garcia did enough to keep from getting a goat and not under threw Northcutt for a sure TD, and gave the interception! can he through deep? NOPE
dk HOLD ON TO THE BALL HOLD ON TO THE BALL HOLD ON TO THE BALL Butch - Why abandon the run???? DK Out
lukedawg12 Frisman should be added so he can take the verbal ass whupping he deserves!
mulekicker3 Those turnovers killed us. We seriously COULD have won. We all said it last week, that we can't afford those giveaways against a team like the Eagles and we still did it......
izdlizard Special teams turnovers hurt us this week. Where was the safety help deep against one of the leagues premier receivers?
mrgrinch Butch gets one because I've vowed to give him one after every loss this year; if he had paid more attention to the O-line, this game would have been an easy win. I would have forgone it if there was better pass protection today. Little and Griffith, because they're too old to not know how to do their job.
lynxis I get that frisman is just out of the practice squad but damn, he was a liability.
doctorfresh Goathorns for Dennis Northcutt and his lack of enthusiasm on the field. JJ gets one for some weak returns and the TV announcers for botching player names left and right. And, wouldn't you know it, the Oline goes by without horns!! First time this year!
thejamdawg The two Jacksons get Goathorns, Fumbles will kill you against a team like the Eagles. T.O. gets one for being T.O. (Now next week, I want to see him act like an even bigger a-hole; they are playing the Ratbirds, and they deserve to be treated like that.) Sorry Butch, but I would gone for it on 4th Down in the OT. High Risk/High Reward.
gbeachy50310 SPECIAL TEAMS: Turnovers on special teams killed us and lost the game. Coverage on returns was improved. But our returns still need improvement, too. TUCKER: Played very well, but each week with a penalty is a goathorn.
rutger No Goathorns they played their hearts out in this one..
naxos Would of, should of, could of. We had our chances but just didn't come through. Goats to the Defense in general for not stepping up. If we generate a pass rush things would have been different.
gmathiasf one easy horn for the special teams for 2 fumbles on kick returns. the kickoff return team has done absolutely nothing this year. luckily for the special teams the coverage teams have been spectacular. Dave Campo gets a horn for refusing to blitz. mcnabb had way too much time. if its 3rd and 12 you gotta blitz dave!!! jesus its frustrating. and the 3rd horn goes to Butch because they traded Q Mo so he can't get one this week. Butch is doing better and this will be my last backlogged horn for him if the Browns keep playing well.
networkned Frisman, wow, it was your time to shine, and boy did you blow it.
apvic jackson wants to know why he is left inactive ??? poor hands and no did he allow a fumble??? get little out of there... start crocker... and wiffith did it again, does he have his f***ing eyes closed??.. Northcutt is a great team player but he is too small.. he is quick but not fast... he should be our third string guy...
bendal Special teams weren't special yesterday. The D line still has trouble pressuring the QB.
section 527 dawg YOU NEVER willingly give the ball to your opponent in OT!! (Unless you are pinned in DEEP) Esp. on a 4th and 1 yard when you had been running the ball so well! You F-Ed that one up Butchie!! OK, and whoever hired this SNL reject needs fired! They are HORRIBLE!! What's the matter, John Collins? Michael Stanley wasn't available??
clevelandfan TV Announcers - Could they have possibly gotten more guys names wrong, and the game calling alone was horrible. All Def Backs - held there own on some plays, but they got burned way too many times. T.O. - ripping down our signs, being a jackass...he's a great player, but great players that are humble are greater in my book... players like T.O. just make themselves look like a-holes.
oldbrownsfan Our offense put lots of points on the board. Our defense gave them back.
bfan99 special teams sucked except for Dawson. That horrible punt in overtime cost us the game. Both Jacksons looked like Michael out there although Frisman made some nice catches. No pressure on the quarterback and where were the safeties in this game except for Crocker who made some nice plays.
bucksr1big10 If I see another deep pass play get completed on these guys i'm gonna vomit.. last year it was the big play via the it's the deep pass.. do little and grif even know where the receivers are on the field? How many more big plays do I have to see. Some help from the D-Line would be welcomed...and how about those refs for not calling delay of game on the eagles in OT when the entire defense stood up and pointed to the clock before mcnabb called time out..
weimer19 Frisman and James for not holding onto the damn ball. All the defensive backs for the first series of the game. The officiating crew was bad. Bad calls against both teams.
photocitydawg Dave Campo - The Browns pick this week to install complicated new coverage schemes? James Jackson - Wants to play. His fumble screws up a chance at good field position on a kickup. Back to the bench for him.
clevelandcraig I think it comes down to coaching. Switching the game plan to passing in the second half, when running was working and in OT you have to go for 4th and short.
redright Fumblers All....cant win with turnovers and special team turnovers are especially horrendous...Benedict Arnold was a special team's fumbler..... Robiskie...where was Terrelle in the fourth quarter with the game on the line? Needed our running game to run in the 4th to win.... Hey campo,,,,what's a pass rush?????
irishmutt don't fumble!!!!
dawghowl Earl Little- He played horrible. He looked lost out there and was out of position several times. where the hell was he on those deep passes to Owens??? no help for Henry at all. J Jackson and F Jackson- both had costly turnovers on special teams and Frisman had several stupid penalties. Completely unacceptable. D-line-Very little to no pressure on McNabb, he had all day to throw majority of the game. This team desperately needs a pure pass rusher.
dapound butch gets another set of horns for punting the ball in o.t. at home when you have a 4th and 1 at mid field. last year we couldn't get that yard this year we could but didn't even try. it would have been a huge boost to make that first down. we make it and we win
vandalfan11 Look, T.O. will do what he does well, get open and score touchdowns. We know we cannot cover him all the time so how do we stop him from catching the ball???? Stop the QB from throwing it to him!!! Butch- For a Defensive coach you have got to have some input with Campo on getting more pressure on the QB. Sunday on every pass play the eagles dropped into, I saw either Andra Davis or Chuan Thompson or Kevin Bentley or Warrick Holdman covering each other with man on the receivers, last time I checked Chad Lewis needs one guy to cover him not 2 or three running into each other, if nothing else at least fake a blitz then drop to the flats where McNabb threw all day!!!!! RUSH THE QB and BLITZ 1 LB PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Thank you
dan2dupertd85 Browns DB's were blown away by every receiver it was totally ridiculous the Eagles moved the ball like it was nothing. The Announcers for that game totally sucked i don't know who they were but they were horrible making mistakes all the time complete disaster...and Butch may have made a few bad decisions i wont go into what they were but they may have lost because of him
phelix17 The all Jackson Goathorn extravaganza!


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