Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale Galbraith, a typically insane Browns fan, recounts his Gameday Rituals, and more...

At the Bye

It is time to put up or shut up. The Browns will enter the second half of the season in good shape health wise. It appears that all players, except maybe Barry Gardner will be able to suit up against Baltimore. The offense, or should I say Garcia, has had enough time to get in sync. The offensive line is settled. The defense has veterans at nine positions. The team is capable of winning their next nine games. Will they?  I doubt it. But there is no excuse for not winning 5 or 6 of their remaining games. Finishing 9-7 or 8-8 doesn't guarantee them a playoff spot but it shows they are on the right track. Especially since every opponent they face from this point out are AFC teams.  

Coaching change? 

So what happens if the Browns finish 7-9 or worse? Is it time to fire Butch Davis? I am sure that 6-10 will get Davis fired. But at 7-9 Randy Lerner will have to take a hard look at how the team performed in the losses. He must determine if the team played with intensity in those games. To date the only game that the Browns lacked intensity was the loss to the Steelers. Which for the life of me, I still don't understand. Another issue of immense weight would be if the coaching staff is clearly out-coached in the defeats. But, the biggest factor of all will be if Lerner thinks Butch Davis has lost the team. If that is the case, Butch must go.

I, for one, don't like coaching changes. There is seldom a proven coach to hire, and it is always a risk. Then there is that 3-5 year window that the new coach gets to prove his worth. I certainly don't want to see a coaching carousel similar to what the Redskins have had the past several years.

I believe that if Butch Davis hasn't clearly lost the team he should get at least one more year. After that may the football gods be with him.   

Game day rituals

Some of us feel that what we do on game day effects the outcome of the game. Over the years I have tried many game day rituals to help the Browns reach the Super Bowl. Here are a few that haven't worked:

  • For a few years. I would drink a shot of Jack every time the Browns scored. Scores included everything from touchdowns to safeties. The shots were in addition to my normal game day consumption of beer. I did that back in the Kosar days when the Browns put some points on the board. Maybe it's time to bring this one back.

  • I have lived out of state since 1988. So, until I bought a satellite dish I would go to a local bar to watch the games I didn't attend. The bar had a mixture of fans and there was always a few butt-heads rooting for the opponent. I would light up a cigar when the Browns had the game clinched. I would make it very obvious that I was enjoying the taste of victory. If the opponent won, I'd find a fan from the other team and give it to him/her to smoke. I have a dish now, so I never watch a game with the enemy. It irks me to see fans wearing the opposing colors at the Stadium, so I would never invite an opposing fan to my house.
  • On game day after a Browns' win, I would follow the same routine, right down to wearing the same clothes that I wore for the previous game. But, I got to the age, where I couldn't remember what I did the week before. So I had to abandon that routine.
  • I also tried not wearing a losing outfit, twice in the same season. But, that meant too many trips to K-Mart to buy new threads. Fortunately, I haven't lost any weight so everything still fits.

    I don't have any game day rituals this year. I like to keep them guessing. But if you have one that is sure to work please let me know. With the Browns 3-4 at the bye I will try anything to help this team get to the playoffs.

    Dawgs barking

    Fan participation at the Eagles game was outstanding. The place was rocking. Too bad it didn't end in win. It could have been a special memory in Cleveland Brown Stadium. The players weren't the only ones spent when Akers kicked the game-winning field goal in overtime.

    Halloween bye

    I am disappointed that the Browns' bye fell on Halloween. I thought it would have been appropriate for them to play on the eve of All Saints' Day. They could have worn their orange pants and orange jerseys.

    Game film

    Many experts say that it takes five weeks of game film to be able to truly game plan against a team. With that being said the Browns coaching staff did a pretty good job in weeks 6 and 7, with a dominating win over the Bengals, and a near overtime victory against the Eagles.


    With Halloween being right around the corner here are some of my recent nightmares:

    • Running out of beer during a Browns game.
    • Ray Lewis chasing me around dark streets with a knife.
    • Art Modell becomes Randy Lerner's silent partner.
    • The NFL claims that Browns fans are too rowdy and move the team to L.A. a neutral site. Although they remain the Cleveland Browns and keep their colors and records.
    • Bill Cowher screaming at me at the top of his lungs. His protruding jaw only inches from my face. Spit flying everywhere.
  • Art Modell is immortal.
  • Red Right 88
  • The Drive
  • The Fumble
  • I am living in sin with my cousin in a rundown trailer along the Ohio River. But the most terrifying part is that I have Bengals season tickets.    
  • Being stuck on the Cleveland Rapid Transit after the Philadelphia loss with a car full of  Eagles fans. And the train never stops.
  • The Browns finally win a Super Bowl, but I am so old that I don't realize it.

  • Injuries may help Browns

    It will interesting to see how the Steelers perform following their bye with so many injuries on defense. They beat the Cowboys in their last game, but lost defensive tackle Casey Hampton and cornerback Chad Scott for the season. Safety Mike Logan was also injured in that game and may miss playing time. Linebacker Kendrell Bell is still nursing a groin.

    The Ravens will be without Jamal Lewis this week and will make his return against the Browns on 11/7. But left tackle Jonathan Ogden will miss the next 3-4 weeks with a lingering hamstring injury. Without Ogden they can't run. I don't see the Ravens beating the Eagles, Browns, or Jets with quarterback Kyle Boller's arm and Ray Lewis' defense.

    The Browns  have a window of opportunity. They must beat the Ravens and Steelers in weeks 9 and 10.

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