Prospect Watch: Thurs-Fri ESPN Games

Greg Mastin tells you who watch during the next two days!



#16 Louisville at Memphis (7:30, ESPN)

Louisville has revenge on their mind as they travel to Memphis to take on the Tigers. They are led by quarterback Stephen LeFors who has improved his stock into the middle rounds. He has a couple of weapons in underclassman running back Eric Shelton, a potential high pick when he becomes draft eligible, and wide receiver J.R. Russell who is one of those receivers who could go in the third or fourth round and be a pleasant surprise.

Memphis has been struggling at times, but they do have a couple of players worth watching. Defensive tackles almost always seem to be high on draft lists, and Albert Means is a big 330-pounder who could be a first day pick. Running back DeAngelo Williams is one of, if not the top running back in Conference USA. He is an underclassman, but could also go in the second or third round if he comes out, although with running backs it's always hard to tell.


Marshall at Akron (7:00, ESPN 2)

Marshall has come up with some great prospects in recent years, but there are no players like Moss, Pennington or Leftwich that will be coming out this year. There are few prospects, the best of which is running back Earl Charles, but he is probably no better than a second day pick.

Akron on the other hand has quarterback Charlie Frye, one of the better quarterbacks you haven't heard of. Frye has size and talent, and will be one of the better senior quarterbacks available in the draft. He could go as high as the first round, but will more likely go in the second or third.

North Texas at Louisiana-Lafayette (10:00, ESPN 2)

North Texas isn't a big name but they have dominated the Sun Belt conference and been victorious or competitive against bigger name schools. They won't be a big name on draft day, but a name to remember is defensive end Adrian Awasom. He has good size, and while he could be a better pass rusher, he is solid against the run, and will provide some pass rush. Defensive ends are always very valuable and he could slip into the third round or better if he works out well.

Louisiana-Lafayette is another Sun Belt team, but they honestly don't have anyone that is an obvious draft pick. Safety C.C. Brown could get picked up in the late rounds.

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