Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Dave Carducci answers questions in our exclusive chat session!

ericthebrown I'll ask a hopefully short question, is everyone back to being healthy? with the exception of those out for the year that is
Dave Carducci Davis still isn't full strength, but he's getting closer. King's going to be out for a bit. Zuk's better, but still not going to start.
Dave Carducci They changed Andre Davis' shoe, and they think that will help. More flexible to keep the contact off the toe
ericthebrown Is Zuk not starting because of the injury or because of performance on the field?
Dave Carducci He lost the job during the injury, although Zuk said it wasn't as bad as Davis made it out. Or at least he hinted that it was really nothiing. But since Enoch's been in, they've been better, opening more holes. So they are sticking with
PCDAWG What do you think will happen with Gerard Warren after this year? He's making a ton of money for a low impact guy. Cut him or restructure?
Dave Carducci PCDawg, I'm not sure. Davis loves the guy. We all know the draft-day story. So nothing would surprise me
hendawg Do you think that if Suggs stays healthy remainder of the year that Green will be traded -- 2 backs seems like such a luxury with all the holes to fill?
Dave Carducci hendawg, it is a bit of a luxury, but they might very well try to stick with the 2-back for now while it's somewhat affordable, hoping that Green or Suggs will dramtically raise his value
Guest28 Dave why dont thet give Garcia 2 or 3 audibles to go to during the game do they not trust him?
Dave Carducci Guest28, It's just not part of the offense. Wasn't really before Robiske either. Instead of audibles, they come to the line with three or four options of the play based on the defense they see
ramllov How much of our new WR are we going to see this Sunday night?
Dave Carducci I think we'll see a lot of him. He's worked hard to learn the playbook. Davis said he's impressed with the improvement. And to be honest, they need him. I love his playmaking ability
hendawg Boller actuially looked a little bit lika a QB last week; are you sold on him as the Ravens long term answer or is the jury still out?
Dave Carducci hendawg. Not really. I like his arm strength, but he's still very raw, makes bad decisions, not terribly accurate. But so were some guys like Bradshaw when they first came into the league.
ramllov What is your evaluation of this guy? Can he do all three things, good hands, speed and physical receiver?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think he can. I loved Bryant in college. Saw a lot of him. I think he's a natural playmaker more than just a physical specimen like Morgan. I'll take the playmaker every time
ramllov Will the Browns use the 4-4-3 defense again against Baltimore. Heap appears to be questionable and may not make the game.
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think you'll see as much of it because the Ravens are ready for it now. More time to prepare. Plus they have a bit more at the receiver position now.
ramllov Kevin Johnson has disappeared from the Raven game plan, what has happened to him?
Dave Carducci Ram, I'm not sure. I'm surprised. But then, the Ravens passing game is a question mark with Boller. Hard to really make any receiver very involved.
ramllov Dave, do you see Lang and the defensive line being successful in getting sacks against Boller?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think with Ogden out, there's a shot. Although I still would like to see the Browns take a few more defensive chances. 11 sacks from the D-line is nice, but I'd like a few from the safeties and LB's. I'd like to see Chaun start to become the pass rushing force they'd hoped he'd become
hendawg Thx Dave. Do you think the Browns will have any new offensive wrinkles as a result of the bye week -- maybe throw out stuff that's not working and build off plays that are?
Dave Carducci hendawg, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that at all. I don't think so much throwing things out, but trying a few things. Taking a few chances to put some heat on the Ravens D
ramllov Dave do you continue to see the improvement on Chaun Thompson? If so, has he advanced enough to start working on attacking the QB?
Dave Carducci Ram, I have seen some improvement at times. He's aggressive and athletic, and that's encouraging enough. I think you can make a guy a pin-back-the-ears pass rusher when he's learning and make him a factor. I think it's something that would come pretty natural for him.
ramllov I keep watching the development of the DE/LB second year player for Baltimore. He was a top 12 draft choice in 2003. He sure has hit the big time. He is a fun player to watch. How close do you think Chaun Thompson could be to this player?
Dave Carducci Suggs. I agree. I think they are different. Chaun actually could have more athletic ability, but Suggs, even with the position switch, is more of a finished product
ramllov Is that because Suggs went to a big school?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think so, yes. People don't really realize how big a jump it was for Chaun.
ramllov Dave, will we see a new Garcia for the reat of the season?
Dave Carducci don't worry about it Ram
ramllov I am starting to like what I see about Garcia, I think he will continue to get better. I just wondered about your opinion?
Dave Carducci I'm not sure. I'm still not completely sold on Garcia, but I think they are finally allowing him to do the things that he does best ... rolling him out more,
Dave Carducci And I do like the fact that he plays with a lot of guts.
ramllov Dave, Is Andre Davis healthy enough to start and get major playing time this Sunday?
Dave Carducci I think people have been hard on him for not going after a couple of balls on the ground, saying he doesn't like to get dirty. In every case, there was a reason.
Dave Carducci But I do question some of his decisions and his arm strength
Dave Carducci Davis is getting better. The new shoe will help, at least that's what he thinks. I think he'll play, but majority of the time, I'm not sure
ramllov Do you see the offensive line improving? Will they do better against the 3 - 4 - 4 considering we are playing many teams with this defense?
Dave Carducci Ram, it's getting better. I still think there are some nice players here on the line, but a few of them would be better in backup roles, or at another position. I think most are used to the 3-4 now. Although the more guys like Enoch see it, the better
ramllov The success of Pittsburgh is getting to me, Is there a chance this team could be a wild card team?
ramllov This team being the Browns?
Dave Carducci The Browns? I still think .500 would be a good finish for this team. And I don't think that gets in. But who knows. It could be. If they can stay close and give themselves a chance in the next three games, there's a chance
ramllov Have you noticed an improvement in Warren the past game or so, do you see his maturity?
Dave Carducci I've noticed an improvement all year, since the start of training camp ... when he's been healthy that is.
Dave Carducci I think he's more mature. Yes. I also think he has a better understanding of his role and the scheme
Dave Carducci when you are as big and gifted as he is, that type of improvement or understanding goes a long way
ramllov How many different running back sets can they do with Suggs and Green. Set Suggs outside as a WR?
Dave Carducci As for the RB's, there are a lot of things they can do considering they like to split Suggs out wide, potentially forcing a mismatch for the WR's
ramllov I was wondering if you have seen Garmen improve enough for him to be considered a starter in 2005?
Dave Carducci I'm still not sure yet about Garmon because of his struggles in pass pro
ramllov IS Zuk............ good enough to become the starting RG?
Dave Carducci I'm not sure. I love Zuk. Great guy. Possibly the nicest guy in that locker room. But he has some physical limitations. A bit top heavy

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