Carducci's Corner: Q & A with Kevin Johnson

Browns wide receiver Kevin Johnson talks with David Carducci about his play and other football related topics.

Q: You've answered some critics with your play this season. Where do you go from here?

KJ: There are certain things I want to get better at, like reading defenses, knowing tendencies, knowing corners. You want to learn about the different (cornerbacks). What they try to do, and what they don't try to do. What moves should I have made and what moves shouldn't I have made. If you are going to be a better and smarter football player, you have to get better and work on things like that.

Q: Chris Palmer seemed to take you under his wing when he was here. What part did he play in your development as a receiver?

KJ: He actually called me the other day when I went over 1,000 yards, and that meant a lot to me. I love coach Palmer. He did a lot for my career. He helped me learn the game quicker. He was a mentor and a guy I look forward to talking to when times got hard. I still have that in (receivers coach) Terry Robiskie. Just to have guys like that in your corner means a lot. Robiskie has done wonders for me. I'm just glad he's here.

Q: Were there any turning points in your life that you credit with making you the person and the player you are today?

KJ: I've always tried to take negatives and turn them into positives, as far as watching other people's mistakes and trying to learn from them. A lot of friends of mine have great time, but then did something to mess it up. I've looked at their lives and said I don't want to be like that. I would try to turn that around and make it a positive. I've never taken a drink and I've never smoked a day in my life. A lot guys on the team know that. It's hard to believe, but they respect it.

Q: It had to be hard to lose the starting quarterback job to Donovan McNabb at Syracuse University. How did you stay positive through that time in your life?

KJ: That was tough. That was real tough, being in a situation where you are with a great quarterback. Growing up, I was always the best, and then when you get into a situation where you meet your match, it is tough for a guy to handle. I just had to stay positive and wait for good things to happen. Donovan and I were always good friends, but obviously there was always a little resentment because you wonder why he's (playing quarterback) and you are not. I don't think I was ever upset with him, but I was upset with the situation. I just tried do something so that I would have an opportunity.

Q: When that opportunity finally came and it was at wide receiver, did it help to have (former college teammate) Marvin Harrison around?

KJ: That helped. Marvin was a great guy. You look at his success now, and its now surprise to me, because I always thought he was the best receiver coming out in that draft. The offense they run in (with the Colts) and the offense we run here now is sort of similar to the one we ran in college. A lot of drop passes and a lot of short underneath routes. I saw how successful he was in that offense the last couple years in Indy. Now I've had the opportunity to get in that type of offense, and it's no surprise we've been successful.

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