Browns-Ravens: Gameballs and Goats

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The Week's Results: You know it's bad when the goathorns start going out to the mothers of players and coaches. Ugh. This weeks results push Jeff Garcia into an exact tie with William Green for the team MVP award, probably the latest in a season that the race has been this close since we started tabulating gameballs and goats in 1999. Butch Davis should have some concern, however, that he has never shown up in the Gameballs listing while finishing near the top in goathorns for the past six weeks (even following wins against the Bengals and Redskins. The last two times we've seen something like that were Bruce Arians and Tim Couch... and I think we all know what happened to them...


Player Gameballs
Richard Alston 91
Jeff Garcia 77
Phil Dawson 37
Antonio Bryant 29
Andra Davis 16

Write-Ins: Bernie Kosar, Frisman Jackson, Bob Trumpy (The Reason why I picked "Radio Announcers".), "The defense as a whole", ross verba, Budweiser Beer, "Our next head coach", "Kickoff and Punt teams - great coverage (most of the time)", "Players Effort",  "Browns Fans- for still loving their team after a game like this!", "the fans", ME !, Limey Dawg & his British Flag!


Player Goathorns
Derrick Frost 88
Butch Davis 60
Aaron Shea 28
Terry Robiskie 24
Officials 23
TV Announcers 21

Write-Ins: "Entire coaching staff", "Derrick Frost's mom", "offensive coaching", "Ravens black uniforms", Paul Maguire, "the ESPN mike up", "Stabbin' Ray non-call", "RAVENS...RAVEN FANS, they just make me sick", Paul Maguire, "The Entire offense excluding Garcia", "The World !!", "Larry Zierlen's mother"


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 William Green
Jeff Garcia
Butch Davis
2 Offensive Line
3 Phil Dawson TV Announcers
4 Lee Suggs Officiating Crews
5 Andre Davis Quincy Morgan

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
doctorfresh Jeff Garcia is the team MVP this year, he is the ONLY one on this team playing with any heart. Bryant is making nice strides to quickly becoming our #1 and ONLY reliable WR. Dawson is the best kicker in the league.
brinkcle Garcia is tough as they come....Alston gave us a quick boost and Dawson was automatic as usual.
clevelandwolverine He's got big balls. She's got big balls. But Garcia's got the biggest balls of them all!
bigdaddy78 These guys played hard, and tried to win the game.
lukedawg12 Some guys came through in the clutch...Garcia did so well in the end that you HAVE to applaud him, even at this time. Hats off my man, you did everything you could, and then some.
muskiedawg01 Alston, this must be better than selling cars! Garcia, one of the toughest men in the NFL. We wouldn't have even been in this game had it not been for him. Dawson, Mr. Automatic.
fhanson At least Garcia came to play. To bad he can't punt. Hey, wait... neither can Frost.
thejamdawg Richard Alston-KEEP HIM! (Nice Kickoff return, and didn't fumble.) Jeff Garcia-Deserves a better fate. I put "Radio Announcers" for Bob Trumpy. Even he said that Ray Lewis committed pass interference. Obviously he's not a part of the Kiss Ray Lewis' Butt club.
thomascl Great big heart in Jeff Garcia but hold the darn ball please
losangelesdawg I don't really feel bad as much as I do numb...we have to find a way to eliminate the stupid penalties and stop the stupid mistakes... I also wish Garcia had bigger hands...too many fumbles!
czar2 The Defense. Without the defense, the Browns would be more laughable than the Dolphins.
r22weiss Garcia made a lot out of what little he got from the O-line
gmathiasf the defense played ok. Ekuban gets a ball for his contributions. the offense killed themselves with penalties in the first half and mental errors, but kept it close. the second half the found some success, but unfortunately didn't get the job done. Antonio Bryant gets a welcoming gameball for being the most relevant receiver (Northcutt come out come out wherever you are). Jeff Garcia really is making a fan of me. He gets a ball for making some good plays down the stretch. A few dropped passes (Heiden for 30 over the middle and Shea at the end), Northcutt just not having the speed Andre Davis has for that fly pattern that would have probably been 6 with Davis, hurt Garcia statistically, but he played well and kept us in it.
gregluby These guys played with their hearts in a valiant effort. More deserve it, but these 3 stood out from the rest.
section 527 dawg At least the Beer is worth staying up for and drinking!!
weimer19 Alston for the Kick Return Dawson because he may be our best player and Garcia for his heart
bkinz9 Alston gave the return team a must needed boost. Once again, Garcia left it all out there with having to play behind a horrible O-Line. What would he do, if he actually had time to throw? Defense was outstanding!
ysufan Alston for his return, Andra davis for the D, and Garcia was a WARRIOR for the O. This week's picks are easy.
teco Jeff Garcia virtually 'willed' the ball down the field on the last two drives in the face of a blitzing defense, a defense that had its ears pinned back due to the horrible playcalling and OL.
nebraska dawg Alston obvious choice. Garcia kept us in the game while running for his life. It is hard for me to give a gameball to a guy with two fumbles, but he basically kept this one winnable. Terrelle Smith gets one for the two monster lead blocks he had to spring Suggs.
muddydawg67 Imagine what Garcia could do playing with a PRO team put together by PRO coaches and a PRO organization. Nice debut from Alston - big turnaround from the return fumbles of last game. Verba for toughing out the knee injury deserves the honorable mention... Bryant has guts AND hands, I see him getting a few gameballs this year.
appraiser Garcia played hard. he looks so frustrated at the play calling at times. but, he still plays. Alston had a great return. Jackson made a couple of key catches.
aqib Alston gets a game ball for the first opening kick off return for a TD since Eric Metcalf in 1990 (which was actually my first live Browns game). Phil Dawson gets a game ball for continuing to be steady and making every kick that comes his way. As for Garcia, I was against his signing from day 1. As much of an upgrade and he is supposed to be he has the same record as a starter that Couch did last year (3-5). But I have to give him credit for the fact that he plays his heart out and leaves everything on the field.
clevelandcraig Jeff is a Stud, he once again gave his all.
tomahawkfc Alston - Finally a kick returner that doesn't fumble! Garcia - Most of the time the only one on the field that plays with intensity. Phil - Keep the FG streak goin' bud!
erass Jeff Garcia continues to make mistakes that end up costing the team. On the other hand if it wasn't for him nutting up we would not have been in a position to tie with less then a minute to play. Phil Dawson is clutch and one could only hope he can rub off on the rest of the team. Way to take advantage of the opportunity Alston!
jdailey23 Jeff Garcia is a damn good QB and deserves better! Dawson again proves to be the most consistent kicker in the league and best player on the team! Alston, welcome to the NFL!
mulekicker3 How anyone can bash Garcia is beyond me. He is playing awesome right now.
browns_beer Our D is the only reason we were still in the game.
redright the entire defense played well ... garcia, the wrs and TEs played well, especially so considering they were handicapped by Robiskie.
rockymtndawg Jeff Garcia. Guts aplenty. Heart of a champion. He deserves better than this!
harty_boyz Thanks Richard without you we might not have ever scored or got in position to score with out you. Garcia thanks for playing your guuutttsss out and at least giving us a chance.
chicago brownie Garcia is willing the Browns to be competitive, without out him the Browns would be the laughing stock of the league.
bigdawg101 Garcia played his heart out
buzzard510 F. Jackson, way to stay with it. Alston, welcome to Cleveland. K.Lang, you just impress me!!
ganjamandawg (Me) for not putting my fist through my brand new Widescreen TV
cbus7 Defense! Jamal had 22 for 81 but a long of 15....leaving 21 carries for 66 yards....I'll take it!
brownsrthebest04 26 IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
clevelandfan Richard Alston - Great way to start the game. D - Kept the team in the game. -Antonio Bryant - Nice run after the catch towards the end of the game.
jojothedawgfacedboy Game ball to Alston (of course). A game ball for Garcia's 4th quarter. A game ball to the entire defense, They kept us in the game and held the felons down for most of the game! Good Job D!
englishdawg If you watched the TV coverage you may have seen a Union Jack (British Flag) behind the Browns bench. This was taken into the heart of the stadium of evil by a Brit who flew across the Atlantic to support the Browns. Respect to Limey Dawg.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
maxtng These idiot coaches NEVER seem to make adjustments during a game. I am eagerly awaiting an entire new coaching staff next year as well as a top 5 pick in the draft.
naxos I am too spent to even do this. This game just... blew. Damn those refs.
doctorfresh Robiskie calls the worst plays!! Why do we keep running first, when it doesn't work all game long???? We should have passed to set up the run, guess that is obvious to everyone else except our offensive coordinator!! Frost gets horns for that horrific punt! And, Butch gets horns, once again, for his poor poor clock management. I sense a new coach on the horizon.
brinkcle I have been a Browns fan since 1972, but I can't watch this team just become worse and worse every year. I threw all my Browns gear away weeks ago and this may be my last season as a Browns fan. I just want to be happy and have something to look forward too...I deserve it after all the shit the Browns have put me through....P.S. Mr Lerner please fire Mr. Davis ASAP.
clevelandwolverine Would anybody be opposed to someone snapping Theismann's leg again? Anybody?
lynxis Shea lost the ball game. Holdman is a wuss. Frost screwed up bad. i had a tough time choosing between mccutheon and holdman, but either way, it was these 3 individuals that didnt get the job done.... therefore they get the goats.
bigdaddy78 An 8 yard punt? are you kidding me? Gerard Warren is all smiles after the gaem as he kisses Ray Lewis' ass, he makes me want to puke. This coaching staff is an embarrassment to the City, its fans, and the league, more delay of games can be attributed to them than any player, and the playcalling is horrendous, everything we got tonight was done no thanks to the coaches. FIRE Butch Davis NOW!!!!!
lukedawg12 7 yard punt....SEVEN YARD PUNT! That's the browns, right there. and they save it for national tv. yup. Aaron, you gotta make the plays man. You didn't. Goathorns for the goats, naturally. Suggs, you can't fumble and kill a TD drive. Period. Real disappointing all of this is, but then again, it's the browns...we know this is how it always goes!!
muskiedawg01 This loss is purely because of coaching. Our team is so undisciplined it's sick. Four false start and 3 delay of games, not to mention burning all your timeouts before the four minute mark in the fourth quarter. Wow.
fhanson Unbelievable. Another unbelievable way to lose a winable game. Put this 7 yard punt right up there with the Rudd helmet toss. Why can't Butch manage to solve the playclock mystery and manage our timeouts? Two catchable TD balls to TEs missed.
thejamdawg Derrick Frost for the shank punt. I could get more distance with a pitching wedge. The Officials-THAT WAS PASS INTERFERENCE! WHAT'S A MATTER, AFRAID THAT RAY WILL PLUNGE A KNIFE INTO YOU IF YOU CALL A PENALTY ON HIM?!?! IS IT SOME KIND OF LEAGUE DIRECTIVE TO NEVER CALL A THING ON LEWIS BECAUSE HE IS THE LEAGUE'S GOLDEN BOY?!?! TERRELL OWENS & THE STEELERS' JOEY PORTER ARE RIGHT! Theismann & Maguire: You knew it would be a Ray Lewis Lovefest from these guys, but completely ignoring an obvious pass interference call just because you two suck up to him that much is taking that way too far.
thomascl We got rid of an expensive veteran team MVP punter and got a kid with a good leg but can't handle the pressure of the NFL. Therefore I nominate Derek and Butch. You two guys can buy me a new remote control. Mine is in pieces
phelix17 I do not believe Butch Davis should be a head coach in the NFL. I don't think he can assemble the personnel, and given the efforts of the people he has, he can't lead them to victory. He makes elemental mistakes, can't manage the game or the clock, and won't attack the defense with his best weapons, and freezes up in the red zone. Anyone who continues to say we have to establish the run when it's obvious your talent/the defense's vulnerability in this case lends itself to the pass, if you still insist on running on 2nd and 12 when the run didn't work the first time, then you are a fool. Smash mouth football is destroying a defense by whatever means possible, not by some idiotic, pre-determined edict that defies adjustment to present and obvious circumstance. I want to like Butch, but my wife can't run the kitchen without sharp objects, can't tie without rope, and refuses to allow me to sit in the garage with the motor running anymore. Bottom line, this transparent ineptness is killing me.
czar2 Why not let Garcia play more out of the shotgun? The O-line stinks and the playcalling is worse. Robiskie and Zierlien must go, NOW! And Coach Davis should return to college coaching; he has no conception of the playclock and he cannot motivate the offense to move at a 2 minute drill pace. Too sluggish and leadfooted for an O-line that just gets pushed all over the field. Where is the running game? It all begins with the O-line, which Davis thinks is unimportant at this time. Maybe Lerner will make the smart business decision and let Coach Davis go.
r22weiss Horrible game plan on the offensive side of the ball. They played right into Baltimores hands. After scoring 31 points agains the Eagles and Bengals, they went back to the offence from the Dallas game and the Giants game. Almost like they planned too much for the Ravens linebackers. Bad call at the end of the game with Shea getting held by Ray Lewis. Time to repeat this again...DRAFT O-LINEMEN!!
gmathiasf Team as a whole didn't play great, but they played well enough to win after being spotted 7 at the start. Penalties killed us in the first half. My horns actually go to some horrible officiating again. But even worse were the announcers. I think they wanted to make sweet love to anyone in black (especially named Lewis, Sams or Reed) without making positive comments about any Browns save Garcia. My final horn goes to Derrick Frost. I mean, come on.
gregluby Too bad they are blind and can't see 2 inches in front of their faces. I guess if you are Ray Lewis, you are allowed to tackle a receiver before he has the ball, and don't get called for it. And the roughing the passer call on Kenard Lang was awful.
tedingr Do these announcers sleep with the Ravens. That was so one sided.
fog dawg The Ravens in their black uniforms were hardly intimidating -- they looked like Marvel comic book characters.
section 527 dawg Is it me, or was Theismann, Patrick, and McGuire practically on their knees sucking Ray Lewis' - well, you know. And I FULLY EXPECT Frost to be cut today!!!
weimer19 Frost (Hey buddy you are paid for two things, 1 put your foot on the ball during a punt, 2 put the ball down for Phil to kick it through the uprights) how can you pick up your pay check this week? Garmon for the multiple false start calls
sparkydawg This team is incapable of winning in the NFL. Watching that game was awful.
bkinz9 Cut Derrick Frost! I 7-yard punt is inexcusable in High School. Once again the O-Line was pathetic - no running lanes, couldn't handle the blitz, false starts... someone please end the madness with this unit!! It is the ONLY thing that keeps us at home this January. The no-call on the interference was hard to take, but it did not cost us the game.
ysufan Picks are just as easy for the goats: Frost, Shea, and Butch. Punt the damn ball, catch the damn ball, and I have NEVER seen a team take a delay of game on a last ditch drive!!
teco Terry Robo is way in over his head-At times his playcalling resembles a high school team. Ugh.
nebraska dawg Heiden, catch the freaking ball. Redeemed yourself somewhat by recovering Sugg's fumble, but damn, that one play would have been huge. Shea, catch the freaking ball!!! I know stabberman is all over you, but you have got to bring that in. Frost, 7 yards? 7 freaking yards? Are you kidding me? I don't think I've seen a seven yard punt in pee wee football.
muddydawg67 Frost picked a bad time to stumble after such a good start. Other than that, I was disgusted with the way the team "executed" in general - if you can call it that. This staff is doing very little in the way of progress on any front. Davis' team in Davis' image reminds me of Campo's team in Dallas... These guys have got to go.
appraiser nice punt, dumbass. heiden must make that catch down the center. the coach must take responsibility for a change.
aqib Derrick Frost gets a goat for the 7 yard punt. Gardocki doesn't shank it in that spot, and that Butch Davis is the reason you keep him. The O-line gave Garcia no time, just like they never gave any time to whoever started at QB. Detmer, Couch, Pederson, Wynn, Holcomb, and now Garcia. No one gets time back there. But the ultimate goathorn goes to the head man himself Butch Davis. Frost wouldn't have shanked the punt if Davis didn't sign him. The offensive line wouldn't suck so bad if Davis had at some point in the last 4 years addressed this area in a meaningful way. The second half of the season is looking more brutal by the day as Cinci and Buffalo (two teams we previously penciled in wins against) are starting to turn it around. As a result Butch will get a goat horn every week until he is gone.
clevelandcraig 1st, a 7 yard punt...holly molly my 3 year old daughter can kick that far, everytime he has a pressure kick he chokes. 2nd, a time out because your defence was not ready for a 2 point play, everyone in the world knew that but Butch--COME ON! 3rd you have to catch the ball if it hits your hands end of story!
tomahawkfc Frost - On a slip and slide; started out stellar, now is in the cellar. O-Line - Block someone PLEASE! Butch - No comment needed. You are truly one of the worst coaches in the NFL.
erass Starting with Garmon and then Fowler with the motion penalties. The announcer is 100% correct...forget about the noise and watch the center! Derrick Frost has been great but you need to perform under pressure and punt the ball to the 50 yard line from the endzone LOOOSER! Ray Lewis MAY have hit Shea early BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO MAKE THE CATCH!!! Butch Davis has not fixed the sloppy mistakes HIS players continually make week in and week out. I'm still not convinced he should be fired because the team has played tough but have come up empty. They have to turn the corner and win these close games which he and his teams have not done to date.
jdailey23 Its a toss up between Shea and Heiden, i thought Shea was interfered with on the endzone pass, but Heiden was running full steam, was wide open and the ball hit him in the head...would of been a TD, or very,very close to one, and he just dropped it, so he gets my goat vote!
mulekicker3 Our lack of discipline would make a 7th grade football coach go ballistic....A 7 yard punt? Are you serious?
browns_beer Butch gets one for not taking the saftey, Robiskie gets one for not adjusting and Frost gets one for 2 amazing punts
redright FOUR goats for terry robiskie. Id like to vote him a fifth. Two weeks to prepare and the Browns offense looked just like the offense that Couch was quarterbacking three years ago. 3 & out and hey we were there at the end of the game. Robiskie for head coach @ CIN or BLT or PIT!
mbruhn Time for Butch to go and take his long snapper with him
lemonbaby Paul Maguire - How many times did we have to hear about Jamal Lewis's feet whenever he touched the ball? It's time to retire Paul...
irishmutt perhaps they could take a course in clock management and offensive play selection
rockymtndawg Butch Davis. In the words of Cheap Trick, "Senorita see you later buenos noches bye-bye!"
harty_boyz are you fricking kiding me no audibles, what are we 15 years old and can't get our license till we are 16? Butch do the town of Cleveland a favor and get the hell out of town right now! "Dear NFL can we get at least three more timeouts, because we don't know how to use the one's we get correctly"
chicago brownie I can't blame Frost too much, people need to remember he is a rookie and he was put in a horrible spot. Frost has been great up until that point.
bigdawg101 new punter
buzzard510 WE SUCK !!! How can we look this bad. Lucky for us, Kyle Boller sucks too.
ganjamandawg i just hate eeveryone, after GIVING away this damn game to a much inferior opponent
mickeyferguson Everyone seems to have missed the fact that the snap on "the punt" was well to the left of Frost. The punt was obviously to be directed to the right, Frost wasn't going to have much time to get the kick off due to the shortened space (snap at the 2), and he was going to have to hurry. Then the snap comes in, and it's well to the left, as if Pontbriand was snapping for a kick-left play, and Frost was planning for kick-right. Assuming it was Pontbriand who got it wrong and snapped left, he deserves goathorns!
brownsrthebest04 what a terrible punt.......that turned the game right there.
clevelandfan Frost - Ugh.... Aaron Shea - Yes, he had Ray Ray all over him, but if the ball hits your hands, you're supposed to catch it. TV Announcers - Very annoying.
retch10 Hey, Terry. How about you get the plays in on time ?
jojothedawgfacedboy FROST, Frost, frost tsk tsk tsk Goats to the officiating crew for not calling what was obviously a hold on Shea. I don't think I need to say why the announcers scored goathorns.
englishdawg As an addition to write ins - our hopeless clock management.

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