Warren: "Kill the Head, the Body's Dead"

Gerard Warren thinks that Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger needs more of an introduction to the NFL. Not that Gerard is going to do anything improper, of course, you know, he's just sayin'. The latest from Berea includes some interesting statements from the Human Quote Machine who wears #61...<BR><BR>

BEREA – Defensive tackle Gerard Warren figures one way to silence Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is to use some brute force.

Warren suggested that he might be willing to take a shot at Roethlisberger's head when the teams meet Sunday. So what if it might result in a fine by the NFL.

"It would be well worth it going across the quarterback's head," Warren said. "They're already overprotected in this league."

Warren didn't back off from his comments when given opportunities. He said that he might consider the same type of hit he made on Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell in a 2001 game. Warren used his forearm to level Brunell after an interception by Orpheus Roye.

That hit on Brunell resulted in a $35,000 fine.

"If you kill the head, the body's dead," Warren said. "I didn't say to knock him out of the game. I'm saying going across his head a time or two. There's a difference. You go across a guy's head a time or two, and they'll be looking for you."

The bottom line is that Warren thinks that the defense has to get in Roethlisberger's face. Few teams have done that during the Steelers' six-game winning streak since Roethlisberger replacd Tommy Maddox. Roye place a hard hit on the Steeler quarterback in the first game between the teams, but a shaken Roethlisberger played on and scored a few plays later.

"You have to get to him and rattle him and make him do things he's not accustomed to doing," Warren said. "When he gets out of the pocket with pressure and the receivers break off their routes, the defensive backs can't cover them forever. We have to get him down on the ground."

FRIS IS THIRD: Frisman Jackson is likely to be the third receiver. The receiving corps is down to four players because of injuries that are expected to sideline Andre Davis and Andre King.

"From a personal standpoint I feel I'm a guy that can come in there and make some big catches when they need me to," Jackson said. "My biggest thing right now is to show the coaches and offensive players that I can make plays when I need to."

: The Browns will pay tribute to former offensive tackle and Air Force Major Don Steinbrunner, who was one of two NFL players killed in action during the Vietnam War. Steinbrunner's widow, Meredyth, and their three children will represent Don during a ceremony prior to Sunday's game against Pittsburgh.

Steinbrunner played for the Browns in 1953 but was called to active duty the next year. Upon completion of a two-year tour as an Air Force navigator, Steinbrunner considered returning to the Browns but opted instead to pursue a military career.

Steinbrunner was shot in a knee shortly after beginning a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1966. He declined an opportunity to accept a less dangerous assignment. On July 20, 1967, the 35-year-old Steinbrunner was killed when his plane was shot down over Kontum, South Vietnam.

Could guard be a natural position for Joaquin Gonzalez? He'll begin to fnd out when he starts in place of the injured Kelvin Garmon.

"If I go in there and play well like I'm expected to, I don't see why not," Gonzalez said.

: Punter Derrick Frost practiced and is expected to play. Frost, who suffered a sprained ankle and knee, missed Wednesday's practice.

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