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Preperation for the 2002 regular season began yesterday. You may not have known it by all of the articles on yesterdays Newswire about the Squeelers game but today's Newswire slams the point home that Davis is already getting ready for next season. The players feel that 2002 is their playoff season - anything less in 2002 would be a bust according to Daylon McCutcheon.

As the Browns front office prepares for what could arguably be their biggest offseason since they returned in 1999 a few of the Browns players are already planning on their offseason improvement plans. Coach Davis has asked Tim Couch to review all 16 of his starts. Davis said he will challenge Couch to ask tough questions: "Did you make the right reads? Was there a better choice? Was it on time?'' Browns right guard Tre Johnson hopes a torn quadriceps tendon and a torn ACL in back-to-back seasons do not end his NFL career. An unrestricted free agent who played in only three games in 2001, Johnson didn't get enough of the Browns in his first season and wants to come back. Jamel White plans to be in the weight room a lot this offseason, just like he was last year; in fact, at times last year White the entire weight room to himself - now that's dedication.

If the league will allow it, Davis said he would like to send eight or nine players to NFL Europe. . . . Davis said he wanted the coaching staff to visit 25 to 45 colleges during draft preparation. . . . Davis on Kevin Johnson, who led the team with 84 receptions, 1,097 yards and nine touchdowns: "He has extraordinary ability to catch the football, one of the top two or three guys in the league, great hands. He thinks he's not real fast, I think he's faster. He could catch 100 balls and have 1,000 yards five years in a row."

Oh yeah. One thing I saw in Sunday's game that I forgot to mention yesterday.....

Whoever it was on the Browns coaching staff that figured out that the best way to get the ball to actually stay in Quincy Morgan's hands was to have someone hand it to him while he ran a WR reverse - Good job!!! You get a gold star on the board!!!! DK

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