Exclusive! Who Did Bernie Tell Al Lerner to Draft?

For the first time, Bernie will reveal who he told Al Lerner the Browns should take in 1999!

Later today, BerniesInsiders.com will present an exclusive article to be published in the upcoming December issue of Bernie's Insiders magazine.

Bernie will reveal for the first time who he told Al Lerner the Browns should take with their #1 pick in the 1999 draft. Find out what #19 told Al Lerner prior to the selection of Tim Couch as the Browns' franchise cornerback.

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Today's newswire is composed mostly of recaps of yesterday's press conference out in Berea, so there is very little that we didn't report on yesterday.

As with the Monday newswire, what is interesting is the tone of the articles, which often portray Head Coach Butch Davis as a lame duck, while Davis states that he has the support of the team's owner, Randy Lerner, and can turn the team around.

Associated Press beat writer Tom Withers talks about Davis looking like "a broken man". The Lake County News-Herald's Jeff Schudel talks about Davis "At times looking beaten down".

Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Bud Shaw offers his customary cynicism about Butch Davis' defense of the team's play, and wonders if the question should be whether or not Davis would accommodate a General Manager. Instead, Shaw writer, the question should be whether a GM would "would want to hang on to the coach who authored that mess."

Also of interest are several articles on the "kiss-and-make-up" exchange, or more cynically the "please-don't-fine-us" exchange, between William Green and Joey Porter.

The Canton Repository's Steve Doerschuck also reports on Butch Davis' reaction to Gerard Warren's comments, which I felt was more notable for Davis again offering praise for Warren's play. Warren was credited with one tackle on the day, but Davis felt that he again clogged up the middle.


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