Browns-Steelers: Gameballs and Goats

The dawgs express their displeasure after a loss to the Steelers drops the team to 3-6

The Week's Results: A loss to the Steelers always fires up the dawgs, and there have been a lot of them in recent years. Head Coach Butch Davis now finds himself the target, and pulled in three times as many goathorns as his nearest competitor. Richard Alston continues to creep up on the gameball leaders, but most fans didn't award a gameball to any players, preferring instead to to express their displeasure with Davis.


Player Gameballs
Richard Alston (89/WR) 33
Phil Dawson (4/K) 24
Daylon McCutcheon (33/CB) 23
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 15
---Fans--- 13
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 10
Antonio Bryant (81/WR) 10

Write-Ins: "Turkey Jones", "Turf", "Fans who wanted to do something violent to Butch Davis". "The foam fingers", "all steeler players, all steeler coaches", "all the browns fans worldwide", "Cameraman who put the guy in the ""#uck Pittsburgh"" shirt on the Jumbotron", "The Beer Vendor in Sec. 527", "The turf at Cleveland Browns Stadium", "Fans for putting up with this crap", "The FANS", Bob Golic


Player Goathorns
Butch Davis (Head) 78
Terry Robiskie (OC) 25
Gerard Warren (61/DT) 21
---O Line--- 21
William Green (31/RB) 20
---All Coaches--- 19
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 16

Write-Ins: "Randy Lerner if he doesn't fire Butch tomorrow", Joey Porter, "Jeff Triplette for bottlegate", "Art Modell", "Tim Couch", Randy Lerner (3), "The OFFENSIVE offensive line" , "The idiots who sold their tickets to Squeeler Fans", "Joey Porter for starting a fight during warmups", The "Butch Davis" Turk, "Greg, Barry, Owl, and Swerb", "Green/Porter fight", "Pathetic Fans That Let Steeler Fans Take Over", "SF Niners for continually losing and taking away our next number 1 draft bust"


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 Jeff Garcia Butch Davis
2 William Green Offensive Line
3 Phil Dawson TV Announcers
4 Lee Suggs Officiating Crews
5 Andre Davis All Coaches

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal Alston had some of the best KO returns the Browns have had. Garcia played well despite the TO's and lack of OL in front of him. Davis was the only LB out there.
thespazdawg all of us for dealing with this
edgewater joe No gameballs for anyone.
mulekicker3 very tough to give out gameballs today
thebrownsfandotcom A. Bryant- for not running back to dallas as fast as he can
stormpug Special mention for the turf, otherwise it could have been even uglier. Kudos for Green finding a way to sit this one out.
oathmike I give a gameball to Browns fans everywhere for watching week after week of this garbage. We deserve better.
lukedawg12 Sadly I missed Holcomb entering the game although he didn't deserve to. Butch should be ashamed that he wouldn't guarantee Jeff the starter for next week. ASHAMED!!!
lewandowskim Antonio Bryant- It's nice to FINALLY see #81 catch a ball and run his routes hard Dawson for extending the streak- sad to say, one of the 2 bright spots on the day Whole D for the goal line stop- the only other real bright spot
jsinct Cutch deserves a Gameball for putting up with this ridiculous coaching regime. The guy comes to play every week no matter how hopeless the gameplan.
s4aero as painful as it is, the freakin' steelers are a better team than our Browns as evidenced by butch's 1-8 record against bill and his team - sheeeesh!
thejamdawg Alston comes through with another nice return. KEEP THIS GUY!
gbeachy50310 CUTCH: Great pick, solid coverage and tackles. BRYANT: What a great trade -- this guy can make plays that Q only dreamed about. DAWSON: At least the kicker will be listed in the top 10 stats come Monday morning.
browniefanman Gameball for Alston: Two weeks' straight great KO returns. Gameball for Garcia: Couldn't pay me enough to put up with the crap he has thus far. Gameball for Heinrich: One of the few who had no part in this debacle.
oldbrownsfan Daylon was the one shining defensive light
mrgrinch Hard to come up with anything positive... Alston for the opening kickoff return, Dawson for keeping his streak alive, Jackson for leading the receivers
r22weiss Garcia continues to play his heart out. Yes, he made mistakes today but the only reason why was because he was trying to make something happen when the O-line gets completely dominated by the steelers d-line. Can you imagine Couch and Holcomb playing a full game behind this line? yikes! McCutcheon continues to show that he is the best corner on the team. No one else deserves a game ball.
lynxis gotta stand up for yourself.. even though it was silly.
irishmutt for putting up with this so called head coach and all his assistants
doctorfresh Jeff Garcia is still the only player playing with any sort of passion. Pulling him out was just idiotic, which I will get to on my goathorn comments. Cutch had some good cover plays and the INT and Mean Willy Green gets a gameball for not taking any s*** from Joey Porter and showing any sort of passion, outside of Garcia. It's a sad state when your two most passionate players are your QB who gets yanked and your RB who doesn't even play one down!!
ysufan Special teams coach: other than Frost's debacle in Baltimore, they have been terrific in all phases all year. D-No had an OK game, and Will Green for taking Porter out.
section 527 dawg The beer vendor was the best player yesterday - he got me good and wasted so I didn't feel the pain of this pathetic team!!
aqib Its tough to find guys to get gameballs to this week. Alston gets one for his kickoff return, despite a muff later he was still good overall and makes you wonder why Butch didn't have him up earlier. Daylon gets one for his INT. Steelers only had 134 yards passing half of which was Burress on Henry. Frisman Jackson another guy who you wonder what took so long to get him up on the roster. I thought Butch knew talent. The turf at the stadium gets a game ball because it was responsible for three tackles. Which is one more than Warren.
yogi8 McCutch & Griffith played well. Too bad the rest of the D didn't play as well. Alston gets my 3rd GB for his 74 yard return.
clevelandfan Fans - only gameball I'm giving out...the fans deserve better than what we are be given by the Browns organization.
hogan McCutch - Thank you for being a TEAM player, knowing how to tackle, and being consistent over the years. You are a Cleveland Browns football player. Jeff Garcia - Thank you for continuing to challenge this coaching staff that has TAKEN AUDIBLES AWAY from you. You are a three time pro bowl quarterback that has had your mental edge taken away from you behind a terrible line. I appreciate you. Antonio Bryant - Thank you for coming in, saying the right things, looking great in a Browns uniform, being athletic and NOT being Quincy Morgan. I hope you become a major threat with KWII next season.
mdr Phil Dawson to the Pro Bowl!
other bjk I gave the TV announcers a game ball for Dierdorf saying "That was the most inept series of offense" he's ever seen.
jeffdsp Jeff Garcia gets a gameball for still being off of IR...didn't think that would happen this late into the season. Also, for coming out and saying what the fans and every other team that plays the Browns already knows...they're so predictable, we already know what's coming, the team is horribly undisciplined, and the team plays like crap because of bad preparation...VINDICATION FOR TIM COUCH WHO IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!!
vadawglb Alston looks good back there returning kick offs. Dawson hasn't definitely been our MVP and only Pro Bowl player. The fans just for putting up with this so called coaching staff and make shift front office.
bkinz9 Andra Davis once again led a solid defensive effort. Phil Dawson just hasn't missed all season!
appraiser why is it so hard to chose one? damn. Golic was very nice in the airport...that is about it. one nice play, and lang and garcia get one for their attitude.
jacooper96 Fans for having to suffer with this display. TV announcers stating at one point 'that was about as pathetic a display on offense that you are ever going to see'. Dawson to Pro-Bowl
romanz Nobody gets a gameball for that pitiful display


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal Henry played so far off of Hines it appeared he was in the next county. The O-line sucked, plain and simple. Green should have handled himself better in pregame.
ikoiko Butch must go: terrible gameday coach, poor judge of talent, poor team discipline, drafts players too stupid to understand an audible.
debsch72 Terry Robiskie needs to let Garcia audible out of bad plays, the offensive line has proven week after week that it can't pick up a blitz and it's not necessarily the players but more likely poor coaching and preparation. I have been a supporter of Butch Davis but I don't thing I can take anymore of this. He needs to be gone at the end of this year along with Robiskie. We don't have a power offense, we have the talent to be a west coast offense, we need to incorporate that into our offense alot more
thespazdawg Jeff Triplette for bottlegate, how many of these things can we give butch? This game did it for me...time to fire butch, he lost me today.
edgewater joe Any questions?
mulekicker3 Please make Butch go away, please....
stormpug Randy Lerner gets a set of horns if he doesn't shake up the Front Office. Total lack of enthusiasm for our greatest rival - poor game prep, poor play calling falls on the head of Butch Davis
oathmike Only three slots; I could have used several more. Robiskie gets dishonorable mention for his unimaginative playcalling and slow motion speed of sending in the play. Gerard Warren for his Claude Raines impersonation after running his yap all week. What a bunch of garbage. Butch must go...and take the rest of these overinflated ego turd burglers with you!
lukedawg12 Unreal how disgusting this year has become because of another Browns squad bereft of offensive linemen. It's the same old song and dance and it always will be till we have a coach/gm that understands we have to dedicate a draft to building an offensive line - translation : get the (@#$ outta Cleveland Butch!!! Take Robo with you!
lewandowskim Butch- you've been "The Man" for this team for long enough now that you need to get an offensive line that can block consistently. Robo- gotta get the plays in on time- look at how pittspuke does it- wristband with 200+ numbered plays Frisman- He'll get one every week until he no longer wears #19- that's a # that's off-limits.
petrasco Fire Davis now!
jsinct This team is so bad, it's hard to give goats against everyone, because some of them are actually trying. Give it to Butch Davis. The sooner he's gone the better chance Browns fans have of a winning season.
s4aero fire our whole staff - I could do a better job!
thejamdawg I've been patient with Butch trying to clean up the mess left behind by the Policy/Clark Regime, but I've lost it. It's time for Butch to go as it has become obvious that Butch has lost this team to the point of no return.
gbeachy50310 HENRY: What was with the loose coverage? You killed us. ALL COACHES: Nobody was ready for this game, and it showed. Offense, defense, special teams -- you name it and they were not prepared. Poor play calling, poor adjustments, poor everything. This falls on you. GREEN: What was the point of getting into a fight? You might have been the spark we needed, but now we'll never know.
browniefanman Goat: Butch Davis, soon to be former-Browns coach Goat: Robiskie has flopped, miserably. Goat: Warren, just shut your d*** mouth for once.
oldbrownsfan Butch Davis - for everything
mrgrinch All three go to butch... doesn't even deserve his name capitalized
toad He's run out of excuses. Butch MUST GO!!
r22weiss This was a horrible game. No other way to describe it. Butch Davis and Terry Robiskie cannot game plan on offense. They continue to not play to Garcia's strengths. The offense is WAY TOO predictable. It's also way too hard for a QB to get the team in position to run the offense when plays get to the huddle with 15 sec on the play clock. The 2 time outs in the 2nd half showed me all i need to know about this team. These are problems that happen at the high school level, not in the NFL. There is no discipline on this team. the O-line is in shambles. Faine may be good one day but he was manhandled today. Tucker is the only good linemen on this team. All of Garcia's mistakes were because of the horrible O-line. After 9 games this team still doesn't have an offensive identity. SAD....very sad.
irishmutt butch must go on january 3rd
doctorfresh Robiskie gets another set of horn for another horrible day of playcalling. The O-line gets its weekly goathorn, of course, but #1 this week and always, BUTCH DAVIS!!! He call but sealed his firing with this game. I could write a book at how bad he has gotten, but the absolute worse was yanking Garcia for Holcomb! You spend all this money signing Garcia to cement the QB position, which he did, only to create yet another OB controversy by replacing him with a guy who had his shot and blew it last year!! This decision is the nail in the coffin for firing Butch. Bye bye!
ysufan I've defended the guy all year, but Butch: you cannot be serious with the time-outs?!!? Garcia was bad, but the O-line only gave him a second to throw...two more sets of goathorns there.
bankone Why is Larry Zierlien still here? The O-lineman regress under his tutelage.
section 527 dawg The Turk gets a goat simply becasue he has yet to show up at Davis' office. Fire Butch - Fire him hard, fire him painfully - FIRE BUTCH DAVIS NOW!!!!
aqib Warren gets a goat for not even showing up after running his mouth all week. Its apparent he has lost interest in football since beating Clay Aiken on American Idol. All the reporters from out of town saying he showed up to camp slimmed down and focused apparently didn't realize he changed his number. Garcia gets a goat for treating timeouts like used napkins. How do you call a timeout on a third and five and then turn around and get sacked. Butch Davis gets a goat for continuing to be a disaster in every sense of the word. In a column last week I referred to him as John Cooper with a tan, and he is living up to that with a 1-8 record against the Steelers. How this team can't show up against a division foe who spanked them a few weeks ago is a testament to this man's failure. Reports of him running a chaotic sideline were verified with the two timeouts on one series in the third quarter. He doesn't know talent as shown by the OL and he is a terrible game day coach. This is after 4 years in this league. There is no case for patience. My goat write in goes to the guys who constantly defend Butch Davis. Greg, who said on a phone call that if we fire Butch we won't get a better game day coach. Swerb, Barry, and Owl who both wrote about the need for patience on this site last week all get goats for their failure to recognize a disaster when they see one. (Editor's note: Ouch!)
yogi8 Big Money gets a big horn from me. Some debate that he played well, but he needed IMO to step up and play as big as his mouth! Robiskie & Zierlien get the coach horns from me. Butch has been getting them all year from me but I'll give him a break this week since I'm sure my fellow Brown brethren will vote for him bigtime.
clevelandfan Entire Offense - played like crap. All Coaches - none of them deserve anything but goathorns! Green/Porter fight - the Browns always seem to find new ways to get a flag. At least the stillers were penalized too. By the way, how in the hell is it legal to get penalized almost an hour BEFORE kickoff. I understand the ejections, but penalties????
hogan Gerard Warren - "I wish I had my hat on". You a$$hole - You are not a Cleveland Brown - you are a me first, anti-McCutch - EIGHT tackle having thief! Get off my team! Terry Robiskie - taking the audibles away from Garcia? Are you kidding me? If you don't have players that are smart enough to handle more than one play at the line - get them off the team! You have to be kidding me. Willie Green - how many chances do you need? I appreciate you "manning up" against Porter but with your past, do you not process that you should be a TEAM player? You are also NOT a Cleveland Browns representative. Maybe you need a website too.
mdr This is the worst coached team in the league. They have been outcoached and outplayed all season long. Sals-idiot was right - the Browns ARE the new Bengals! It starts at the top and Butch must go! (and take big bankrupt Warren with you!). I will help you pack!
jeffdsp Gerard "Waste of Money" Warren is worthless...the only thing he's done through his fourth year in the league is hit Mark Brunell with a cheap shot to knock him out of the game (and that was after an interception because there's no way in hell he could touch a qb before he let's go of a ball). Shut your mouth and play! Butch Davis is finally going to be history because there is no way this team finishes close to or above .500. Also, a horn for him for hiring a Bruce Arians clone. Robiskie...when there is a coach on the other team that already knows what we're running, they're going to prepare to stop that...and then they do! Be a little more creative with the play calling...oh, nevermind, just pack your bags w/ Butch. All you Davis lovers, justify keeping can't!!!!!!
vadawglb Butch is an idiot and has no clue about the Pro Game, he's Cleveland's version of Steve Spurrier. Garcia couldn't judge talent if it was standing right in front of him with a sign saying can't miss. Davis just for making a joke out of the Browns and insulting the fans with his lousy decisions and actions.
bkinz9 Buth Davis SUCKS! This game was an embarrassment, he must go. 1-8 vs. the Squealers!! To be ushered out of my own stadium by a wave of terrible towels is unacceptable. Maybe that will trigger Mr. Lerner into removing this stooge we have as a coach. Way to keep your composure before the game, Mr. Green. Gerard Warren is a bigger draft bust than Couch. ONE freaking tackle??!! Why to back up your mouth moron. Changes have to be made soon. We are becoming the Bengals North quickly.
appraiser i am tired of all the b.s. . someone please find us the real Cleveland Browns. passion, attitude, desire, never quit, great calls, balls out, hit hard, run hard, block all day.
jacooper96 Butch Davis has delivered one great football team !!! Wow they looked bad.

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