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Dale Galbraith discusses the "best fans", insanity, and the durability of Terrible Towels...


I once thought that Cleveland Browns fans were the best in all of football. I'm not so sure anymore.

I hope my statement made you mad. I hope it made you angry enough to get up off your butt and make some noise at Cleveland Brown Stadium. I hope you are so enraged that the Jets' offense won't be able to hear themselves think Sunday.

Every true Browns fan is tired of losing. It hurts down to the bone that the Browns have only  one winning season since their return in 1999. That is not a valid reason to be unsupportive of the team on Sunday. If as a fan you quit, you are accepting mediocrity. 

Great fans should not need to be urged to their feet. Great fans should not need to be prompted to make the stadium deafening when the Browns defense is on the field. Part of home field advantage is the roar of the crowd. It seems the majority of the 73,000 people in attendance have forgot how to use their vocal chords.

This week Browns President and CEO  John Collins said, "We're in the middle of a season. Now is a time to support the players, support the coaches and try to win some games."

I couldn't agree more.

I hear this argument all the time, "I paid good money for my ticket and I'll do what I want."

In part I agree with that philosophy.

You have the right to boo to show your disapproval with the performance on the field. For example the two wasted timeouts in the Pittsburgh game.

It is even all right to rant at the end of the game, "Butch must go!"

In order to earn these rights you must be vocally supportive of the team for the entire game.

Renowned fans don't leave in the middle of the 4th quarter of the game if there is still a chance for the Browns to win. The game is not over till it's over. Remember the miraculous comeback over the Jets in double overtime in the playoffs in 1987. Or more recently when the 2002 Browns erased an18-point deficit against the Jets in the Meadowlands to go on to a 24-21 victory.

If you are a loyal Browns fan, you will do anything to help the team win. Selling your tickets to fans of the other team does just the opposite. So if you don't care if the Browns win give up your seats to fans that do. The Steelers must have thought they were playing at home when they looked up at the number of fans clad in yellow and black that converged over their tunnel as they left the field. It was an embarrassing moment in Cleveland Browns history.

If you have seats for the purpose of writing them off as a business expense, and don't really care about the outcome of the game at least you can do, is get your tickets into the hands of real fans.

By not doing so you are making a mockery of the players and fans, both past and present, of this illustrious franchise.

If you are going to wear orange and brown on Sunday please represent the fan base well. Educate yourself about the history of the Browns. Know the players on the team. Try to the best of your ability to understand the game. Do this and you won't make stupid remarks like the one I heard  at the Steelers game. Some idiot actually called Northcutt a name when he called for a fair catch at the10-yard line with a defender in his face. 

It was downright appalling that Gerard Warren got cursed off the field after the Browns got beat by the Steelers. Sure there are some issues with Warren that need addressed. But he is in a defensive scheme that doesn't showcase the defensive tackles. Most of all his comment, "Kill the head, the body's dead", had nothing to do with the loss. He shouldn't be cursed at on the field until he suits up in the colors of another team.

If the Browns are ever to regain a prestigious spot in the NFL, the fans of Cleveland need to start acting like the ‘Best Fans in Football"

The Terrible Towel

The owners of the seats behind me sold their tickets to Steeler fans for last week's game. I hate seeing fans of the enemy in Cleveland Brown Stadium. But if it wasn't for these fans I would have never owned a Terrible Towel.

Here is how the little yellow cloth became mine. It was the only bright spot in an otherwise gloomy dismal day.

One of the fans in the row above kept tapping my shoulder with the Towel, every time the Steelers made a good play. If you recall that was several times last Sunday. So I assumed he wanted to give it to me as a souvenir. So I gladly snatched his gift.        

Then after he surrendered it to me, he wanted it back. I was taken back by this request. I had already become quite attached to Terry. Yes, I named it after Terry Bradshaw because it glistened in the sun just like the bald head of the former Steeler's quarterback. I wasn't going to give it back.

I politely told him, "Indian Givers weren't welcome in Cleveland Brown Stadium."

Well, maybe I wasn't that polite and those might not have been my exact words.

He even tried to play on my emotions by telling me that the Towel belonged to his 5-year-old daughter. He said, "She wouldn't be able to sleep at night without it."

I told him, "She will get used to not sleeping. I haven't slept well since 1995 when Modell announced he was moving the team, and the current Browns are doing nothing to remedy my insomnia."

I always cheer for the AFC team in the Super Bowl. The Ravens were the only exception. So I  assured  the Steel Head, that if his team made it to the big game I would wave it. Plus chicken wings and party dips will definitely be on the menu for the day and I will need a napkin.

I rolled the Towel up and neatly placed it down the front of my pants. I knew it would be safe there. I didn't realize I left it there as I walked down out of my seats, until I went to release my 2nd half consumption of beer. No wonder I was getting stares.

I've only had Terry for a short time but I don't know how I lived without it. Here are just a few  instances where my Terrible Towel has come in useful:

  • Our cat Ozzie (named after Ozzie Newsome) was hacking up a hairball. I used it as a tarp catching Ozzie's hairy spew without a drop touching the carpet.
  • It works great getting the splattered bugs of the grille of my truck.
  • It makes an excellent home plate when playing Whiffle Ball in the back yard.
  • Once I was sitting on the throne, when I was ready to leave, I noticed there was no toilet paper. Thankfully, I never go anywhere without my Terrible Towel.

I've also tested the Terrible Towel for durability. 

After running it over several times with my vehicle, minus the tire marks, it held up well.

I let my neighbor's dawgs play tug of war with it. They did a really good job of chewing some holes into it, but it is still recognizable.

I am waiting for the day the Browns put a good butt whipping on the Steelers to see if this little Myron Cope creation is fire resistant.

Shame on you

Shame on all the journalists who brought up William Green's past when reporting the fight that happened on the field before the Steelers game. Green's actions of last season had no bearing on what took place between him and Joey Porter. There isn't a person I know that wouldn't react the same way if someone spit in their face. Green should have waited and retaliated during the game when it was not so obvious.

After the game, Bill Cowher had the audacity to make the following comments when he has a player like Porter on his team:

In regard to Butch Davis' handling of Warren's comments, "It is unfortunate, that is not for me to judge. They have to deal with their business the way they feel they want to do it. If they want to condone it, they can condone it. This was a big game. Respect the game."

His view on the fight between Green and Porter, "I don't know the circumstances, but I support Joey."

About his team, "We do our speaking on the field."

All that's left for me to say to Cowher and Porter, "We'll see you next year."

Unanswered questions

Do the Steelers have insignias on one side of their helmets so their players can tell left from right?

Can I get a rebate from DirecTV for the NFL Ticket by telling them that I am a Browns fan?

How many times in one season can Butch say, "The players spilt their guts."?


Watching the Browns will drive you nuts. If you are already nuts, you tape the game and watch it again.

After reviewing the tape of the Steelers game it was hard to come up with any positives. But there were a few:

The Browns look good in their orange pants and brown jerseys.

The Browns goal line stand in the 4th quarter.

It wasn't played on prime time television.

What's Wrong?

So much has been written and said about what's wrong with the Browns. So I have to put my 2 cents in. That's all that I can afford.

The Browns want to have a power running game on offense. They don't have the offensive line to do so against the better defenses in the NFL. I'm not sold that offensive line coach Larry Zierlein is not the biggest part of the problem. They refuse to loosen defenses by using wide formations and throwing the ball. The Browns have the mentality, "We are going to run the ball or else."

Well the "or else", means the Browns lose.

Selecting Jeff Garcia to run this offense was like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It doesn't fit today and it won't fit next year. Garcia has a lot of heart and is passionate about the game, but he needs to be in the West Coast Offense. So either get an offensive coordinator next year who runs it or let Garcia finish his career elsewhere.

The defense is doing a decent job. Campo has managed to slow down the pace of the game by bending but not breaking. The problem is the offense is not scoring. So this defense needs to attack aggressively, that is the only way for this team to win the field position battle. It needs to force turnovers, force more 3 and outs and give this offensive a short field.

Should Butch Davis be fired? I can't answer that at the present time. I need to watch some more football before deciding.

Well maybe that was worth 3 cents? Now it's time to shoot down the Jets!

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