Coachwatch: The Vultures Circle Lower

Following the Jets loss, the local media bashes Davis while talk of replacements continues...

11/22/04: As the Browns losing streak hits four games, Davis' few defenders in the media turn quiet and the vultures start circling a little lower.

Local Media Continues to Bang on the Browns: Despite a weathered Butch Davis attempting to stay positive, the News-Herald's Jim Ingraham uses a rolled-up t-shirt bouncing off of empty seats as a metaphor for the Browns moribund state, begging Randy Lerner to take action.  Sheldon Ocker, filling in for a vacationing Terry Pluto, permanently assigns "embattled" as an adjective to describe the Browns head coach. The Canton Repository's Todd Porter, who called for Davis' head last week, can't even do it again, preferring just to document the misery of Browns fans. Acerbic Plain Dealer columnist Bud Shaw, part of the Cleveland colossus' cadre of grumpy old men, piled on as expected. As of this overcast Cleveland Monday, the exit of Davis from the Browns appears to be a fait accompli in the eyes of the local press.

The Lerner Watch: According to a contribution from Mark on the tipline, the Fox pre-game show on Sunday reported that the Browns have already turned to a headhunter to attempt to secure a general manager for the 2005 season. Scott Pioli is assumed to be at the top of the Browns list, as he is highly regarded and will not require compensation in the form of draft picks. BTW, we've learned that the pay-off amount for Butch Davis if he is let go after the season is $12.5 million.

Elsewhere: Fox Sports reports that the Miami Dolphins have already decided not to part with draft picks to land Denver's Mike Shanahan, and that Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress is being pushed at Miami as a possible new head coach. The Dolphins are also interested in LSU's Nick Saban, who is presumably a candidate in Cleveland. Despite Ron Zook's win against Florida State and a likely Peach Bowl bid, he was fired four weeks ago and Urban Meyer looks like the first guy in line to replace him, although Davis' name continues to come up. Yesterday, Tony Grossi named the obvious front-runners for a Browns GM job to be Ozzie Newsome and Scott Pioli. With Newsome requiring either guilt for their thievery on the part of Baltimore (yeah, right) or compensation in the form of draft picks, Pioli looks like the top contender. Grossi doesn't mention Ravens' Phil Savage, however, who wouldn't require compensation if he jumped to a GM job.

11/21/04: The change in tone from the local media, which began in earnest following the loss to the Steelers, remains in full bloom prior to the game against the Jets. Most writers are rejecting any possibility for the 3-6 Browns to make the playoffs, and are instead making Davis' future with the team the focal point of reports and commentaries.

Lane Adkins has been reporting about conflicts between John Collins and Butch Davis for a while now in Ask the Insiders and Browns Uncensored chat. Reading between the lines of John Collins' remarks to the Northeast Ohio Celebrity Luncheon Club earlier this week, it's not hard to read a lack of enthusiasm for his head coach. 

At the luncheon, Collins mostly says the proper things, but pushes off questions about Davis' reign, saying simply that owner Randy Lerner is committed to winning and one shouldn't talk about such things in the middle of the season. The long-time Manhattanite turned Browns President talks about Lerner's being "a passionate fan, just like us". That's probably true, plus or minus a 90-minute plane flight, or a couple billion dollars here or there.

Elsewhere in the real media, the News-Herald's Hal Lebovitz speculates in his Sunday column (not on the web) that owner Randy Lerner is unlikely to dismiss Davis during the season, pokes at Davis' closing of practice, and gently criticizes the head coach's handling of comments made by Gerard Warren and Jeff Garcia. The Beacon-Journal's Marla Ridenour talks about Butch Davis being in "survival mode" and making CYA comments every other day to the press. In the "For What It's Worth" department, PD columnist Roger Brown says that "sources" are informing him that LSU Head Coach Nick Saban might be interested in the Browns head coaching job and that Butch Davis' Patton-esque rah-rah speeches are wearing thin. Inside sources*, by the way, tell me that Roger Brown has the sweetest gig on the planet., like a bunch of other sites, talks about Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis as being two strong head coaching candidates.

*These sources are inside, in that they are voices inside my head. They tell me that other people have great jobs, and that I must seek revenge against all the dark, evil forces (and squirrels, oddly) which are out to get me. 

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