Gameballs and Goats: Apathy Wins

Votes were as scarce as fans in CBS at the end of the game

The Week's Results: While watching the Lions falter against the Colts on Turkey Day football today, one of the announcers said that he would be worried if a special teams player got the loudest ovation during player introductions. Well, TV guy, get a load of what's happening in here in Cleveland: Richard Alston snags the most gameballs again this week after a lackluster offensive display and the defense faltering in the homestretch left Browns fans sick and disgusted. Fans divided into two camps: those who want Butch Davis' head on a platter, and those who didn't vote. The winner: apathy, as voting was rare as a fan sitting in a CBS seat as the clock expired.


Player Gameballs
Richard Alston (89/WR) 29
Chaun Thompson (51/LB) 18
---Entire Defense--- 18
Aaron Shea (80/H-B) 11
Chris Crocker (25/CB) 10

Write-Ins: Ohio State Buckeyes, "What an idea, blitzing!", Lebron James, Jim Tressel, "THE Ohio State Buckeyes all us fans", David Stern, Tim Couch, "THE EMPTY ORANGE SEATS>>>>HEY BROWNS...WE'RE SICK OF LOSING!!!", Kirk Ferentz, "The empty seats"


Player Goathorns
Butch Davis (Head) 65
Phil Dawson (4/K) 39
Terry Robiskie(OC) 16
---Entire Offense--- 14
---O Line--- 13

Write-Ins: "The aura of loserness that never leaves our team", Tim Couch (2), "Michigan Wolverines and their fans", "Butch Davis Bring on Luke!!!!", "The idiot fans who were yelling scoreboard right before the Jets scored their touchdown", "offense and offensive coaches", "Ugly orange uniforms", Ron Artest (2), "Barry, Swerb, and Owl", "Those orange jerseys -- they were so loud I couldn't hear myself scream" (2), "WKBN TV 27 - Show the game for pete's sake", "why bother", "the whole lot of them."


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 Jeff Garcia Butch Davis
2 William Green Offensive Line
3 Phil Dawson TV Announcers
4 Richard Alston Officiating Crews
5 Lee Suggs Terry Robiskie

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
doctorfresh Hard to come up with gameballs this week, but I'll try: Suggs had some nice runs, Crocker made some nice defensive plays and the defense did everything they could to help us win the game. Too bad our offense it the worst of all time.
meyerstd Alston looks like the real deal as a KR. The defense came up huge in this one!
thejamdawg A Great Defensive Effort wasted by Offensive Ineptitude. Loved the Blitzing and all the sacks that came from it.(See what happens if you blitz enough times!) The Buckeyes get Gameballs for beating scUM (a.k.a. Michigan.) Remember, you can't spell scum without the UM.
dp10451 Alston continues to make a huge difference in the return game. Garcia, while not great, did a good job under pressure. The defense really stepped up in this game until they just tired out late in the game.
tasler72 The defence and special teams did every thing they could to get the offence into scoring range.
mulekicker3 All I know is that Ohio State kicked the crap out of Michigan, and that's always more than enough for a great weekend.
oldeguard Campo gets a gameball for his first half D. More blitzing than we've seen all year and how spectacularly successful. But gets the horns for the second half collapse.
irishmutt i have nothing to say
baydawg Everyone on the defense stand up and take a bow, then flip off the O and special teams.
dapound great to finally be able to put some pressure on the qb. good job defense and dc campo.
section 527 dawg Props to David for bringing out the whoopin' stick on the Pacers and Pistons! If only Bud Selig were 1,000th as smart and effective as Stern.....
clevelandfan Richard Alston - Doing a great job running back kick offs....but why wasn't he there to start the season. Entire D - very nice game, but they just ran out of gas at the end...thanks to our woeful offense. Dave Campo - Finally brought out the blitz, hopefully that will stay in the defensive package the rest of the season.
yogi8 Chaun Thompson for his 2 sacks. Keep it up. Antonio Bryant sure looks to be a keeper. The 1 bright spot of this season seems to be the trade with Dallas. Earl Little had a nice pick. The guy shouldn't start but he could be part of my dime package anytime! He has a nose for the ball.
ysufan They only guys worth considering are Special Teamers: Richard Alston, Dennis Northcutt, and Mason Unck, who gave the Browns terrific field position all day!
lewandowskim A great Defensive game- a dominant first half. No one else gets one, though
aqib Alston gets a game ball for his good returns. Why wasn't he up on the active roster. Everyone on the defense gets a ball for their six sacks and overall tough performance. Even Gerard Warren who I have ripped on before (especially last week) because he chipped in with two sacks. It was tough coming up with a third guy on the roster but Bryant made some good catches and ran good routes. Couch gets a game ball because he still has the highest winning percentage of any Browns QB since the return of the team. If anything this season should vindicate him. Imagine if he turned out the same results as Garcia has this season the Couch-Bashers would be all over him. You all are getting what you deserve.
jlcts Hooray that the fans are becoming smart enough to stay home...what a shame to see empty orange seats at a Browns game...what a pathtic franchise...
tomahawkdawg Alston - Another good return, he has to be among the tops in the league in return avg. Thompson - Good pass rush vs. the Jets - hopefully the coaches have him doing it more often. Campo - About time you blitz. Good defensive game for 54.5 minutes. Ferentz - Looks like your stock is getting bigger and bigger to relieve BD, at least that's what I'm seeing from the big sports websites.
apvic the defense never seemed to have the same spark in the second half that it had in first half. maybe it was because of the offense.. i don't know but someone needs to have an answer as to why it happened...
mamadawg I have to vote for the fans. The pride we have carries us through. Geez!
newjerseydawg1 Young defensive guys really stepped it up.
bucksr1big10 Alston for bringing life to the kick return game, defense for an outstanding effort and Thompson for finally making his impact felt.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
lukedawg12 Nothing else to say other than the defense is absolutely pathetic in crunch time. LAMONT JORDAN??????? You can't (@#%in stop LAMONT JORDAN???? Kill yourselves, all of you, you are PATHETIC and a DISGRACE TO GOOD FANS!!! MAN I HATE THIS @#%ING TEAM!
doctorfresh Butch Butch Butch Butch!!! GO AWAY!!! Worst offense ever. Dawson must have gotten dumped by his girlfriend last night. Adds insult to injury. Don't need to repeat the obvious.
meyerstd If Davis is gone after the season, this game will be the catalyst. BD should apologize to every member on the D. He is way too conservative to coach in the NFL - another case of a good D-coordinator not having what it takes to take the next step. GOODBYE ROBISKIE!!!
thejamdawg Phil Dawson - NOW you miss FGs when the Browns needed the points. The Offense - That was dreadful. Butch Davis - I lost patience with him last week. Time for a change. Hey Michigan Fans, where are you! After All the crap coming out your pieholes, you're nowhere to be found. I'll bet you really miss John Cooper.
murford Fire Butch NOW!!!!
dp10451 Lee, you ran hard and they didn't call a fumble, but dammit hold on to the ball! Phil's done great all year, but if he makes the two fg's we win. Butch, the clock is ticking. Anyone know Kirk Ferentz's phone number?
tasler72 The offence has been a huge disappointment this year. You can't blame injuries for stupid penalties.
btngcrew Randy gets the goat for not firing Butch yet.... Runaway Train never comin' back, wrong way on a one-way track...
dboots It is time, Butch.
mulekicker3 Just when you think it can't get any worse or more embarrassing, Butch calls a timeout just so we can give the Jets one more shot at scoring.
oldeguard Butch, this is the worst coached team I've seen in pro ball. I have often told friends to watch the last 5 minutes of the first half of any Browns game to see what an awful game day coach our Butch is. Today's farce was the worst yet! Campo, what happened to your D? The O gives them a 7 minute 47 second rest and they come out with their worst effort of the day. Then they can only stop the Jets on 1 out 5 runs to end the game.
irishmutt can we please get a game plan
baydawg I'll trade 27 in a row for the kicker not being the reason we lose a game any day.
dapound butch davis is a joke for a coach. butch don't go away mad just go. he is an anchor to any success this team might otherwise achieve. browns fans should demand more and not SETTLE for our current situation. note to butch: insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results.
bo Stupid media blacks out this game in Columbus to show the Squeelers and the Bungles! Ughhhhh!
section 527 dawg I know, off topic, but what Happened Friday night is disgusting and inexcusable! I hope Artest goes to Jail for this!! Oh Yeah, and please never, ever being back the Orange Jerseys!!
clevelandfan Entire Offense - one word: sucks! Phil Dawson - Okay, who was that guy posing as Phil Dawson, and what happened to Phil? Butch Davis - FIRE BUTCH NOW!!!!!
yogi8 Well, let me get Dawson's horns out of the way. That 2nd miss was a crusher. Butch has earned the horns yet again for sitting on a 7 point lead in the 2nd quarter. Is this really the offense that Robiskie wants?
ysufan Sorry Phil Dawson...just hope that's the last of that! Butch, it is getting harder to defend you every week. And Gerard Warren, who came to camp in such great shape, still plays awful football.
lewandowskim Philly- gotta make at least one Butcher- I don't wanna hear about guts, I don't wanna hear about injuries. "The world doesn't want to hear about the labor pains, they want to see the baby" Frisman- Still wearing 19
aqib Garcia is another in the line of doomed QBs. However he, like Kelly last year, is pointing the fingers at others. Its becoming more obvious that his 3 pro-bowls were due more to the players he had around him than his own skills. Phil Dawson is normally steady and reliable, while we probably would have still lost had he made the two FGs (the Jets would have pushed the ball instead of kneeling at the end) he has to get a goat for missing two make-able kicks. What can you say about Butch other than the fact that he is overmatched, outsmarted, and outclassed at the NFL level. Butch, have some dignity and just quit now. The scene at the stadium was ugly on Sunday and it was all your fault. Quit now and let us at least get some value out of our tickets for the last two games. Which brings me to Barry, Swerb, and Owl. Last week I gave them goats for trying to defend the undefendable Butch. While in their writings this week they appeared to soften their stance none of them have had the courage to say they were wrong and that Butch does in fact need to be fired. Until they recognize the flaw in their original thinking they will keep getting goat horns. Remember guys its not flip-flopping to admit that you were wrong, and the way you are refusing to come out and say that Butch needs to be fired you are turning being wrong into a cottage industry. (Editor's note: Pffffffft! Neener-neener-neener!)
lemonbaby - The orange uniforms!!! Have we not learned that they're cursed yet!?!?!?
tomahawkdawg Butch - You stink. Sometimes I think you are like Florida weathermen, you just say the same thing after each loss. Robiskie - The pile of dog dung in my backyard has called better offense than you this year. 5 games with 1 TD, out of those 2 were defensive or special teams. Jim Nantz - The super jinxer. Thanks buddy. You and Phil can pick a cheek and kiss. WKBN - Did the NFL TELL you to show the Sqeelers game, or are you on their bandwagon?
apvic something has to change, this cannot continue, the team is losing heart you can see it..
mamadawg There is so many I couldn't know where to begin.
newjerseydawg1 Ron Artest for not sucker punching Butch Davis!
bucksr1big10 O-line because they can't block. Robiskie cause his game plans suck, his offense sucks, and he sucks.. just like his offense sucked in Washington.. Davis for having 4 years to improve this offense. for 4 years this offense has been in the bottom of the league.. 4 years is too much butch Davis..
oldeguard Butch, the end of the first half was the worst game management ever! Even Dawson complained that being late out of huddle caused the FG team to be rushed and contributed to the miss. What? YOU CAN'T EVEN GET A FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT CALLED IN TIME!!!
bunchahoops Butch has got to go. This has got to be obvious to everyone by now. He friggin' called a timeout to force HIS OWN TEAM to punt before half! The team's talent level is low because of his run as GM as well. Lerner has to step up and give the Browns' fans someone they can respect as coach.

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