Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale offers his thoughts on another week of Browns-related weirdness...

On the fence

It has been well documented this week that an interim head coach wins about 30% of the team's remaining games. Therefore it shouldn't be a viable option for the Browns this year. The Browns are 3-7 so far this season. I don't even need a calculator to tell you that equals a 30% winning percentage. Last year's 5-11 record equaled a 31.2% winning percentage. Does that mean Davis' is an interim coach?

I am not much for firing a head coach in the middle of the season, nor do I like the idea of starting over with a new coach. But the numbers don't lie.

It has also been reported that Butch would walk away with between 10 to 12.5 million dollars, if Randy Lerner would fire him. That means in order to pay his severance the Browns' 73,200 ticket holders would have to pay an additional $171 next year for their seat. It sounds a little better, but not much, when it's broken down to $17.10 a game. That makes me think twice about Butch's fate.    

Before the Jets game I wasn't sure Butch should go. After the game I wanted all the coaches gone. It is said in business, "The best time to fire someone is the first time you think you should."

Then I  remember saying to myself in 2000, "Just give me a team that is competitive and plays hard."

It seems the team puts on their orange hard-hats and work hard every week. So I am still on the fence when it comes to terminating Butch's service. But a Bengal roar could knock me off that fence in a hurry.

Christmas Decorations

I put up the outdoor Christmas decorations at the house this week with the help of my friend Jack Daniels. Do you know it took 950 imported Italian twinkle lights to spell GO BROWNS on the roof. The Browns have to win at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday or I will have to buy more lights in order to spell BUTCH MUST GO. Doing so would take money from my Holiday Cheer budget, and I need all the Holiday Cheer I can get to make it through the football season.

Big Brother

It was observed last week that Browns' Stadium Security with the aid of an on-field camera were removing noisemakers and other objects from the fans in the Dawg Pound. 

D. Dawg confirmed this when I contacted him this week. He said his Cow Bell is no longer able to be used to ignite the fans. First the Bone now the Cow Bell.

These were his parting comments, "See you at the New England Game! Unless they bust me next for the soft Bone that replaced the rawhide weapon. Or maybe the suspenders, you know they could be removed and used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction!"

At a time when the Browns need as much support as possible, their actions sure doesn't reflect the desire for that support.

In fairness to the Browns. Confiscating these items might have been, as Butch would say, "a knee jerk reaction" to the incidents occurring in Detroit between the Pacers, Pistons and fans. Or maybe they anticipated a full scale revolt because of the Browns' performance on the field.

Offensive Line Surprise

Coach Davis said discussing the team's reshuffled offensive line might put the Browns at a "competitive disadvantage."

No story here right?

Joaquin Gonzalez said he'll start at right tackle. So it would make sense the right guard will be either Melvin Fowler or Paul Zukauskas with Enoch Demar at left guard.

But the Browns have been searching for a left guard ever since Chad Beasley went on IR before the start of the season. They haven't seemed happy with the play of either Demar or Zukauskas. Then the guard situation really got muddled when Kelvin Garmon went down for the season due to a knee injury sustained during the Sunday night game with the Ravens.

The coaching staff have changed their minds on who should start at the guard positions, more than a teenage girl changes her mind on what to wear on a date. 

Butch also said this last week, "Melvin Fowler was drafted as a center. Unfortunately for him, we thought that he would maybe potentially be the heir apparent to Dave Wohlabaugh. When a guy like Jeff Faine became available ... you know you're going to need a backup center and that's kind of the role that Melvin has played has been the backup center.

"When he's gone in and started he's played really pretty well. He had a very good game against Tampa Bay and some other teams. Guard does not appear to be the position he's best suited for because he didn't play it. He was a center in college and that's probably his best position."

So maybe Butch will really surprise us and start Fowler at center and move Faine to right guard.

Or will Kirk Chambers, the rookie from Stanford, make his first NFL start at right guard?

Or maybe Butch read Paul Brown's autobiography this week and will use Brown's system of rotating the guards on each down so they can take in the play. Thinking that might take care of two problems.

Or maybe the Browns will hold tryouts in the tailgating lots Sunday morning and sign the best of the bunch to play guard?

At this point of the season nothing would surprise me.

Huge orange eraser

A Browns win against the Bengals would be a small step in erasing the black cloud hovering over 76 Lou Groza Boulevard. It would nice to see nothing but clear skies in Berea at the end of the season. But that would take a huge orange eraser. 

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