Browns Organization Looking Forward

With the recent events surrounding the Cleveland Browns, team owner Randy Lerner has a monumental task on his hands. A revamping of the Browns front-office and on-field activities are at the fore-front, as the organization seeks to provide the City of Cleveland and its fan-base a championship quality team.

That being said, one popular former Cleveland Browns quarterback just happened to have met with Lerner recently and would like to see the team return to its past glory.

Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar recently met for lunch with Browns Team Owner Randy Lerner and Team President John Collins at Mitchells' Restaurant in Beachwood.

Kosar's lunch with Mr. Lerner and Mr. Collins was intended to touch on a wide array of subject matter, including discussing the Cleveland Browns. Because of Bernie's popularity, the intensity of Browns fans and Kosar's willingness to sign autographs unlike many other sports stars, detailed conversations regarding the state of the Browns and its future were challenging. As the lunch between Lerner, Collins, and Kosar progressed, this tandem of interested parties discussed facets of the organization, but were unable to fully delve into heightened discussion or detail regarding the current state of organization and its future in this setting.

With that in mind, the gathering of the Browns top-management and Bernie is potentially a long-awaited coming together of the former quarterback and the organization in some manner. Kosar has stated on numerous occasions he would welcome the opportunity to help bring a winning, championship caliber team to the City of Cleveland and to the best football fans in the country. This commitment to the fans and team is an issue Lerner and Collins fully intend to change, not only for the Cleveland Browns organization, but for all Browns fans.

As the Browns look to revamp the organization, Kosar remains extremely interested in the well-being and success of the Cleveland Browns organization, and welcomes the opportunity to continue forward with dialogue regarding the organization with Randy and John.

Since retiring from the game, Kosar has kept in close contact with players and coaches, both in the professional and collegiate ranks. Additionally, Bernie has worked with and continues to converse with football evaluators and executives throughout the National Football League.

As readers of this might recall, Kosar was recently rumored to be in talks with the Miami Dolphins about a job as head of football operations. Miami Herald reporter Linda Robertson openly called Kosar the right man for the job. Kosar's football smarts and business acumen would undoubtedly make him a valuable asset to any organization in this capacity.

In my opinion, lets hope he gets the chance with the Browns.

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