Randon Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale Galbraith's thoughts on the changes awaiting the Browns...

Last Chance

The Cleveland Browns might have one last chance to get it right before losing the fans. It seems that every year since 1999 there has been less enthusiasm for the team.

In July of 1999 a buddy and I drove more than 300 miles to be at the first practice session held by the new Browns. We had to park at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea and take a bus to the practice facility. The buses were packed that morning to see mostly rookie free agents, some draft picks and a few veterans. The exuberance just poured out of these buses. It was like these folks were going to the Super Bowl. There were tears in many eyes, mine included, when that first orange helmet glistened in the morning sun.

Here we are in 2004 and it is an effort to get people off of their butt to make noise at a game. Large numbers of fans are selling their tickets on ebay to the highest bidder. When I talk to people around Cleveland, a lot of them say, "I used to be a Browns fan, but..."

It would take up too much space to give all the reasons these people are no longer fans. But the common thread is that the Browns did something to alienate them.

I have a friend who has four season tickets and it was difficult for him to find fellow Browns fans to go to the Patriots game with him and his son. He wasn't even asking to be paid for the tickets.

This once illustrious franchise is at the crossroads. I believe Mr. Lerner wants to bring back integrity to the Browns. Winning football games is the only way to achieve that. In the next few months monumental decisions will be made in the choosing of a general manager, a head coach and coaching staff.  

This may be the last chance Mr. Lerner has to get the organization on the road back to where it belongs. Make a mistake this time and Cleveland Brown Stadium might soon have 20,000 empty seats, fans wearing bags on their heads, and  signs reading, "Jump Randy jump."

To me that would be worst then seeing the team move to Baltimore in 1996. It would mean Cleveland Brown Football has died.

So as one fan to another, "Randy please get it right this time."

Preseason in December

In order to keep what little sanity I have left, I am going to treat the remaining five Browns' games as preseason games. The best part about it, the starters will play more than just a minimal portion of the game. It's time to have fun, relax, and evaluate talent. These next five games will have as much meaning as those played next August. Wins and losses over the remainder of the schedule won't count next year. But every coach wants his team to develop winning habits in the preseason. For the Browns the preseason starts this Sunday.


The players will be auditioning for their new Browns' coach or new team for the rest of the season. The coaches should accept nothing less than 100% effort on the field. If a player is not giving his all, show him the bench.

If the coaches and players are giving 100%, it is necessary for the fans to support their effort. It is our job to treat the remaining two home games as our playoffs. Be loud and show the current players we love them. Let the word get around to all of next year's free agents that Cleveland Browns Stadium is a great place to play.

And to all of you that sold your tickets to Patriots and Chargers fans, I hope Santa puts a dawg turd in your stocking.

Fan Panel

I keep hearing that the Browns are working for their fans. So here is a suggestion. Form a panel of fans to find out what they really want. This panel should be made up of ten fans:

  • One season ticket holder from each of the three general seating areas of the stadium.
  • One season ticket holder from each of the three luxury seating areas of the stadium.
  • Four fans without season tickets.

This panel should meet six times a year with Browns management to discuss topics and implement ideas to make the fan experience more enjoyable.

Fans' Anthem

The GE Smith Band is a good addition to the Stadium's atmosphere. But, I have trouble listening to upbeat songs when the Browns are 3-8 and could very well be the laughing stock of the NFL. I have taken the liberty to rewrite the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit "Who'll Stop the Rain." Hopefully John Fogerty won't sue me. I think the revised words could serve as the "Browns Fans' Anthem" at the next two home games. It's time to play the blues in Cleveland Brown Stadium.

Who'll Stop the Pain?

Long as I remember,
The pain has been around.
Red Right 88, The Drive,
 And heartbreak in the Pound.

Good fans through the ages,
Wanting to see fame.
And I wonder, still I wonder,
Who'll stop the pain?

Then we had the fumble.
Modell announced the move.
Expansion comes to Cleveland.
We sat and watched them lose.

Palmer came and went.
On the Ravens he couldn't gain.
And I wonder, still I wonder,
Who'll stop the pain?

Davis got us to the playoffs.
How we cheered for more.
Now we are embarrassed.
We're last in the AFC North.

Still the pain keeps coming,
It's making us insane.
And I wonder, still I wonder,

Who'll stop the pain?

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