Browns List Seven on Injury Report

Not only is the IR full, but so is the list of active wounded

The Browns list seven players on their first injury list prior to the San Diego game. Earl Little will start as Chris Crocker is again unable to play.


Injury Reports are typically updated on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the regular season. Watch the front page and Hot News for late-breaking updates.


Player Pos Injury Wednesday Thursday Friday Comments
Chris Crocker S Shoulder Out
Kelly Holcomb QB Ribs Questionable
Michael Lehan CB Hamstring Questionable
Orpheus Roye DT Ankle Questionable
Aaron Shea TE Ankle Questionable
Lee Suggs RB Toe Questionable
Kevin Bentley LB Knee Probable

Player Pos Injury Wednesday Thursday Friday Comments
Sammy Davis CB Leg Doubtful  
Tim Dwight WR Toe Questionable  
Clinton Hart S Concussion Questionable  
Keenan McCardell WR Hamstring Questionable  
Jesse Chatman RB Toe Probable  
Eric Downing DE Knee Probable  
Hanik Milligan S Hamstring Probable  

NOTES: None.

Probable: 75% chance of playing
Questionable: 50% chance of playing
Doubtful: 25% chance of playing

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