Berea Report: Better, But Not Ready

Mike brings us the latest from Thursday's events out at Berea, and reports that Browns QB Kelly Holcomb is improving, but likely not in time for Sunday's game. Plus, more on the GM and coaching search, and rookies in the line of fire...

BEREA – The prognosis has improved for quarterback Kelly Holcomb, but he's not expected to play against the Chargers.

Holcomb has completed two practices without suffering from pain in the rib area. Doctors, however, don't feel that his cracked ribs have healed enough for him to take a hit.

"I feel pretty good throwing the ball," Holcomb said after Thursday's practice. "I don't think that throwing the ball is the problem. It's me trying to get away from foes. Of course, I don't have Luke's legs, so I can't get away from foes anyway. Just making quick moves and getting hit a couple of times. I'm not really sure I can do that."

Players have to be careful in coming back from rib injuries.

"It's not good to cough or sneeze," Holcomb said. "The ribs are connected to everything. It's one of those things where you never get any rest. It's a positive sign that I went out there today and threw, and I didn't aggravate it any more than it was."

MAKING A LIST: President John Collins saids that long and short lists have been put together for the position of general manager. Collins said the short list includes no fewer than three and no more than five candidates.

Collins also said that internet rumors saying LSU coach Nick Saban will interview Friday with the Browns aren't true.

"If he is (coming to Cleveland), he's not visiting with us," Collins said. "Maybe he's doing some Christmas shopping."

The NFL's tampering rules prohibit interviewing another team's executive while the team that employs him is still alive in the playoffs, with the exception of a one-week window. Another team can interview executives of teams that play in a wild-card game no more than once the week after the wild-card round. Executives on teams that don't play in a wild-card game can be interviewed no more than once the week preceding the wild-card round.

It's possible that the Browns might hire a coach prior to hiring a GM, but Collins thinks it's doubtful.

"I think that (waiting to hire a GM first) is the plan,' Collins said. "I haven't seen any reason to deviate from that plan. It makes the most sense because it gives us the best opportunity to build the type of organization we think will be the right organization long term for the Browns."

MORE TIME FOR THE ROOKS: Interim coach Terry Robiskie plans to play offensive tackle Kirk Chambers and defensive tackle Amon Gordon against the Chargers. Chambers played the entire second half in relief of Joaquin Gonzalez last Sunday.

FOURTH IN HISTORY: Josh Harris, who played at Bowling Green State University, is the fourth quarterback in Browns' history that played college football in Ohio. The other three are Mark Miller (BGSU), Mike Tomczak (Ohio State) and John Borton (Ohio State).

THE WOUNDED: Listed as questionable on the Browns' injury report are Holcomb, defensive back Michael Lehan (hamstring), defensive tackle Orpheus Roye (ankle), tight end Aaron Shea (ankle) and running back Lee Suggs (toe). Linebacker Kevin Bentley (ankle) is probable.

Doubtful for the Chargers is cornerback Sammy Davis (broken leg). Questionable are receiver Tim Dwight (toe), safety Clinton Hart (concussion) and receiver Keenan McCardell (hamstring). Listed as probable are running back Jesse Chatman (toe), defensive end Eric Downing (knee) and safety Hanik Milligan (hamstring).

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