Transcript: Browns Draft Chat with Tony Pauline

Our first chat about 2005 draft prospects! Many thanks to's Draft Guru Tony Pauline for attending!

BarryMcBride: Hey, there's Tony!
SOBOdawg: and the man is here
ramllov: Welcome Tony
OkiBrown: it's okay, we'll forgive
TFYDraft: Thanks for having me...

alwayslefty: Tony Tuck or Roth?
TFYDraft: I like Tuck...a more complete DE. I think Roth is the kind of player that must be used in a rotational system

ramllov: Tony, if the Browns went WR with their third pick in the first round would a left tackle be available with the second round choice?
TFYDraft: Not a good left tackle. There is one senior at the top, maybe one junior and after that it is a crap shoot at LT

amore: Please rank the top 3 offensive tackles
TFYDraft: Ferguson, Alex Barron, Jammal Brown

OSUJoe: What is your take - is D'Brickashaw the real deal for a top-choice Left Tackle?
TFYDraft: Lot's of upside but needs lots of work. He is not the same LT Pace or Ogden was coming into the league

SOBOdawg: Braylon Edwards vs. Marlin Jackson, what's the word on the practice match-ups?
TFYDraft: I answered last night; ask after the Senior Bowl.
SOBOdawg: will do

SOBOdawg: The big three Junior OT's (McNeill, Scott, Whitworth), am I the only one who doesn't think these guys are worth a first rounder at this point in their careers?
TFYDraft: Sobo- Whitworth could slide into the late first. Scott has a lot of questionable work habits. McNeill needs a lot of work
SOBOdawg: thank you sir, have the same feelings

ckindians: what about Nick Kazur from toledo or Andy Grubb from BGSU?
TFYDraft: Kazur will not be an LT in the NFL; strictly a strong-side blocker
ckindians: can he move to guard?
TFYDraft: Possibly but I'd hate to waste a good tackle prospect at guard

ramllov: Tony, do you have a favorite GM candidate for the Browns?
TFYDraft: Hands down Tom Modrak would be my personal favorite if that is what you are asking

ttylicki: Do you see any likely trading partners for the Browns?
TFYDraft: ttylick- if they are in the third hole there will be plenty of opportunity for them to trade down. Assuming Rodgers/Lienart are the first two off the board someone will want to move up for one of the running backs

Bummels: Forgetting whether cb is a big need for us, is Antrell Rolle further ahead of the pack at his position than any other prospect at their respective position? If not, who is?
TFYDraft: Rolle is the safest bet at CB and the top prospect at the position.

ckindians: how much roster turnover do you see the new gm and coach doing?
TFYDraft: A lot; obviously Warren and Brown are immediately on the bubble, though sometimes it is tough to cut the cord with d-linemen

ttylicki: Tony: Any guys we haven't heard off to keep our eyes on?
TFYDraft: We did an article on draft risers a few weeks ago...a few names you guys want to remember; Michael Roos, LT from Eastern Washington. Has not played football that long but looks outstanding. Will be in the East-West Game (and we will have someone out there at practices) and maybe the Senior Bowl. A better version of Seth Wand who is not starting in Houston...

alwayslefty: As a Vandy alum, what do you think of Javon Haye?
TFYDraft: I like Haye but think he shot the gun early entering the draft. Needed another year to get bigger. Bad things must be happening at the Vandy program.

ramllov: How far can the Browns trade down and still get an impact player? Last year it seemed that it stopped after the eighth choice.
TFYDraft:Must wait and see which juniors enter but it looks like a drop off in talent after the third pick then another one at ten. Still; the Browns are better off with several very good players rahter then just one

alwayslefty: Tony, I know you are big on Kiwi, is he a stretch at 3?
TFYDraft: If he declares, which I am told he will, expect him to have some monster workouts and shoot up boards. So no, considering the fact he is close to being an impact defensive player

ramllov: Tony, how good is this draft, top heavy, deep with talent, compared to last year a better?
TFYDraft: Solid but not spectacular. Nowhere near the depth of last year

OkiBrown: Tony, what was your thoughts on Josh Harris going into last years Draft?
TFYDraft: Tremendous athlete, good arm but needed a lot of work at Quarterback. Can be widly inaccurate at times.

OkiBrown: What players have hurt themselves based on draft predictions prior to the season?
TFYDraft: Kevin Burnett/OLB/Tennessee, Corey Webster/CB/LSU, Elton Brown/G/UVA

alwayslefty: Tony who are your favorite guards this year, past Elton Brown?
TFYDraft: Baas of Michigan is a nasty mauler. I like Clinkscale a lot and think he has great upside. It seems the light has gone on for him and if he gets his fat-butt into the weight room he will be dominant. Buenning of Wisconsin is also very good

SOBOdawg: Mike Williams, can he still go top five with good workouts?
TFYDraft: SOBO- I'd be shocked if he goes top five...

ttylicki: Tony, any personal thoughts on which way the Browns will lead with their first three picks?
TFYDraft: No one truly has an idea because the man who will make the picks has not been hired yet

BarryMcBride: Tony, who's your guess at the player most likely to charge up the draft boards into the top 10, i.e., this year's Rivers?
TFYDraft: Marcus Spears of LSU, Carlos Rodgers of Auburn and maybe Rodrique Wright of Texas

amore: How good are OT's Barron and Brown?
TFYDraft: Two different type of blockers. Barron is an exceptional athlete with great upside and a good left tackle prospect but a little lazy. Brown is strictly an RT and much more polished then Barron

ckindians: will anyone be foolish enough to take a chance on Maurice Clarett?
TFYDraft: Clarett has burned just about every bridge to the ground...the only team I see taking a chance on him prior to the 4th round is Oakland

ramllov: Tony how good do the right guards look in this year's draft?
TFYDraft: A lot of good strong-side prospects just don't ask them to pull or block in motion.

Bummels: Where would you put the value on Mathias Kiwiunka? Top 3? Top 10? Top 20?
TFYDraft: Right now I'd say right about number 6 or 7 but could move higher. The QB's will go first and someone will move up for Cedric Benson

ramllov: Tony, how did you like the Butch Davis drafting ability over the last four years?
Bummels: Were Butchs picks bad, or were they good and just not developed well?
TFYDraft: He got some talented guys in round one but they were questionable characters; Warren was always lazy, Green was ready to implode at any second. He took big risks and lost

alwayslefty: Tony, Cadillac or Ronnie Brown?
TFYDraft: Again; two different types of backs. Cadillac would do well in a WCO where Brown is more straight ahead. Brown clocks to a 4.43 and is starting to use that speed on the field, hence he is moving up boards.

OkiBrown: Tony, The Draft Insiders has Kiwi rated as #1 prospect, is that accurate?
TFYDraft: A little old but yeh- when you consider his upside potential plus the position he plays he will go very early in the draft.

Bummels: Any prospect who would be deemed the best to play his position in the past 3-5 years, like a Winslow among TE's?
TFYDraft: No one of that ilk in April's draft

SOBOdawg: Tony do you believe in the idiom, "You never pass on a shutdown corner, an elite left tackle prospect, or a franchise QB if you don't have one?"
ckindians: we need to get the left tackle first
SOBOdawg: I don't really know where I was going with that, because we need them all really. But if you had a choice of the three, which would you take?
TFYDraft: a large extent yes, very much so. Especially the LT position.
SOBOdawg: and there's my answer, thank you

amore: Tony - if you were the Browns at #3 - what would you do?
TFYDraft: Look to trade down and get as many picks as possible, unless Lienart looks great and is staring me in the face @3

ttylicki: Tony, but do you really see the brick worth it at 3? Is he that good?
TFYDraft: I'd be surprised if he goes that high

ramllov: Tony were you high on Tim Couch when he can out in the draft?
TFYDraft: Yes, I was as were most. I think never getting a good tackle to block for him really hurt

amore: Will Leinart, the Cal QB, and D'Brickashaw all be in the draft?
TFYDraft: Leinart and Ferguson yes...Rodgers of Cal; it depends on what his coach does.
amore: Tony - so if Cal's coach stays, then so does Rodgers?
TFYDraft: amore- yes. Tedford just signed an extension but has an out for an NFL gig. Perfect scenario is for him to get the Niners job then draft Rodgers

YSUfan: What about SOBO's QB from Akron?
ckindians: Charlie Frye
YSUfan: ya.. that guy
ttylicki: Yeah, where do you see Charlie going
SOBOdawg: ah Charlie, best player I have ever been around
TFYDraft: If Frye does well at the Senior Bowl he will go in the middle part of round two
SOBOdawg: cool, that's about where I expected as well
TFYDraft: Sobo- Fry played well this year and has a lot of good skill. He is a guy that will need a year or two of development.

ramllov: Tony is there a Tom Brady in this draft at QB?
TFYDraft: Possibly Jason White of OU

SOBOdawg: believe me Tony, I got the book on Frye
SOBOdawg: ;)
TFYDraft: Sobo- spill your guts...does he like his beer??
SOBOdawg: about Frye?
TFYDraft: Sobo- yes
SOBOdawg: well I got to coach Fry last year, the best explanation I can give about him from another coach while we were in a press box during a game, "That kid makes chicken salad out of chicken shit"
SOBOdawg: toughest and most competitive player I have ever personally been around.
TFYDraft: Sobo- I thought he did well this year breaking him down. Not too many bad decisions. Wonder what you saw
SOBOdawg: a couple things on Charlie game wise, he uses audibles quite well. Puts the time in and understands the offenses very well
SOBOdawg: I can go deeper into this Tony, but I don't want to take up all your time

ckindians: there are a couple of other MAC qbs coming out in 1 or 2 years- we can wait for GradKowski or Jacobs if it turns out luke and Josh aren't the answer. But we need to give Luke and Josh a chance first
TFYDraft: ckindians- the sophomore from BGSU is going to be an outstanding QB
ckindians: that is Jacobs
ckindians: he is amazing now

Bummels: Is the Michigan guard Baas a good value with our second pick?
TFYDraft: Yes; he has a bit of Hutchinson in him and can be a stalwart for a decade

ckindians: are there any division 1-aa or division-2 sleepers?
TFYDraft: ckindians- we spoke of one previously, OT Michael Roos of Eastern Washington. A name to remeber is LT Stefan Rodgers of Lambuth; former basketball player being heavily scouted now.
ttylicki: Lambuth, where the heck is that?
SOBOdawg: It's right next to West Texas A&M ;)
TFYDraft: Sobo- very funny; I have a story to tell you about WTAMU from the combine sometime. Lambuth is in Tennessee.

OkiBrown: Sobo, who's the Neanderthal from UConn?
SOBOdawg: Ryan Krug. KRUG SMASH
OkiBrown: Tony, any thoughts on Krug?
TFYDraft: Oki- Krug is a solid but not spectacular player. May not be able to stay at tackle at the next level. Scouted him live against WVU and he diid well.

Bummels: Any thoughts on "Boomer" Grigsby, the inside backer from Illinois State?
TFYDraft: Bummels- Grigsby is a little overrated as an NFL prospect to my mind

ramllov: Tony, how deep is the draft at CB, can a good one be found in the second or third round?
TFYDraft: ramlovv....yes- a few of them have fallen due to poor play as seniors or injury but there is talent available through the first day

SOBOdawg: Tony who's the strongest lineman at the point of attack? Baas?
TFYDraft: Sobo- Elton Brown is also up there
SOBOdawg: I've watched him, aren't you worried about the fact he plays straightlegged?
ckindians: that can be fixed with proper coaching
SOBOdawg: it's harder than you think, believe me
TFYDraft: Sobo- he's a mauler and his sheer size allows him to engulf the opponent. Like they say- its' a $15 cab ride to get around him.

BarryMcBride: Tony, looking back to the 2003 draft... do you think Davis reached for Faine where he was picked?
OkiBrown: can't wait for this'll see it quoted in the Cooler
TFYDraft: Barry- yes; said it then and never thought he was worth a mid-first round pick
SOBOdawg: so Kiper isn't your boy Tony? :p
ttylicki: How did I know he was going to say that. D'oh
TFYDraft: Sobo- love to have his hair...and money!
ckindians: is that his real hair?
SOBOdawg: (just meant the guru of Hairdo had Faine at no.13 overall)

Bummels: Is the Texas outside linebacker worth a top 3 pick?
TFYDraft: No...Johnson is a physical specimen but very slow upstairs
Bummels: Johnson is a physical specimen but slow upstairs. Guess we don't need another Dwayne Rudd. Thanks!
SOBOdawg: that's something I had not heard about DJ, good stuff Tony

TFYDraft: Let me tell you the combine story about West Texas A&M from 2003
TFYDraft: I was upstairs timing all the players with scouts from the Vikings, Bills and believe it or not Tom Modrak was there
TFYDraft: Now Chaun Thompson is having a hell of a combine and people start talking about him
TFYDraft: All of a sudden someone asks, where the hell is West Texas A&M
TFYDraft: No one knows.
TFYDraft: All of a sudden, and this is true, a scout from the Jaguars pulls out a Rand McNally atlas from his briefcase
ttylicki: You've got to be kidding me.....
TFYDraft: Everyone starts scanning the state of Texas to find out where this place really is
ckindians: did they find it?
TFYDraft: Turns out they finally found it, it is near Amarillo
BarryMcBride: Dave Campo knew where it was.
TFYDraft: Barry...sure as hell did! :)
ramllov: Tony do you like chaun Thompson?
ttylicki: Good question Ram. I think he could be a monster
TFYDraft: Yes...I thought he was a guy with a good upside

TFYDraft: Okay's been fun. Everyone have a great holiday!
TFYDraft: We will start running articles with Barry soon on the top prospects at each position
TFYDraft: Also- I'm sure we will be back but remember; we will have people out scouting the East-West practices, four more at the Senior Bowl and a half dozen at the combine so make sure you get your money's worth!


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