At long last, the capability to RACK the best posts on the forums has returned! If you see something you really like on the forums, click RACK to nominate it for Huge Post of the Day. The Most Humongous of the Huge will be reprinted in Bernie's Insiders Magazine!

For eons and eons, there was a rack. Then, we moved over to these new boards and there was no rack. Now, there is a rack once more.

Fortunately, most folks don't look at the bottom of the board pages, but I've been playing around at the bottom of the pages for a couple of months, trying to figure out how we can place a RACK button on these new boards. Now, with great fanfare, and the palpable fear it will instill in anyone who knows how bad my hacked-up code is, I can announce that we pretty much got it figured out.

When you are looking at a thread or individual post on the message boards, a RACK button will appear below the small menu of forums near the top of the page. If you click this button, it will take you to a short form which asks about the rackable post. Once you click the SUBMIT (or RACK!) button at the bottom of that form, your rack nomination will fly via email to the BTNG Crew. In the event that one of us sobers up or forgets to take our "mid-morning to evening power nap", we will eventually find it and slam the best ones up as HUGE POST OF THE DAY, which will show up again this weekend on the Bernie's Insiders Front Page.

The best of the best will be plucked from the pages of the forums and will be reprinted in Bernie's Insiders magazine! Lucky authors of those posts will win, well, nothing, but they'll be able to see their genius in print. Ra!

SIDENOTE: The RACK function is not enabled in the Insiders and Rumor Central forums. We would like to ensure that all visitors to Bernie's Insiders are able to be eligible for and read the Huge Post of the Day. Rock on!



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