McCown in Miami, Maybe

It looks like Luke McCown is fated to start for the Browns again, as veteran QB Kelly Holcomb mends his cracked ribs. Here's Mike with the very latest from Browns HQ in Berea...

BEREA – Unless Kelly Holcomb's sore ribs improve dramatically in the coming days, look for Luke McCown to start at quarterback Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

Holcomb made progress last week, but he said Monday that the ribs are still sore enough that he couldn't have played if the game had been that day. If Holcomb's condition improves, interim coach Terry Robiskie seems inclined to go with him. Robiskie isn't thinking about the fact that Holcomb might not be with the team next season.

"If we're talking about Miami on Sunday, the future is Miami on Sunday," Robiskie said. "I don't know if I'm going to be here (next year). I don't know if Kelly is going to be here. We're still in the business of trying to win games.

"I don't know if I could find a better Christmas present than to win Sunday, and then a greater New Year's present than to win the next Sunday (in Houston). If Kelly gives us the best chance of winning, then we'll play him."

McCown has had a rough baptismal to the NFL. His three starts have been against New England, Buffalo anc San Diego. The last two games were played in poor weather conditions.

"It hasn't been easy, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," McCown said. "There's so much to learn from the teams that we've played. All of them are going to the playoffs. I feel fortunate that I'm able to play right now and get this experience."

After the 21-0 loss to San Diego, Robiskie was critical of the interception McCown threw on a first-and-goal play from the 5. Looking back on it, McCown isn't angered by what Robiskie said.

"I won't ever blame Terry for saying what he says," McCown said. "He's brutally honest. You know what, he was right. It would offend me probably if I felt he was wrong, but he was right. I can't turn the ball over in a situation like that."

Robiskie believes that McCown made strides against the Chargers.

"He was a little bit more poised back there," Robiskie said. "He was able to stand back in the pocket and read a couple of things. I thought he was a little more under control. I think the weather conditions got to him a couple of times. I thought if the weather had been a little bit better, he would have gotten a couple more balls in there,"

WALKING WOUNDED: Listed as day-to-day and improving on the injury report are safety Chris Crocker (biceps), cornerback Michael Lehan (hamstring), Holcomb and defensive tackle Orpheus Roye (ankle). End Kenard Lang (ankle), tight end Steve Heiden (ankle) and tight end Aaron Shea (knee and ankle) are listed as day-to-day.

UP IN THE AIR: Robiskie hasn't decided if Lee Suggs will start ahead of William Green at running back. Robiskie was impressed with Suggs' 105-yard effort against the Chargers. He said he didn't play Green much because Suggs was the hot back.

HARRIS ON THE BENCH: Don't expect quarterback Josh Harris to play in the final two games, unless McCown is hurt. McCown is way ahead of Harris on the learning curve.

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