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2005 Draft: The Top Offensive Tackles

For several years now, the Browns have been looking for dominant blockers to book-end their offensive line, and have been coming up empty. Is 2005 the year? NFL Draft guru Tony Pauline takes a look at the offensive tackles available in the draft this year... get a head-start on learning about this year's crop of rookies! Plus, <A HREF="">ask Tony draft questions in our Ask the Insiders forum</A>!

Big strong, athletic tackles are always a big commodity come draft day.  Prospects talented enough to protect the quarterback's blind side and at the same time open holes for the running game always hear their names called early in the proceedings.  Here is an early look at the players who will impact this position next April.

Full Name: Alex Barron            School:  Florida State

Ht:  6-7         Wt:  325          40:  5.21       Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Athletic blind side protector who blocks with solid fundamentals.  Sets with a wide base, bends his knees and plays with forward lean, staying square to keep opponents away.  Anchors in pass protection or controls defenders once engaged in a block.  Keeps his feet active and displays adequate footwork.  Solid position blocker who effectively uses blocking angles and seals defenders from the action.  Easily adjusts to handle athletic, nimble defenders. 

The Bad: Needs to develop a mean streak.  Does more stepping in pass protection rather than sliding his feet.  Not a dominant run blocker who finishes off opponents.  Mentally hesitant picking up stunts or twists thrown by the defense. Questionable work ethic.

The Skinny: Possessing a great amount of underlying skill and upside potential, Barron is a good prospect that should only get better in time.  Needs to improve his run blocking skills, learn to use his strength on an every down basis and work harder, he is the type of prospect a team could hit a home run with should they get him going on all cylinders.

Full Name:    D'Brickashaw Ferguson        School: Virginia

Ht:  6-5         Wt: 290           40:  5.31            Yr: 3So

The Good: Technically sound lineman who plays with great athleticism and a good degree of intelligence.  Blocks with forward lean, stays square and anchors in pass protection, easily riding opponents from their angle of attack.  Works to keep his feet moving throughout the action, immediately gets his hands up and works hard throughout the play.  Quick into run blocks or setting in pass protection.  Big and engulfs opponents once engaged at the point of attack. 

The Bad: Does more stepping than sliding protecting the edge.  Tries to outguess opponents and does too much thinking at times.  Must improve his run blocking strength.  

The Skinny: Another offensive tackle with a large degree of upside potential, Ferguson will just get better the more playing time he receives.  Lacks the top size at this time yet has the tools to be a very good blind-side tackle in the NFL.  

Full Name: Adam Terry            School:  Syracuse

Ht:  6-8         Wt:  305          40:  5.21         Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Athletic tackle who works hard throughout until the whistle blows.  Sized well, strong at the point of attack and finishes off opponents.  Gets movement from run blocks and displays the ability to get block downfield on screens.  Keeps his feet moving throughout the action, gets his hands up and does just enough to protect the quarterback.  Decent job of bending his knees and blocking with leverage.  Displays excellent wherewithal and works well with linemates.

The Bad: Does not play with great body control, balance and does a lot of slipping on the field.  Over extends and not an explosive blocker.

The Skinny: While he does not always looks the part, Terry is an excellent college tackle who projects well to the next level.  Possesses a lot of underlying skill to work with as well as the frame to add bulk and strength.   Moving up draft boards and could slide into the late part of April's first round.

Full Name:    Andrew Whitworth    School: LSU

Ht:  6-6         Wt:  325          40:  5.31               Yr: 4Jr

The Good: Tall, powerful tackle with a good degree of upside potential.  Intelligent blocker who understands assignments and immediately picks up stunts or twists thrown by opponents.  Quickly gets his hands up, stays square and an excellent position blocker who makes good use of angles.  Works to keep his feet moving, controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack and looks for someone to hit.  Patient yet at the same time plays with a nasty attitude.

The Bad: Not a natural knee bender and lacks overall adjustment.  Does not play with great balance.

The Skinny: A three-year starter at LSU, Whitworth has been productive since his freshman campaign while also improving every season since.  Possesses great size as well as growth potential and though he presently mans the blind side in college, Whitworth could eventually grow into a terrific right tackle prospect.   

Full Name: Jeremy Parquet       School:  Southern Miss

Ht:  6-6.5      Wt:  325          40:  5.24             Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Big bodied blocker who plays with a nasty attitude.  Athletic, strong and destroys opponents once engaged at the point of attack.  Sets with a wide base, bends his knees and immediately gets his hands into opponents.  Stays square, keeps his feet moving throughout the action and solid skills sliding out to protect the edge.  Easily pushes defenders from their angle of attack or blocks down on opponents, engulfing them at the point.  Quickly picks up stunts or twists thrown by opponents, displays the ability to chop block and patient in pass protection.

The Bad: Lacks adjustment and plays off balance. Not effective on the second level or in motion.

The Skinny: Possessing a lot of natural skill and upside potential, Parquet is an excellent prospect for the next level.  And while effective at several positions on the offensive line in college, strong side tackle looks like his best spot.  Must iron out the rough edges of his game and play hard until the whistle blows but solid pre-draft workouts should thrust him into the first three rounds.  

Full Name:    Winston Justice        School: USC

Ht:  6-5         Wt:  300          40:  5.31                Yr: 3So

The Good:  Naturally gifted prospect with a tremendous amount of upside potential for the next level.  Sets with a wide base, stays square and a solid position blocker who controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack.  Devastating run blocker that destroys defenders yet also a lineman that anchors in pass protection. Quickly gets his hands up and displays terrific punch extending into defenders.

The Bad: Lacks fluid footwork sliding out to protect the edge, not light on his feet and has limited skills on the second level.  Not explosive off the snap into run blocks.

The Skinny: An awesome talent, Justice is an impenetrable force at the top of his game.  Still a bit immature, off the field problems led to his suspension this season as he will not dress for the Trojans in '04.  Will be a very high draft choice in the future if he gets his act together and makes football a priority.  

Full Name:    Jammal Brown     School: Oklahoma

Ht:  6-4.5      Wt:  315          40:  5.25              Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Powerful blocker best in confined quarters.  Works to stay low, plays with forward lean and gets movement from run blocks.  Patient, does not overextend and controls opponents at the point of attack.  Works throughout the action, displays some ability to shuffle his feet and anchors in pass protection.  Disciplined and stays with assignments.

The Bad:  Lacks top blocking range and struggles in a large area or on the second level.

The Skinny: Large and strong, Brown has potential as either a right tackle or possibly guard.  Stands to develop a nasty streak yet possesses the underlying skills to be a top 60 selection next April and quickly start at the next level.

Full Name:    Eric Winston   School:  Miami-Fl

Ht:  6-7         Wt: 300           40:  5.21             Yr: 3Jr

The Good: Big, athletic tackle that's gotten better in time.  Patient, stays square and outstanding as a pass blocker, making good use of angles protecting the edge.  Easily shuts down the blind side displaying footwork and controls opponents at the point of attack.  Starts with good knee bend and possesses a strong base.  Displays adequate skill taking out linebackers on the second level.  

The Bad: Must improve the ability to finish off opponents and not dominant as a run blocker.  Suffered a  knee injury early in October and gone for the season.

The Skinny:  A former tight end, Winston has taken well to the left tackle position and looks like an outstanding prospect for the future.  Would have been a top 15 selection in next April's draft had his knee injury not occurred earlier this season and has stated he will return to Miami in 2005.

Full Name: Jonathan Scott       School:  Texas

Ht:  6-6         Wt: 305           40:  5.32                    Yr: 4Jr

The Good: Athletic blocker that dominates the opposition.  Sets with a wide base, plays with leverage and displays quickness to his game.  Slides out protecting the edge, can pull across the line of scrimmage then block in motion.  Easily turns opponents off the ball blocking for the run or anchors at the point in pass protection.

The Bad: Does not block with great balance.  Seems unsure of himself at times. Does not always play hard.

The Skinny: Possessing outstanding size and underlying athletic skills, Scott offers a great amount of upside potential for the next level.  Needs a lot of time and repetition to fine tune his game yet could be the next dominant tackle to come from the Longhorns program.    

Full Name:    Michael Munoz          School: Tennessee

Ht:  6-6         Wt:  315          40:  5.28              Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Dominant blocker with outstanding bloodlines.  Bends his knees, plays with leverage and destroys opponents blocking for the run, Pushes defenders off the line or engulfs them at the point of attack.  Also a solid position blocker that walls opponents from the action.  An impenetrable force that defenders have difficulty getting past.  Works blocks hard and always looking for someone to hit. 

The Bad: Does not display the top footwork sliding out protecting the edge and lacks overall blocking range.  Gets a bit antsy, bends at the waist and off balance. Lacks adjustment and stiff.  Suffered through his senior campaign with a bad shoulder.

The Skinny: Making an impact the day he arrived at Tennessee, Munoz is a solid left tackle prospect with the ability to move to the right side.  Combining outstanding power with overall know-how, Munoz plays much better than he tests and could be a starter in the NFL by the end of his rookie campaign if his injured shoulder checks out medically.

Full Name:    Daryn Colledge         School:  Boise State

Ht:  6-4         Wt:  270          40:  5.19                       Yr: 4Jr

The Good:  Athletic lineman who blocks with excellent fundamentals.  Bends his knees, plays with leverage and displays adjustment as well as strength at the point of attack.  Solid position blocker that uses excellent angles to wall defenders from the action.  Patient, does not overextend and quick with his hands.

The Bad: Does not explode off the snap into blocks.  Must improve and refine his footwork.

The Skinny:  Projecting well to the next level, Colledge is a solid fit at several offensive line positions.  Already talked about extensively in NFL scouting circles, he offers a large upside for the next level and will be a top line prospect as we move towards 2006.

Full Name: Ray Willis               School:  Florida State

Ht:  6-5         Wt:  320          40:  5.41                Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Big, powerful blocker that destroys opponents off the snap of the ball.  Stays square, quickly gets into run blocks and moves opponents off the line of scrimmage.  Extends and easily knocks opponents from their angle of attack.  Works to keep his feet moving throughout the action.

The Bad: Big, lumbering lineman with marginal blocking range and lateral slide skills.  Does not display top coordination and looks haphazard in his movements.

The Skinny: After a solid sophomore campaign, Willis seemingly struggled last season yet still holds a good deal of upside potential for the next level.  His size, strength and growth potential make him an excellent strong-side prospect for the next level.

Full Name:    Wesley Britt   School:  Alabama

Ht:  6-7.5      Wt: 313           40:  5.31              Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Technically sound lineman with an excellent head for the position.  Blocks with nice lean, immediately gets his hands up and stays square.  Very quick picking up stunts or twists.  Adjusts then punches his hands, knocking rushers from their angle of attack.  Keeps his feet moving throughout the play.  Uses outstanding body positioning as well as blocking angles to protect the passer.

The Bad:  Lacks dominant strength at the point of attack and the ability to remove opponents off the line.  Lumbers out the second level and lacks balance.

The Skinny: Productive on the blind side in college, in many ways Britt reminds us of Detroit Lions first round pick Jeff Backus.  And though not the greatest athlete, like Backus he uses exceptional technique and intelligence to protect the blind side.  While many nay-sayers feel Britt cannot handle the duties of the left tackle position in the NFL ,a good Senior Bowl at the position in January could vault him into the top 25 selections.  

Full Name: Calvin Armstrong     School:  Washington

Ht:  6-7         Wt: 323           40:  5.32                   Yr: 5Sr

The Good: Solid position blocker with a good feel for the game.  Plays with nice lean, displays footwork in space and a solid pass protector that effectively uses blocking angles.  Keeps his feet moving throughout the action, stays square and strong at the point.  Quickly picks up assignments, patient and works his hands throughout the play.  

The Bad: Could toughen up as he does not attack assignments.  Lacks top lateral agility and blocking range.

The Skinny: Solid as a pass protector and run blocker, Armstrong is very effective when he puts his mind to it.  Productive three years running, he has the ability to be a first day pick and will be effective at the next level should he become more physical and starts to play with an aggressive nature.

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