Ask the Insiders. This is a sample... drop by to get the latest from Lane and our insiders!"> Ask the Insiders. This is a sample... drop by to get the latest from Lane and our insiders!">

The Search Begins

Even though the Browns will not be "officially" interviewing GM candidates until the season ends, there is still a lot of activity behind the scenes. Lane Adkins removes the veil from around the Browns GM search in these recent comments in <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A>. This is a sample... drop by to get the latest from Lane and our insiders!

Superfork: We can start interviewing GM canidates on other teams as long as their season is over correct? If Baltimore does not make the playoffs will we see an interview of Phil Savage and/or Ozzie Newsome within days of the season ending? Or are the Browns waiting until after the superbowl to interview anyone? Also have we scheduled a time to interview Randy Mueller yet since he is available now so we can get at least 1 interview out of the way since we are on a tight schedule? Thanks Lane for all the good work just some questions I had about a new GM soon.

Lane: Yes, once the season has concluded for teams not going to the playoffs. The organization will be contacting candidates and the interview process will begin immediately. An "official" interview? I am not sure, but I am of the belief the Browns have spoken with Mueller.

Skippy54345: With all of the talk about the GM search, how long do you think it will take from the end of the season to have a GM in place? Is Ozzie the candidate that if the Browns can get him for a third round pick, they wouldn't interview anybody else?

Lane: I believe the process will move forward in quick order with a GM type in place by the middle of January if everything works out right.

Mike: From what I can pick up, the Browns haven't interviewed Mueller. I got the impression after listening to John Collins speak a couple of weeks ago that Mueller isn't on the list.

Lane: This falls in line with the latest I have, Mueller is not within the top 3-5 candidates and Mueller did have his interest expressed to the Browns.

Ozzie Newsome
Phil Savage
Tim Ruskell
Tom Heckert

I know these names are in the game, I have heard absolutely nothing further on Modrak or Mueller.

Also, keep an eye on Floyd Reese in Tennessee. If he leaves the Titans organization, he will be another candidate the Browns will likely meet with. An issue with Reese, much like Ruskell is that Nick Saban in Miami is anticipated to speak with them for the GM spot with the Dolphins. 

Superfork: Didn't Heckart just sign a long term deal and who is Ruskell? Looking at your list I would say Savage looks to be the front runner if Newsome costs us picks which i dont know if that can happen anyway.

Lane: Heckert's new deal does not exclude him from being a candidate.

Tim Ruskell is in Atlanta and had a major hand in the building of the Tampa Bay with Rich McKay before both went to Atlanta when/after Gruden arrived in Tampa.

Newsome is a candidate and would require some sort of compensation, unless the Ravens find some goodwill and let him leave :-) Don't see that happening.

What will be interesting is, will the Ravens do all they can to retain Newsome or Savage if indeed this is the direction the Browns ultimately move towards.

ILovedThe80s: Has Scott Pioli fallen off the face of the earth?

Lane: No he hasn't but his true interest in the position is being determined. If he is indeed interested, then he is in the mix. Pioli is a wildcard at this time.

PeteGarcia: Insiders......this question might be tough to speculate on.....but heck.....feel free to speculate away. There is a lot of talk about Saban and the Dolphins being interested in bringing in Floyd Reese to be Saban's Player Personnel guy. Do you think Reese would be more likely to take that position with the Dolphins or do you think he would lean towards the Browns if it came down the Browns GM vs. Dolphins Whatever? This is of course based on the assumption that Reese parts company with the Titans which I know is a big if. I'm also proud to note that I own the first ATI Topic of 2005.....Go Browns!!!

Lane: The Reese subject is one that has been bandied about recently...........and he is someone the Browns would speak with from what I have been told. Also, Reese knows Saban and if Reese exits Tennessee, we have heard Saban will waste no time in getting on the horn with Reese. With GM type positions being equal, I could see Reese going with the guy he is familiar with, Saban. Also, another candidate for the Browns gig, Ruskell knows Saban well and is expected to talk with Saban about the GM position in Miami.

Howldawg: I was just reading some of the other posts and was wondering how much the Browns Gm search will concentrate around who the GM may have in mind for Coach. As in if the Browns don't want Crennel would they pass on Ozzie if that was his choice for Coach. Or are they going to be so committed to the new Gm that they won't even question his choice for coach.

Lane: The GM type is expected to have the voice in bringing in the next head coach of the Browns. I would not put it past this organization during this restructure to also add a Head of Football Op's position, which all, including Lerner and Collins would be involved in the interview process. At the end of the day, the GM will get the coach he wants.

DaPound: Head of football operations. sounds like a kosar position?

Lane: I wouldn't discount that possibility, but there is quite a road to travel before we can get to the point.

Marktroy: If Crennel does in fact become our next HMFIC, do you see Robiskie having a solid chance of sticking as our OC? Seems I read a couple weeks ago that these two are good friends. While I'm not sold on Robo in any capacity, I can see where Crennel might be interested in having a guy he trusts, knows the system and the players, and keeps continuity in the program. Maybe Robo just needs better players to work with? Wht are your thoughts on Robo staying? Is he that connected to Crennel? And in your view, is Robo worthy?

Lane: I don't know what the specifics are between Robiskie and Crennel, though I do know they are friends. Robiskie knows football and he is solid on the offensive side of the ball. While the on-field results did not provide positive results this season, I wouldn't place this deficiency squarely on the shoulders of Robiskie.

I have had more than a couple discussions regarding the state of the Browns offense, scheme, and players during this season with internal members of the organization........and I can say there is a solid unity that the offense we viewed on the field was not the vision of the current head coach. Injuries, mis-cast players, and other internal issues played into the equation, but in the end, Robiskie's offense did not get the job done.

I am far from certain or even 50/50 that Crennel will be next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Being said, Robiskie really desires to remain in Cleveland and Randy Lerner is fond of the veteran coach. I can see Robiskie remaining with the organization in some capacity and I do believe he is a worthy football mind and coach.

I really would have liked to see a healthy Kelly Holcomb run the Robiskie offense after Davis resigned.

Marktroy: Then let's go further, even though it's impossible to predict...

Do you think this scenario is realistic:

Ozzie hires Crennel
Crennel keeps Robo as OC
Robo's a Holcomb fan and he talks KH into resigning as next year's starter
McCown and Harris are developed for another year (or until KH takes his first hit)
Garcia would be cut, (Green traded)

Thus the offensive system stays intact-we just add the necessary OL to make it effective. KH might be dying to get out of C-Town, but no one else will sign him as a starter.

Lane: While the look to the future was interesting, I have a couple thoughts:

I am far from sold on the notion that Newsome will become the GM type in the fromt office. As well, I am extremely skeptical that Crennel will be the next head coach of this team.

I can say that if Holcomb were healthy, he would have been the QB of this team under Robiskie, and not a healthy Garcia.

The odds are almost certain that Holcomb will depart in free agency, but I anticipate he will have an interested eye on just who the owner brings in to run the team. He likes the area and really wants to be a starting QB.

Offensive linemen? Give me two or three interior linemen and we would be off to a good start.

MarkTroy: Is there any mention, pro or con, of Kirk Ferentz being our next Head Coach? If not, are college head coaches not even being considered because of the davis fiasco?

Lane: I have not heard of any college head coach named as a serious potential candidate.

dboots: Also, did any chance of a college coach likely depart with Saban to Miami?

Lane: I am not too sure that Saban was ever considered a serious candidate by the Browns brain-trust. The Saban power perception issue has many skeptical throughout the league and it will be interesting to see what immediate impact he has on the Dolphins.

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