Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale Galbraith offers his first random thoughts in 2005

Madden's thoughts on interim coaches

During the Monday Night Football telecast between the Dolphins and Patriots John Madden made mention that it would be better for Miami's interim coach Jim Bates to move on if he is not named head coach. Now that Nick Saban was hired to coach the Dolphins there has been talk of Bates possibly staying as defensive coordinator.  Bates and Saban are friends and the  defense has performed well and the players like him. Madden wasn't referring just to Bates' situation. He was speaking about all interim coaches.

Terry Robiskie has stated that he loves Cleveland and wants very much to be the Browns head coach next year. Robiskie is a breath of fresh air compared to Butch Davis. He is respected and liked by most in the organization and media. After talking with the players Randy Lerner promoted him to be the interim coach over Dave Campo. The players say they will go through a brick wall for him. But let's face the facts. The Browns are 0-4 with Robiskie at the helm. They have been outscored 110-29 in those games. His offense in the first eleven games resembled a train wreck more than it did a well-oiled machine. The only positive results he has on his resume as a Browns' coach is, his receivers were the strength of Bruce Arians' offense. The chance of him being the coach of the Browns next year is between slim and none.

Will the new coach of the Browns try to retain Robiskie as part of his staff? I doubt it. Head coaches want to feel comfortable with their coaching staff. They hire coordinators and position coaches with whom they are familiar with. I can't see the new head coach being comfortable with Robiskie.

Maybe Madden is right. It might be best for Terry Robiskie to move on.

Offensive line woes

The Browns will have a new offensive line coach next year. It will be interesting to see how many of the current offensive linemen make the 53 man roster. My guess is that some of the Browns' under achievers on the o-line may perform at a higher level under a new position coach. Current line coach Larry Zierlein has not gotten the job done. Veteran players Ross Verba and Ryan Tucker have played well but the younger players have struggled. Verba and Tucker learned their blocking techniques before joining the Browns. It is evident that Zierlein was not able to coach up the inexperienced players.

Dawson getting off easy

Phil Dawson had kicked 27 consecutive field goals going into the game with the New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Week 11 of the NFL schedule. On that day Dawson missed on  both of his attempts. His missed a 42-yarder and a 34-yarder. Both kicks went wide right. The Browns lost 10-7.

He made both of his attempts against the Bengals the following week. So, it was thought that his misses against the Jets were flukes. Then he goes 0 for 1 in each of the next three games. Each kick went wide right. True the weather was a factor for the misses against the Buffalo and San Diego. Do the Browns really want a kicker who can't kick in bad weather? I can't remember too many mild winters in Cleveland.

His last miss was a 43-yard attempt against the Dolphins. There was no hurricane. There wasn't a torrential down pour. It was a beautiful night in Miami. His kick made an embarrassing thump  when it hit the right upright. The Browns lost by 3.

If the Browns were in the playoff hunt the fans and media would want Dawson's head on a silver platter. Fortunately for him the missed kicks have gone unnoticed in this season from hell.

New Year Resolutions

Here are my New Year Resolutions for 2005:

  • I will no longer flip off vehicles that have Steeler license plate holders if children are present in that vehicle.

  • I promise to lower my beer consumption on Game Day to twelve.

  • I vow to gain at least five pounds by sitting on my butte watching football.

  • I will gain another five pounds by eating all the foods that my doctor tells me to avoid.

  • I will use a black marker to change my T-shirt to read Buck Baltimore. I'm tired of having to turn it inside out before entering Cleveland Browns Stadium when the Browns play the Ravens.

  • I will no longer give the Dawg Pound Welcome to fans of the opposing team. But I will point out these fans so that my comrades can welcome them to our home.

  • I will donate $25 to the Cleveland Brown Foundation for each Playoff Game won by the Browns next season.

  • I will pee on Art Modell if he catches fire.


The Draft

If the Browns don't trade down in next year's NFL Draft, I don't expect them to take a left tackle with their first pick. My guess is that a tackle won't be selected until the15th pick or later.  I wouldn't mind the Browns trading down for multiple picks.  They already have too many under achieving high draft picks. 

Tackle surprise

I sat down with my bowl of chips and beer planning to scout Virginia's left tackle D'Brikashaw Ferguson in the MPC Computers Bowl. To my surprise the best left tackle on the field was Fresno State's Logan Mankins. He is not listed as a blue chip talent on any of the draft boards. But from his performance against Virginia I think he has a promising career at the next level.

Free agent guards

The Browns will be shopping for guards in free agency. Here is a list of starting guards who will be possible free agents.

Player Team Size Exp Status
Steve Neal Patriots 6' 4" 305 lbs. 3 years RFA*
Joe Andruzzi Patriots 6' 3" 312 lbs 8 years UFA**
Rick DeMulling Colts 6' 4" 304 lbs. 4 years RFA
Tupe Peko Colts 6' 4" 305 lbs. 3 years UFA
Ben Hamilton Broncos 6' 4" 283 lbs. 4 years UFA
Ron Stone Raiders 6' 5" 325 lbs. 12 years UFA
Terence Metcalf Bears 6' 3" 318 lbs. 3 years RFA
Marco Rivera Packers 6' 4" 307 lbs. 9 years UFA
David Dixon Vikings 6' 5" 343 lbs. 11 years UFA
Chris Gray Seahawks 6' 4" 308 lbs. 12 years UFA
Eric Heitmann 49ers 6' 3" 305 lbs. 3 years RFA
Roberto Garza Falcons 6' 2" 296 lbs. 4 years UFA
Cosey Coleman Buccaneers 6' 4" 322 lbs. 5 years UFA

*RFA - A Restricted Free Agent is a player who has completed three accrued seasons and has an expired contract. He is free to negotiate with any team. If another team signs him to a contract, his original team has the chance to match the offer. If the original team does not match the offer, they may be given draft pick compensation.

**UFA - An Unrestricted Free Agent is a player who has completed four accrued seasons and has an expired contract. He is free to negotiate with any team with no strings attached.





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