Warren Unleashed Against Texans

The Browns disappointing tackle, Gerard Warren, has looked more like what Browns fans have hoped for in recent weeks. He talks to Mike McLain about the reasons for his success today against the Texans. Also: More on the sideline tiff between QB Kelly Holcomb and WR Antonio Bryant...

Browns defensive tackle Gerard Warren certainly has taken advantage of the presence of interim coach Terry Robiskie.

Warren has played his best football in years since Butch Davis resigned as coach Nov. 30. He was a force in the 22-14 win over the Texans Sunday.

Although Warren had just two tackles, he constantly pressured quarterback David Carr and disrupted runs.

"He (Robiskie) came in and cut all the cords and strings," Warren said. " Instead of letting me be a puppet, he let me be a man. That's why I have nothing but love for him, and I'll ride and die with him."

Warren thinks that the defense would have received more praise throughout this season if the offense hadn't struggled on almost a weekly basis. The fact the offense gave the defense a rare lead with which to work was one reason for the six sacks registered by the defense.

"When you put points on the board, we're going to raise heck out there on the field," Warren said. "We've been down the whole season. The offense came out today and threw the ball down the field, and we kicked field goals."

Quarterback Kelly Holcomb and receiver Antonio Bryant had a shouting match on the sideline after a Holcomb pass was intercepted by Demarcus Faggins late in the second quarter.

At one point Holcomb shoved Bryant. Holcomb would only say that the two miscommunicated on the play.

Robiskie said that Holcomb thought Bryant, who was running a short crossing route, gave up on the play.

"You can go ask him (Holcomb) all the details," Bryant said. "I'm here to play football. I'm done with all that. I'm a man, so whatever it is, I'm going to stand up for myself."

Holcomb will be eligible for free agency in March. He said after the game that he wants to remain in Cleveland, but he's not certain if things can be worked out.

"It's not just about me any more," Holcomb said. "It's about my family. Certainly I would like to stay, but it comes down to a business sometimes, and sometimes things have to be done."

GAME NOTES: Running back Lee Suggs gained 131 yards on 26 carries to finish the season with three straight 100-plus yard games. The last Browns back to achieve that streak was Greg Pruitt in 1978.

Cornerback Daylon McCutcheon, who has a shoulder injury, was deactivated. Lewis Sanders started in his place. Defensive end Kenard Lang, who has had a problem with an ankle injury, didn't start. He was replaced by Michael Myers.

The Texans entered the game having not allowed as touchdown for 11 consecutive quarters, the longest streak in the NFL. The streak ended with a 9-yard touchdown pass from Holcomb to tight end Steve Heiden in the third quarter.

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