GM, Coach Search: The Very Latest!

Events are breaking even faster than expected in the Browns search for a General Manager and head coach. Team owner Randy Lerner (pictured) and Team President John Collins seem to be moving very quickly. Lane Adkins brings us the latest with an exclusive Tuesday mid-day update and some comments from Ask the Insiders.


Lane Adkins is first to report this afternoon, via Ask the Insiders, that General Manager candidate Phil Savage will be in Cleveland, as soon as this afternoon to continue discussions about the job in Cleveland. Savage was scheduled to meet with the team again on Tuesday following a Monday interview session. In addition, Eagles offensive coordinator and head coaching candidate Brad Childress will be talking with the team, as soon as today about the head coaching position.

The speed with which Savage has been brought into Cleveland is certainly intriguing. We have been saying that Savage is the leading contender for the job since it became available last month.

Here are some excerpts from Lane's comments in Ask the Insiders.

Lane: Just to update...........from what I have been told. Phil Savage will be in Cleveland today to meet with the Browns. Savage was interviewed on Monday by the organization, which makes this immediate visit quite interesting :-)

Lane: Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator will be in Cleveland today to interview for the Browns head coach position.

Lane: Ruskell's interview has been put on hold for the time being, according to a member of the Falcons organization.

Giffdawg: Lane, what are the chances if we do not offer him the GM job today, he goes to Miami and Nick Saban hires him. I know they have a connection. Both worked for Belichick when he was coach of the Browns?

LaneAdkins: Lets put it into this perspective;

Saban knows Savage from there time in Cleveland as well as outside the game.

Savage scouted Saban players while at MSU and LSU.

Saban does not waiver when he has the opportunity to get what he wants.

Saban is seeking a guy with personnel knowledge that he can trust and work with.

Sounds like a guy that just may be a pretty good fit in Miami.

Hostetler: Lane, my reading of your post makes me think that Savage would be working for Cleveland i feel it would be different with Savage pretty much the head man maybe that's a plus in his mind?

CavsFan70: From what I have read it sounds like Savage would prefer the Browns over most because of Lerner's hands off approach and his wanting to build a winner no matter the cost. Do you think Savage is in a hurry to make his decision or will he weigh the options?

Lane: Savage is enticed by the Browns post for numerous reasons, one being as you stated a pretty much a hands off approach by the owner..........if things are progressing.

I would agree that the Cleveland position would be of greater authority in comparision to the Miami post.

While I am under the impression Savage is not in a hurry to land a GM type poisition, he is not going to wait too long either.

Cavsfan70: Are you getting the feeling things are progressing quickly enough?

Lane: This is just my opinion on what I know about the situation.

I feel the Browns still are torn on the Newsome front. Some within the organization want to go after him, others are ready to move on the qualified candidates available.

Savage again is a hot candidate and the Browns do like him. The immediate and known serious interest the Dolphins have in Savage has the Browns in full blown aggressive mode. This organization does not want to lose out on a candidate, they would rather move through the process and either hire or pass on Savage.

There is a reason Savage had the Jaguars job if he wanted it and is now a serious candidate in Cleveland and Miami. He knows the game, he relates extremely well to players and scouts, as well as being a very good scout himself.

What separates a GM type from a scout is his ability to communicate and make decisions, In Baltimore, Newsome often asks or challenges Savage to determine what move he would make if it were his call............this is one characteristic that makes Newsome a solid Manager.

I am hopeful that Savage gets an opportunity to become a GM this off-season, he has worked hard, been successful at every level, and is very committed.

He could be off the board quickly if the right opportunity comes his way and will not take a GM job without having the authority to make the moves necessary to turn an organization around.

This is an area which makes the Miami opening quite interesting. Saban has the authority of personnel in Miami now, but would welcome a candidate such as Savage to work with him to scout, secure talent, and make personnel decisions.

But, Saban will be the final authority on personnel.......this is where a road-block could occur in Miami.

With Saban and Savage having a history and Savage going to interview with the Dolphins are some point, there is something with the Miami position that interests Savage.

tkBrowns84: Should we be concerned about the Miami situation in regards to Savage, because I am concerned. I feel Savage is an excellent candidate considering his years as a scout, but also combined with the fact he played ball in college and also has coached. What concerns me is the fact that Savage was Saban's assistant when Saban was DC here under BB. Savage was Saban's right hand man basically.

It looks like the Browns would like to pursue Ozzie, but don't want to get tied up in that litigation while Miami lures Savage away and we could be left with neither. Is this the case?

Lane: What you describe is definitely one theory that has considerable merit to it.

Imadawg4life: If Savage ends up elsewhere (Miami) how does that affect the chances of getting Newsome? I would think it will be much more difficult to aquire him knowing that the Ravens don't want to lose both? What's the likelyhood of both leaving B-More?

Lane: I would agree, if Savage does end up in Miami, I see the Ravens doing almost anything to keep Newsome in Baltimore. Both won't escape!

Imadawg4life: If we don't land Savage, will this organization persue the league to go after Newsome? Or is this a futile effort in their minds. Then who's next on the hot list?

Lane: With Savage being courted by the Dolphins, Ruskell's interview being put on hold (or completely off), Heckert potentially not wanting to interview for the position, and the Ravens putting out the word they have absolutely no intention of Newsome leaving the Baltimore organization...........a once very deep pool of candidates could be dwindling.

The jury is still out on Scott Pioli, Reese still is employed by the Titans..........

Newsome is the top-choice, but this does not appear to be an easy on to achieve. Savage is a top-flight candidate in the eyes of the organization.

I have a sense that the Browns are going to move quicker than anticipated.

I will attempt to get some confirmation on Tuesday regarding these thoughts.

MHill: Lane, I hadn't heard about Heckert not being interested. Is this fact or rumor at this point? That's too bad, he would have been an excellent choice.

Lane: From information I received tonight, it appears that Heckert is not going to interview for the position. I have a call into his agent to validate.

Imadawg4life: Appreciate the hard work Lane...thanks

Lane: Thanks, this is taking more turns than I ever imagined it could. Right now, if Ruskell and Heckert drop out of the search, we have lost two serious candidates. I am awaiting confirmation and will post back once I receive any information.

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