Savage Is the Man

The Browns appear poised to name Phil Savage as their next General Manager within the next two days. As usual, we've put together a page to capture the news as it rolls in... some buzz now that the Browns will name Savage within 24 hours... keep your eyes on this page!


Through our Ask the Insiders forum, Lane Adkins has been reporting exclusively over the past day that the Browns invited Baltimore Ravens VP of Player Personnel Phil Savage to return to Cleveland late last night to talk with the team once more. This was a second set of talks following the interview on Monday, and our subscribers were the only ones to hear of it!

Following a trip to interview Brad Childress in Philadelphia, it appears that Savage did indeed continue talking to the Browns and that the Browns are poised to name him as their next General Manager.

12:30 PM: Local radio station WTAM, often a soapbox and business partner for the team, reports that the Browns intend to call a press conference tomorrow to name Phil Savage the next GM of the team.

1:00PM: As of this time, has received no notice from the team of a press conference for tomorrow.

1:15PM: Lane Adkins confirms that his sources are informing him that Savage will be named as the team's new General Manager. His sources have not provided specifics on when a press conference would be held, although Lane has been told to expect one soon.

1:45PM: Lane Adkins reports that the deal with Savage has not been completed yet, but looks to be set unless something substantial arises later today. Savage's agent is coming into town this evening to finalize the contract this evening. Fans should keep in mind that the deal is likely, but not 100% done.

2:20PM: The national press starts hopping on the story, as Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reports that Savage will be named GM. (Thanks for the tip, Jeff!)

4:00PM: Local media have started hedging their reports slightly, apparently now aware that contract details need to be finalized. These details are frequently attributed to "sources", which appears to be journalistic vernacular for web browsers.

5:15PM: Local media here in Cleveland are reporting that Savage will be named GM as a fait accompli, and offer that there will be a press conference tomorrow. As of this time, there has been no official press conference announcement by the Browns, which would lead one to think that an afternoon press conference is most likely.

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