Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale is back with some post-season thoughts which, as he says, are random...

QB worries

The next coach of the Cleveland Browns will have to decide before entering the first mini camp who his quarterback is. Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown and Josh Harris are under contract. Kelly Holcomb is an unrestricted free agent.

Logic would point to Garcia. But, a recent interview in Garcia's hometown newspaper "The Gilroy Dispatch" shows that Garcia may not be so logical.

In that interview Garcia told Brett Edgerton, "It's just one of those years, I guess. It's left me wondering whether this was a good fit for me or not. It's tested me as a player, in terms of attitude, personality, perseverance. It's almost taken the excitement of the game from within me, because of the way I've been made to look in the media, saying I wasn't the right fit or I wasn't the guy to lead the offense. It's just looking for an easy way out, pointing fingers and blaming the quarterback."

He continued by saying, "I don't think anybody could resurrect this situation with the things that are going on. For me, it's been an uphill battle from the get-go. I think I've shown dedication and leadership to this team and this organization from the very start. It's been just one challenge after another, and that just didn't make it very fun or exciting. And I think there was a lack of strength in other places ¼ putting ourselves in difficult positions in terms of schemes on the field, because of positions we were being put in by the coaches."

Garcia's comments may have burnt bridges or they may be viewed as water under the bridge. But in a city where the river once caught fire his words will leave him scrambling over that last bridge with flames close to his behind.

Holcomb may be the best quarterback available in free agency. This may make a team overpay for his services. I don't see the Browns wanting to be stuck with another Scott Mitchell. Therefore, I don't expect Holcomb in Cleveland next year. If he can be obtained at a fair market price, it would be great to see him wearing the brown and orange next season. He showed tremendous character and heart in the win over the Texans in the last game. Many, including me, thought he would ride the bench into free agency. 

So, if Garcia and Holcomb are gone who will be taking snaps for the Browns next fall?

McCown and Harris certainly aren't the answer. The Browns may have to find next years' starter via free agency. Below are the quarterbacks that may be available:

Shane Matthews
Jim Miller
Sage Rosenfels
Kordell Stewart
Charlie Batch
Mike McMahon
Tony Banks
Doug Johnson
Todd Collins
Damon Huard
Drew Brees 
Matt Hasselbeck
Rick Mirer
Jesse Palmer
Doug Pederson
Gus Frerotte
Jeff Blake
Vinnie Testaverde
Brock Huard
Jason Garrett
Brian Griese
Josh McCown
Craig Nall

Josh McCown and Craig Nall are restricted free agents.  The rest are unrestricted free agents. 

My guess is that Seattle and San Diego will slap the franchise tag on Hasselbeck and Brees if they're not able to sign them. 

Kurt Warner, Brad Johnson, Mark Brunell, Jay Fiedler and  Tommy Maddox may also be looking for jobs if their perspective teams feel their salaries too high for backups.

Of the quarterbacks available there are a few that can win games but there is no franchise guy.

Maybe the Browns should trade their first pick to San Diego for Philip Rivers?

Renewed faith

Many Browns loyalists have a renewed faith in place-kicker Phil Dawson. He kicked five field goals in the season finale in his home state of Texas. I won't trust him until he kicks the game winning field goal on a blustery day in Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Jerry Springer

Tonight the Jerry Springer Show features an NFL Quarterback who is involved in a love triangle with a Playboy Playmate and a manic-depressant. The quarterback says that he wants to be with the Playmate. The other woman claims he comes to her for sex. The two women have come to public blows over their man. Springer will bring in two of the quarterback's offensive lineman and two friends of the other women for their version of the story. Watch as the two friends blitz the quarterback with a verbal and physical barrage. The attack is so intense that his lineman can't defend him. Watch as the QB gets up on his chair to show off his happy feet before he scrambles behind Steve for protection.  The show will take an unseen twist when a former teammate will claim that the quarterback is gay. Tune in and see the fireworks.

Next week Jerry does a spin-off of tonight's show. In what can only be compared to scenes from the movie "National Lampoon's Animal House." Numerous women claim they attended keg parties at one of the offensive lineman's house. Some say they got drunk, passed-out and woke up without their clothes. The only words out of the lineman's mouth are, "I wasn't home. I was getting another tattoo." Tune in and see this wacky tale unfold!

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