"WHAT WE'VE BEEN TOLD" from 12/24

"WHAT WE'VE BEEN TOLD" the Bernie's Insiders magazine editions contain information that you might not have read or have heard about previously. With that in mind, this issue of "WHAT WE'VE BEEN TOLD" takes you back to the fourth publication of the magazine dated 12/24/01.

While the playoffs appear to be out of the question for the Browns, the remaining games on the schedule with provide the coaching staff time to evaluate the roster.

Recent changes in the starting line-up may not pay immediate dividends, but the Browns are guaranteed of getting a good look at the players and positional changes that have been implemented.

We've been told that Jeremy McKinney, Brad Bedell, and Shaun O'Hara will rotate at the offensive guard positions for an unknown period of time.

A source close to the team has told us that the move of Ross Verba to the left offensive tackle position against Jacksonville was a welcomed switch for the player.

"He (Verba) was receptive of the move and played very well against Brackens (Jacksonville defensive end)," the source said. "He will continue to play at left tackle and may see some time at right tackle, but right now, he is going to get a long look at left tackle."

Incidently, Verba has not spoken to the media since the play of the offensive line was criticized.

Speaking of an offensive left tackle, we've been told by numerous scouts that the Browns will explore the options of getting into position to draft offensive left tackle Bryant McKinnie from the University of Miami, Fla.

"That kid (McKinnie) is one that you can plug in your lineup and not worry about for 12-to-15 years," one particular scout said. "He should be the first player selected in the draft, the Browns know that, but indications are that he just may be available with the third or fourth selection.

Where would this possibility leave Verba?

According to what we've been told, there is no hesitation to moving Verba to the right tackle position, he is a good enough run blocker to play there.

The Morgan Files: We've been told that the Browns while disappointed in some aspects of wide receiver Quincy Morgan's development this season, are firm believers that Morgan will improve.

Morgan, a rookie second round draft selection from Kansas State University has been hampered by inconsistency, resulting in dropped passes and incorrect routes run.

Help Wanted! We've been told by a league source close to the team that the Browns will be in the market for a veteran, play-making type wide receiver during the off-season.

"The offense lacks that big-play type player that knows how to spread the field and give Couch a legitimate target, besides Kevin Johnson," the source said. "Youth and inexperience hurts this team right now, in the near future as these players develop, they could be an interesting team.

Talking about help wanted, things could become interesting in Indianapolis this off-season.

Starting offensive left tackle Tarik Glenn will be a free agent at the end of the season. Starting offensive guard Steve McKinney will also be a free agent at the end of the season.

Indianapolis is expected to apply the franchise tag on Glenn, which will likely leave McKinney to be available.

We've been told that the Browns will make a play for either player. Incidentally, Browns offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was the quarterbacks coach in Indianapolis prior to coming to Cleveland.

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