Bernie's Insiders Senior Bowl Coverage

Sobodawg will be alongside Tony Pauline providing reports starting this Sunday!

Sobodawg is going to the Senior Bowl!

Bernie's Insiders is happy to announce Brent "Sobodawg" Sobleski will be attending all the Senior Bowl practices and events starting this Sunday, January 23rd.

Sobo will be providing daily reports to and working with draft expert Tony Pauline to give Browns fans complete coverage of this key 2005 draft scouting opportunity.

He will also be posting real time reports on what the Browns are up to in Mobile at the Senior Bowl; what coaches/coordinators they are speaking with, which players they seem interested in and any breaking news or events which may affect the Browns.

Browns fans on the Bernie's Insiders forums know Sobo from his message board posts over the last two years, as the former offensive lineman has offered his thoughts on the play of the line and other aspects of the team. He has also written several fan commentaries for the web site in the over the past year, with a focus on the offensive line.

In addition, Sobo was also partly responsible for the launch and success of the Draft Brew message board earlier this year, which is just part of's year-round coverage of college prospects and the NFL draft.

Ever since its start as a protest site against the move of the Browns to Baltimore in 1996, this web site (known since 2001 as "Bernie's Insiders") has looked for opportunities to give devoted Browns fans opportunities to express themselves. Writers such as Rich Swerbinsky, Dale Galbraith, Joe Brownlee, and spreadsheet mangler "TBF" continue this tradition today.

The staff of wishes to thank our subscribers for providing the ability for us to send Sobodawg to the Senior Bowl. Supporting Bernie's Insiders via a subscription allows us to provide a fan-oriented alternative for news and more complete (if not disturbingly obsessive) coverage of our Cleveland Browns.

Talk to Sobo in the forums, and look for message board announcements as the week continues!

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