Rumor has it that the Jags oft-spectacular, oft-injured running back may be available for a third round draft choice. Well, we know of a team that needs a running threat and has a fourth-round pick that's almost as good as a third-rounder...




3/3/2002: Everybody and his brothers are now reporting that Taylor is the cheap alternative to Williams for teams looking to upgrade at RB through a trade. Here's Len Pastaquencher doing it, for example. And here it is in Pro Football Weekly. Of course, this was in the Rumor Central forum back in January. CBS Sportsline started this back then in a column, you know, but ESPN is welcome to play along now, we guess. You know, sooner or later, the mainstream press always joins the party. As long as they bring beer along, we've got no problem with it.

2/25/2002: We're finding that Fred Taylor might have the same problem as Williams in finding a new home: namely, he wants a new contract. In other words, Taylor is saying "Ignore the injuries and gimme more money". Naturally this is making it tougher for the Jags to deal him, as NFL teams often don't like the notion of giving frequently injured players large sums of cash. I don't like the notion of giving the IRS large sums of cash, but I generally wind up doing it. In Taylor's case, he'll probably get his money, but don't expect the Jags to get great draft picks in return for his services.

2/23/2002: The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that the Dolphins may turn their sights to Fred Taylor instead of Ricky Williams. The article maintains that the Browns will be a more likely destination for Williams, since the Browns would likely part with a second-round pick for the back.

1/29/2002: Pro Football Weekly echoes what we've heard before about Taylor being on the block, and tossed the Miami Dolphins in as being interested. The Dolphins seem to come up whenever a possible RB move is mentioned these days (see: Williams, Ricky) and Taylor is no exception.

1/27/2002: Lane Adkins and John Taylor report on this rumor in their Sunday Morning Massacre . For you non-subscribers, I'll just tell you that it deals with where Taylor wants to play... and doesn't want to play. I've been looking around on free sites for more info, and I found this article on the Jags horrific cap problems. There's no real mention of Taylor in the Jacksonville press, since they're all focused on the possibility to losing Boselli to the Texans or trading Mark Brunnel. Clearly, panic is setting in down South. The possibility to trading Taylor doesn't seem to be causing much of a ripple in as they drown in 49ers-esque salary cap waters.

You know who has got to be loving this? Jeff Fisher. I bet he's just kicking back in the couch on his porch, applying more stuff to his hair, and dreaming of some easy wins in 2003. I bet even Bud Adams is thinking of breaking out his Shatner Turbo 2000 toupee during next year's AFC South division championship hoe-down. Those mellow and friendly Oiltan fans may soon make the transition to haughty and arrogant if the Jags continue their slide.

1/26/2002: This one has been the subject of some buzz in the Rumor Central forum for a couple of days. What started it was RC linking Pete Priso's Friday column in Sportsline, which included a rumor that the Jaguars are said to be asking a third-rounder for Taylor. The Browns, of course, have a hole at the RB position (sorry James, Jamel, and Ben) that needs to be filled and a fourth-rounder from the Lions that looks a lot like a third-round pick. Hmmm... considering what the Browns have gotten in the third-round these last couple of years, getting Taylor instead might be percieved as an interesting option for a team that feels it can possibily make a run at the playoffs in 2002.

If you want to talk about it, here's a thread in the Pure Football forum where the possibility is discussed. Here's the original thread in the Rumor Central forum, where Insider John Taylor tosses his two cents in as well. At the risk being a subscription pimp, I'll casually mention that you have to be a Insiders WebExtra subscriber to get into the monger-tastic Rumor Central forum. Click here to subscribe if you haven't already.

Oooo, I feel so salesman-like. When does Happy Hour start? (AB)


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