Sobo: Senior Bowl Diary, Day 1

Sobodawg arrived in Mobile, Alabama today after enjoying a plane ride next to WVU RB Kay-Jay Harris (pictured). From Jon Gruden wrestling with an iPod to the discovery of a Browns-free zone in Mobile, Sobo tells you what he saw as Senior Bowl practices prepare to kick off with the weigh-ins tomorrow morning...

Carry On, My Wayward Son

The day began with the skies opening and snow dumping.    Luckily the football gods were smiling on me this wonderful Sunday.   The flight out of Akron/Canton was not cancelled, nor delayed.  I was on my way to Mobile, Alabama for the 2005 Senior Bowl.

The first leg from Akron/Canton to Cincinnati was quick and easy. From Cincy to Hotlanta was a bit more tedious.  But with the leg from Atlanta to Mobile, I hit the jackpot. I walk unto the plane and the first face I see is a smiling Monty Kiffen, defensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Looking over my other shoulder I see a sneering Chucky, Jon Gruden, fussing with his Ipod.  

Walking a bit further down the aisle I view the rest of the plane and its inhabitants this trip, low and behold, damn near every scout from every NFL team. Throw in a Doug Williams, and a couple players by the name of ‘Cadillac' Williams, Kay-Jay Harris, and Rob Pettiti; I must be in heaven. 

Thoughout the flight, it was exactly how anyone would imagine any destination with a football team; it was eerily quiet and most were sleeping or in deep thought pondering what awaited them. After quickly introducing myself to West Virginia running back, Kay-jay Harris, I also went into my equivalent of deep thought.

Once reaching the Riverside Hotel in Mobile, Alabama with the assistance of the Barry McBride of the Charger world, Denis Savage, a whole new world opened to me.   

Going upstairs in the Hotel one could see scouts and players as far as the eye can see. Naturally, there were many more players that you could not who were preoccupied off in hidden rooms reserved just for NFL teams to do their personal interviews. 

One little detail quickly came to my attention: THERE WERE NO CLEVELAND BROWNS' SCOUTS TO BE SEEN!

For five hours I waited, talking with scouts, and interviewing some promising prospects. One representative of the Browns had made an appearance - strangely enough it was Kennedy Pola.  I decided to trail him to see what his plan of action would be and whom he would be talking with or to. Pola simply disappeared like a fart in the wind with me dumbfounded as if I had just seen a specter. 

In my dismay, I call our site lord and savior, Mr. Barry McBride.   When I tell him of the "updates" I had for the day and that I was the single solitary representative currently for our beloved Cleveland Browns, all he could reply was, "Lord help us."

When all was said and done, one just has to put the proverbial nose to the grindstone, and carry on. 

I promise to report back soon with impressions of the players I met and interviewed (along with the interview transcripts as well).

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