Some "what we've been told' quick hitters from the Senior Bowl.

The Browns scouts and personnel people spend a few days in Mobile, Alabama and news starts funneling its way to Bernie's Insiders.

Bernie's Insiders has learned that the Browns have a significant interest in improving its offensive line and adding depth, using the 2002 NFL Draft.

Citing a league source, the Browns were extremely interested and impressed with offensive linemen Marc Columbo, Levi Jones, Martin Bibla, Terrance Metcalf, and LeCharles Bentley.

While believing the Browns are looking to upgrade their rushing game, the Browns didn't appear to be overwhelmed with the running backs that participated in the Senior Bowl, but came away impressed with certain aspects of their respective talents.

"Foster did some good things, but many teams are wary of him," the source said. "He puts the ball on the ground too often and you just know what you'll get with him."

"Keep an eye on Lamar Gordon, he is going to be the running back that climbs the boards in the upcoming weeks."


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