Five Minutes with Four O-Linemen

Our favorite offensive line junkie is hanging out in Mobile, Alabama, and naturally gravitated to the biggest guys wandering around the hotels... Like the guy in the back in this picture.<BR><BR>Sobodawg managed to get a couple minutes with four linemen whose names you need to know heading into this year's draft. We figured you would get a kick of our what they had to say...

Q.I.T (Quick Interview Transcripts) from Sunday Night

To best describe Sunday's introduction and interview process would simply be to call it a "meat market". Scouts from every team snatching up players as quickly as possible, giving the players the runaround. Below are the couple instances I was able to pull some of those players away from NFL scouts to ask them a quick couple questions….

Adam Terry, OT, Syracuse 

SOBO:  Egads man, exactly how tall are you? You are by far head and shoulders taller then me.

Terry:   We'll see tomorrow.  But I'm probably about 6'9' and at the very least a solid 6'8'

SOBO: You weren't a basketball player at any point of your career?

Terry:  Just one year [hehe], but it wasn't something I would hang my hat on.

SOBO:  With NFL scouts looking at you, what do you believe they are looking for?  Do you believe you are better suited as a blindside tackle or a strongside tackle?

Terry:  Ideally, I would have to say, that I would like to play the blindside. All I'm asking for is an opportunity.  Y'know if I'm on the strongside, I might be able to make my way back over [to the blindside].  Even if I play guard, I don't know; just hoping for an opportunity.

SOBO: Some scouts believe you can get up to the 340/350 lbs range, would you be comfortable at that playing weight?

Terry: I'm about 320 right now, and I look pretty skinny…..

[yeah he actually does]

SOBO:  If someone asked me to watch tape of Adam Terry, I would say his greatest attribute is his athleticism.  Your thoughts?

Terry:  I would have to agree. I'll compare myself at the end of the week.  I'm 6'8' 320 and in my opinion I move very well.

SOBO:  Looking to play for a cold weather team?

Terry:  We have a blizzard warning in New York, so I'll leave it at that.

Dan Buenning,  OG,  Wisconsin

SOBO:  Wisconsin's guard tandem is generally considered the best in the nation. Who is better, you or your teammate Jonathan Clinkscale?

Buenning:  Me.

SOBO:  You huh?

Buenning:  Yeah

SOBO:  Might you elaborate as to why?

Buenning:  I pay more attention to detail.  And I believe I move better.

SOBO:  Quite frankly, I love your honesty.

Buenning:  Jon's a good player, I just think I'm better.

SOBO:  So if asked by a scout, you'd say your greatest strengths then are paying attention to detail and pulling?

Buenning:  Yeah.

SOBO: So the rumor persists that Wisconsin do not become successful NFL players.  A couple of quick examples off the top of my head being Aaron Gibson and Craig McIntosh. Why do you think that is?

Buenning: Well I don't want to talk bad about other players.

SOBO:  It's just generalities.

Buenning:  Give me more examples of bad players.

SOBO:  How about the Johnson cousins for a couple years back?

Buenning:  Oh Al doesn't start for Dallas?

SOBO: Well you certainly turned that around on me, next question.  Would you like to stay with a cold weather team?

Buenning:  I would, but cold weather/warm weather doesn't matter to me.

Elton Brown, OG, Virginia

SOBO:  Do you know who Mike Mayok from the NFL Network is?

Elton:  Yeah.

SOBO:  He is on record saying that you are a definite first round prospect, even at guard, but a lack of kneebend will scare some scouts off.  What would your rebuttal to that statement be?

Elton:  I do have a lot of technique things I could be better at and I would say that's one of them.  I think as the season went by I improved on that a lot. Even now I'm working further on improving my technique.

SOBO:  Now if that would be your greatest weakness, what would counterbalance that as what you perceive as your greatest strength as a player?

Elton:  I'm just a big mauler. Physical.  I play well in space.  I can move well. 

SOBO:  Is a change of tackle within the realm of possibility?  Do you posses that type of athleticism?

Elton:  Whatever is asked, I'm ready to do. Hell, if they want me to play tailback I'll do that. 


David Baas, OG, Michigan

SOBO:  Some scouts have you rated as the top guard in this draft, and you're the Co-winner of the Rimington Award.  Which position are you better suited?

Baas:  I think I'm a better guard.  Center was something I did for my team to win a championship. I just feel I'm more comfortable at guard.

SOBO:  I just interviewed Elton Brown, and there is some other healthy competition at the position here in Mobile this year.  Are you the best guard here?

Baas:  I can't say that. Just what you said, there is some good competition. I am going to do the things necessary to prove I am the best

SOBO:  Going to be some real battles in practice then…

Baas:  Absolutely.

SOBO:  There are some rumors your workouts in the weight room are legendary.  What is your benchpress max?

Baas:  We never did bench mad.

SOBO:  Really?

Baas: No.  I'm just going to keep you guys in suspense.  Let's just say it's up there.

SOBO: Now I am from Ohio, and I need to ask, what happened to that Michigan offense against the Buckeyes.

Baas:  Overall I think we did a great job. An excellent job for having a freshman quarterback and runningback.  Think we did a real good job.

SOBO:  Bottom line, could you play for Cleveland or Cincinnati?

Baas:  Absolutely.

SOBO:  Just wanted to gauge how deep the hatred ran.

Bass:  I can handle it.

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