There are whispers in the nation's capital that Steve Spurrier wants to quickly recast the Redskins offense in his image, and that RB Stephen Davis is not part of that. The Redskins seem to think the Browns might have an interest in taking him off their hands....




2/25/2002: This one is cooling off fast... it's turning ice cold, in fact. Word to us is that Davis was yapping on ESPN about how giddy he is about Spurrier being named the new coach and catching a lot of passes. The whispers in the nation's capital mentioned below seem to be as content-free as one would expect from the land of politicians.

1/30/2002: This rumor has been buzzing on the Rumor Central board for a couple of days, but we have yet to see anything on it in the mainstream press. There are apparently whispers in the nation's capital that Steve Spurrier is interested in quickly recasting the Redskins offense in his image, and that RB Stephen Davis does not fit in Spurrier's plans. Specifically, the buzz is that the Redskins are convinced that the Browns are one of the teams who might entertain the notion of dealing a #1 pick for Davis.

It is worth noting that Davis has managed three consecutive 1,000 yard rushing seasons while maintaining a heavy workload of carries. It is also worth noting that his contracts are heavily loaded on the back end, and average out to about $4 million over the next three years. The heavy loading is further out than that.

While the buzz is real, I personally have a hard time believing that the Browns would make this deal. Davis is a solid back, but not the omnipresent threat that a Marshall Faulk or Edgerrin James is. Given Butch Davis' keen interest in stockpiling draft picks, and the Redskins desire to go very high in the draft to snag one of the top available QBs, it would seem an unlikely trade. As long as there is buzzing, though, we'll be here to track the strangeness. (AB)

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