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Well, your friendly neighborhood webmangler has finally captured the transcript for last Thursday night's draft chat with Tony Pauline and veteran Senior Bowl reporter "Sobodawg". Check out their latest thoughts on the upcoming draft and find out which one thinks the Browns' first pick might be the pictured quarterback from California...

norm59 how was your senior bowl trip?
newdawg Hey Sobo. Good work at the Senior Bowl.
ramllov SOBOdawg, what offensive linemen did the Browns look at at the SEnior Bowl
ramllov Nice work
SOBOdawg very busy actually. Met alot of cool people. It was pretty damn overwelming
SOBOdawg still have a backlog of stuff I want to get to Barry
artbtz Yeah! Gimme! Gimme!
SOBOdawg Lineman in particular: Adam Snyder, David Baas, and Jason Brown
i71_dawg what round are those guys projected to go in?
ramllov Adam Synder I am unfamiliar with what does he do?
SOBOdawg I have to sit down and really pump them out Barry. Been really busy since I got back with a new job and some problems round these parts
SOBOdawg Baas, second round
SOBOdawg Brown is the top rated center and likely round 3
SOBOdawg I would put Snyder in that same range, but I overheard a Chief scout saying that he thought Snyder was the best guard in Mobile
eucliddawg should we really take another center sobo?
newdawg Another center????
Chiaverini84 Why is there the belief that Jammal Brown can only be an RT? From what I've seen, he shows every indication he could make the switch to LT. Big Frame but very athletic. Quick Feet. Finishes every freaking block, especially in the Orange Bowl. And he you know he is going to kill at the combine. He can be an LT.
SOBOdawg as for Jammal Brown, I believe he struggles in space overall, which would be a problem at LT
Guest93 What's the lowdown on Barnes?
SOBOdawg The word I keep coming back to about Barnes, and this is a direct quote form a Scout.....""He's a monster""
ramllov What was your take on Savage?
SOBOdawg Savage? Great guy, and Mr.Popular at Mobile. I actually talked to him for about 15 minutes and he was very open to talking to me and giving me advice
gtarkid Who is a dominant D tackle. I mean a FORCE!
SOBOdawg The closest thing I would say to a ""FORCE"" at D=tackle would be Mike Patterson. If he were only 4 inches taller. Otherwise if there are any others, there would be one or two that would qualify as top ten material. Which in this case there isn't
norm59 Adam Terry?
SOBOdawg Terry had an up and down week, beginning of the week it was weird because he excelled at runblocking, though he's known as a pass blocker. He struggled pass blocking initially. As the week progressed he got better, until he suffered a rib injury and was put out of commission
eucliddawg what about swancutt sobo, take him or leave him
SOBOdawg Swancutt would be quite intriguing as a DE/OLB prospect. He certainly showed the ability to come off the edge at Mobile. Doesn't have many moves overall. And is not hte strongest at the point of attack
norm59 Could spears move inside
SOBOdawg Spears is literally a SOLID 305. I was floored when I saw him at weigh ins. I thought 290 tops because of his build. But came in just over 300. He definately has the strength to play the interior and showed so this week. My one knock is that he ""thinks"" too much in his play. Meaning he doesn't always read and react. Sometimes he just reads and reads and reads.
norm59 second or third round for terry?
SOBOdawg Terry is still a solid Round 2 with his combination of size/athleticism ratio. Don't be suprised to see the Steelers take him. They weren't very active in Mobile at all, but talked to Terry at least on a couple occasions I saw.
SOBOdawg Since Tony is back, I'll leave the Frye questions to him because I'm obviously biased
Tony Pauline Thank God...that took forever!
SOBOdawg don't lie, you were looking at porn and your CPU locked up
Tony Pauline Sobo...you da man
SOBOdawg oh, now he's being nice ;)
artbtz Hey! He's back!
Tony Pauline Yes...the stuff you left on my computer
artbtz You can ignore my email now :-)
redright SOBO, Measurables on Mark Clayton, please. I've read 5-9 5-10 5-11. weights from 170 to almost 190. Other than his measurables, doesn't he seem like a certain number 1 and if he falls to the second round, don't we have to take him?
Tony Pauline consider it done
norm59 frye or campbell round 2?
SOBOdawg 5'9 and three quarters and 185 lbs. officially
redright like him?
Tony Pauline redright...Clayton will not fall into the second round- his receiving skills justified a pick in round one
SOBOdawg I'll take Frye, but again, I'm biased
ramllov Tony what do you think of the draft class?
SOBOdawg oooooh ooooh I know
Wadingdawg When can the Browns go Oline for value?
Tony Pauline Wadindawg...third round area but you are looking mainly at right tackles
herb Do you see the Browns trading down?
SOBOdawg I personally feel the top of round 2 is the sweet spot for this draft. There we could possible go furture QB or quality lineman
ramllov Is Derrick Johnson as dumb as a rock?
Tony Pauline ramllov...dumb- no
Guest171 tell me we will draft Derrick Johnson please!!
Tony Pauline Guest....they could end up with one of the QB's
SOBOdawg your not talking to the biggest DJ fans here, just a heads up
redright Distinctly recall that Butch said this was the year for offensive linemen. Supposed to be many great prospects. True? Who? Where? or was this more Butch blather?
SOBOdawg The OT class would have been very good IF D'Brickashaw, McNeill, Scott, and Whitworth declared
Guest171 will clarett get drafted?? I heard he is weighing only 200lbs now
Tony Pauline guest171- Clarett will get drafted...in the CFL- someone asked if Derrick Johnson was dumb as a rock- no but Clarett is.
maricopadawg Is there anyone of value to get at the QB at the 3 hole?
Tony Pauline marico- Rogers...maybe Smith but he has to prove he can throw the long ball at the combine. Rarely threw the ball longer then 20-25 yards in the Utah offense
Wadingdawg Could value dictate going defense in first two rounds?
SOBOdawg Wading, when looking at our new regime the pairing of Savage and Crennel just seem like a match made for defense in my opinion. And in recent studies we saw over in Pure Football, CB is actully the safetest top 10 pick. Rolle or PacMan is my hunch at 3
LAGreg Is Alex Smith the real deal?
SOBOdawg Alex Smith QB or TE (just for a little clarification)?
maricopadawg thanks Tony
Guest93 Tony - how will picks 1-2-3 go?
Tony Pauline Guest93...very tough to say right now. I can't see SF taking a receiver or RB @1 if the QB's throw well at the combine. Chicago may move up to grab him.
CF70 How has Jason Campbell stock improved?
Tony Pauline cf70- first part of the second round
Guest171 smith sounds like another COUCH!!!
SOBOdawg Actually that Run N Option defense is a very disciplined offense. There are many many reads to make out of it. Whereas Couch was pretty much first read and throw in Leach's offense
dawgtillidie Tony do we trade down ?
Tony Pauline dawgtill- if the opportunity arises, yes but it takes two to bargain
CF70 Pac Man or Rolle who's your choice?
SOBOdawg I love both. If Rolle can run in that 4.4 range, I'm sold. PacMan comes in at a solid 5'11"" and runs that supposed 4.27, then I start to wonder.
ramllov Do you ever wonder how good Couch could have been with a good offensive line?
Tony Pauline ramllov- all the time
glousterbrown Tony and or Sobs, where (slot) do you think Mike Williams will get drafted
Tony Pauline glouster- I talked with his trainers in Atlanta early this week- they claim he is running in the 4.45-range. Right now between slots 10-15 is a good bet.
Guest129 Is Barron OT from FSU woth our #3?
SOBOdawg Barron I still rate in the 8-12 range. Not exactly sure where Tony has him after his post SB updates
CF70 Pac Man got torched in the bowl game and had fumblitis. That worries me.
Tony Pauline CF70- don't base evaluations on a single game. What Pac Man has that Rolle doesn't is the ability to play in several systems- man-off, zone or press. Rolle is strictly a press corner coming off a mediocre season.
CF70 Khalif Barnes to us in the second round???
Tony Pauline CF70- that would be a solid choice- the problem with Barnes- and it is one that no one can ever truly answer before the draft- is he just a great athlete and practice player or is he a guy that can dominate on game day
SOBOdawg Think he helped himself out the most this past week. I know he greatly impressed both of us, and guess what he just made his appearance in Kiper's 25 this week. I don't expect him to get past the Falcons or even the Steelers at the end of round 1.
SOBOdawg I don't know if Denis told you this Tony, but one of the things Khalif tried to address this offseason was his attitude which was in question. His agent actually set him up to work out with Bengal and form top 10 pick Levi Jones to learn the ropes of being an NFL LT
Guest129 Any interest from the Browns in Charlie Frye?
SOBOdawg Browns scout did talk to Frye after one practice
newdawg Who is the best 3-4 Lb in the draft?
Tony Pauline newdawg- Shawn Merriman of Maryland
redright Sobo Tony, IF and i say if Mangini is the defensive coordinator for the browns, would you still feel we take a CB with the third pick?
Tony Pauline redright...no- Crennell annd Bellicheck made of living of reclamation projects in the secondary. Cripes- they got Otis Smith to play at a high level
norm59 can Barron play both OT in NFL?
norm59 LOT and ROT
SOBOdawg Both Barron and Barnes are better suited for the blindside in my opinion. Both are natural athletes who excell in pass protection. It's their attitudes in run blocking that some question
CF70 Is Mangini the man?
Tony Pauline CF70- remember- Mangini had job offers elsewhere last year and stuck around so I don't see him leaving if he's going to be elevated from within
newdawg when do you expect merriman to be drafted?
SOBOdawg The Merriman questions I'll divert to you Tony. I really did not have the opportunity to watch him this year. Well unless he made an appearance in the UnderArmor commoercials
Tony Pauline newdawg- late first early second.....I don't think he is overrated. A forceful defender that needs to learn to play in reverse
ramllov Is there real value at the first, second and third pick in the first round, they will have to give a 5%% raise over last year?
Tony Pauline ramlov...from a talent standpoint no but the money will increase annually regardless.
LAGreg Who are the best guards in this draft (including converted OT)? Is Baas 1?
Tony Pauline LAGreg- Elton Brown/David Baas/ Marcus Johnson of Ole Miss made a big move as well. Kameteou of Utah as well
SOBOdawg Guards: Elton Brown (though I'm eager to see his workouts after his flabby showing at the combine), David Baas, Marcus Johnson
SOBOdawg damn, just beat me to it
DawgHowl can DJ play in the 3-4 defense?
Tony Pauline Dawghole- yes; he can play a number of spots in different schemes
LAGreg would Elton fall to round 2?
Tony Pauline LAGreg- never really thought Brown had a true shot as a first round guy...cannot block in motion, which is a prerequisite
ramllov Tony, how do you see the Browns first three choices?
Tony Pauline ramllov- swing for the fences I'll say Aaron Rogers, Brandon Browner, Mike Patterson
SOBOdawg Ram, I'll go PacMan, Frye, and Snyder
glousterbrown I don't think I saw barnes play this year, is he an animal?
SOBOdawg no no no, the secret word for Barnes all week was ""monster"" :p
Tony Pauline glouster- you didn't see him play cause he missed most of the year with a broken wrist
SOBOdawg Khalif missed 5 games with an broke hand
SOBOdawg he actually said there is still some soreness in it actually
dawgtillidie Tony is rogers ready to step in or does he need time ?
Tony Pauline dawgtile- he can play in a zone system or backed off the line but needs a lot of work in man or press coverage
ramllov Tony, SOBOdawg, will any good to very good guys last till the Browns third choice in the third round?
SOBOdawg well we all know my affinity towards lineman and trying to draft them, but I think there is a chance to land a solid lineman in round three. One of the guards hopefully. Also I expect to sign at least one FA lineman no matter what we do in the draft.
Tony Pauline A guy like Rob Petitti will be available though he carries downside risk, I could also see a CB like Corey Webster slipping through the cracks after his horrendous senior season (like Derrick Strait last year)
AntiJeff SOBO, is Barnes an RT or do you think he can handle the blindside as well?
SOBOdawg Barnes is a blindside protector in my book. He has top notch athleticism for the position. His technique is going to require some work, and even after this week of play, some are still skeptical about his attitude
AntiJeff What exactly is the attitude issue?
SOBOdawg the ever elusive ""killer instinct"" Jeff
Guest171 Will we cut Gerrard Big Mouth Warren??? We need solid people like the Patriots not a knucklehead like him!!
Tony Pauline Guest171- my guess is yes- Crennell is a Parcells guy and likes to make those definitive statements, which cutting Warren would be
dawgtillidie Sobo who's the fa lineman gonna be maybe walter jones
SOBOdawg Dawgtill - I'm looking at Mike Wahle. He's not a FA per se, but will be cut because of being due 10 mill next year. GB has to decided between him and Rivera who is also a free agent. I go after Wahle who is the most underrated lineman in the nFL i
AntiJeff He sounded mean enough in those reports you and Tony were sending back here. Heh.
Tony Pauline AntiJeff- Barnes? He was a nasty bastard on the field and helped himself yet went on to have a crappy game- while the game means nothing Barnes has a history of playing below par when the whistle blows. As Sobo will tell you, developing a nasty attitude and physical play is something they've worked on with Barnes
Guest93 Will Savage draft like they did in Balt - ability regardless of character - or like N.E. - character counts?
SOBOdawg Guest93, Savage made it a point to bring up character in drafting when interviewed intially. Now does he mean guys that are team leaders with off the field baggage, or solid players who are churgh goers. That's not what I'm sure of. I think we'll see a combination of both systems.
redright Sobo,Tony, in allof your draft research do you ever get hard information on a prospects work ethic? Character? Study habits?
Tony Pauline A lot redright- yes: preseason National reports address what college coaches say about a prospects work ethic, etc
dawgtillidie does william green get traded on draft day
SOBOdawg This is the year of the RB, I doubt we get anything for Willie
Tony Pauline dawgtile- what kind or worth would he have in a year stacked at RB in free agency and in the draft??
AntiJeff How much do you guys like Baas at OG? Brown and his man-boobs didn't sound all that he was cracked up to be.
SOBOdawg Baas at OG, GOOOOOOD. Baas at center, SHAKY
SOBOdawg Brown looked horrible physically compared to the rest of the competition. Not just man boobs, scrambled eggs. Shoulders werent' very wide either
cmhdawg Tony, who are your top 3 rated players in this draft?
Tony Pauline Right now Cedric Benson, Braylon Edwards and Aaron Rogers
redright how's baass feet?
Tony Pauline redright...smelly...er, I mean adequate at best.
LAGreg Besides Merriman who are the best 3-4 LBs?
Tony Pauline LAGreg- DeMarcus Ware of Troy State
SOBOdawg Darryl Blackstock was a true 34 OLB at Virginia as well. Their top pass rusher off the edge
Guest93 Tony and Sobo - going to the combine?
Tony Pauline 93- yes--arrive on the 23rd
Guest172 Tony, What is your take on Clarett skipping that all star challenge?
Tony Pauline Guest172- normally I'd say ""no big deal"" but based on this guys foolish actions the past 18 months he shouldn't commit to something then back out...it is another nail in the coffin
Guest129 baas late first round good?
SOBOdawg Bass early round 2 better
DawgHowl Baas to the browns at 34 better lol
SOBOdawg More realistic anyhow DH
SOBOdawg Baas struggled at times this past week (especially at center). Was a monster at the point of attack though. Wasn't the dominating performance I expected of him
Guest171 ANyone know Todd Porter writer for the Canton Repository?? He keeps saying Derrick Fox is a 2nd Rounder...Id say a fourth at best..I saw that Fox can do 225 7 times for bench..that is pathetic..Im tired of the hype because he is from OState..whats your guys take on his draft status
Tony Pauline Guest171- no way. Not for a slow corner in a deep year at the position
Guest93 Tony - what do you think of DeBrickashaw Ferguson?
SOBOdawg I think he should have declared
Tony Pauline Guest93- I think he is a very good prospect but was being overrated by many. He made a smart choice. I can't wait to see he and Kiwi of BC match-up next year.
SOBOdawg C'mon Tony, how did you not love that athleticism Brickhouse brings to the position? (though I agree he was better served to stay in school. I'm just being greedy)
Tony Pauline Sobo- didn't say that- people were comparing him as the best OT since Boselli which meant he was better then Ogden and that was ridiculous
SOBOdawg oh hell no. He's not even in Gallery's class in this man's opinion
shiblet80 SOBO or Tony- What safties could be a steal in later rounds???
Tony Pauline shible- Atari Bigby of UCF is good but will fall because of injuries last year, watch James Sanders of Fresno State though he is rising a bit,
Guest281 tony/sobo did any of the players at the senior bowl look like they will be great leaders or team captains in the near future?
SOBOdawg Team captains? Hmmmmm. That's a good question. It's really hard to get a feel for that type of attribute in only one week and all new teammates
SOBOdawg I liked Kirk Morrison as a leader, he adjusted his fronts on multiple occasions from what I remember
Guest171 Maurice Carthon is our new OC...check out profootballtalk.com
Tony Pauline Guest171- that site is the National Enquirer of NFL info!
ramllov Munoz... How good is he, Tennessee LT?
SOBOdawg Munoz - fundamentally sound. lacks top end athleticism. nasty blocker. injury prone
Tony Pauline ramlov- solid in a small area but has injury problems...evidently suffered with a bum shoulder last season
Guest172 Could Munoz be a sleeper third rounder?
Tony Pauline Guest172- he's a bargain in round two if he stays healthy
SOBOdawg I like the thought of Munoz at guard actually. Not being on an island would be quite beneficial for him. Just a thought I'm throwing out there
Guest129 Who would Barron compare to in the NFL right now?
SOBOdawg Barron's closest comparison in my opinion is Walter Jones. Certainly not in that class but coming out of the same system and having some of the same knocks just reminds me a bit of him
ramllov iS HE A potential pro bowl player?
Tony Pauline ramlov- highly unlikely
DawgHowl we need A Hen back, otherwise, we may indeed have to go Corner in round 1
AntiJeff Tony, I saw a lot of good stuff about Patterson in your reports earlier this week, but it still seems folk are ignoring him a lot. How good do you think he can be?
Guest171 I love Bill O'Reilly!!!
Guest172 Tony, please tell me QB is not an option at 3 because if you have another bad year, Leak and Leinert are staring you in the face.
CF70 I got to go watch my Cavs. Please post this as soon as possible.
eucliddawg wut ever happend to chow as a possible OC candidate
Guest172 Tennessee
Guest171 I hope Leinhart isn't majoring in business...if his is he won't succeed after turing down the number 1 pick
shiblet80 thx
glousterbrown Euclid, I don't know but I am afraid we are going back to Robo as OC
SpaZ_DawG ya but you would carry gallery's children so that doesnt count
ramllov Is there a college offensive line coach ready to come to the Browns?
Guest172 Why are we always at the top of the draft when it is weak? Our luck I guess
LAGreg We all want a LT but is there one in this draft? Is Winston or Brick better than all this year's talent?
Guest171 i know and i love it
glousterbrown I don't trust much from profootball.com
redright Globe Boston Globe and ESPN are also saying it;s Carthon
Guest171 thank you
Guest171 i nailed it
eucliddawg thank god, chow was my first choice, but beter than robo
newdawg injury prone? that makes him perfect for us.
glousterbrown Hmm, we hire an OC before a coach? Not sure I am buying that yet
Guest171 anyone but Robo...Id take Butch over ROBO..his stupid ""love""comments threw me off
satarr74 only if he has an attitude problem newdawg
eucliddawg clap
eucliddawg so if we got say the 8th pick would u take alex?
Guest129 so he has that potential (Barron)?
redright Jones as in the best OLT in the NFL?
SOBOdawg Ogden is the best lineman in football, PERIOD. You're not going to get me to think otherwise
ramllov Tony, is there good value in this draft up through the fifth pick in the fifth round?
Tony Pauline ramlov...at cetain positions- a G/CB/S will probably fall
Guest172 Draft Barron and sign JOnes
SOBOdawg At 8, yes I take Barron. He is the smoothest pass blocker in this draft. What I worry about is his attitude and run blocking overall. Neither have really shown through
satarr74 is there anyone at the senior bowl that completely disappointed you? Or looked like they were boys among men
SOBOdawg My dissappoinment was Ronald Field (DT Miss. St), but he's not really a name that should concern most
Tony Pauline satar74- Rob Petitti; looked overwieght, slovenly, got beat the first day and hurt the second day...did nothing to answer questions scouts have about his desire
Tony Pauline Sobo was highly dissapointed all the women in Mobile sounded like Forest Gump!!
glousterbrown I doubt Jones will be available. It seems good LT hardly ever are
Guest172 If you were Seattle, who would you franchise?
glousterbrown Alexander or Jones
SOBOdawg If I'm Seattle I franchise Hasselbeck
SOBOdawg this is the year to lose a top RB, and Jones' franchise price is getting rediculous
ramllov Tony, how did you like Dallas's deal for a first round draft choice for this year. J. Jones, Notre Dame great runner.
Tony Pauline ramlov- at first I was surprised since they passed up Steven Jackson but it worked at well for them
jondawg Tony, where will Marlin Jackson from Michigan go?
Tony Pauline jondawg- early 2nd
Tony Pauline with that fellas I got to go!
ramllov Thanks for coming
eucliddawg later tony, thanks

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