Friday Browns Trivia!

Here is some off-season Browns trivia to ponder, courtesy of Roger Gordon. Look for the answers to be posted early Friday evening on The Watercooler forum!

Roger Gordon, author of Cleveland Browns A-Z and Tales from the Cleveland Cavaliers: The Rookie Season of LeBron James, returns again to the pages of bearing Browns trivia.

Look for the answers posted later on Friday in The Watercooler!

  1. What former Notre Dame head coach was once drafted by the Browns?
  2. What Brown was the only running back to gain 100 yards in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1983?
  3. For what team did Brian Sipe play after he left the Browns?
  4. What season did the Browns come within one win of hosting the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots?
  5. In Mike Phipps' seven seasons with the Browns, what was the only one in which he passed for more touchdowns than interceptions?
  6. The Browns lost a heartbreaker to the Philadelphia Eagles, 32-30, on Nov. 10, 1991, at Cleveland Stadium. What was the highest margin of points the Browns were winning in the game?
  7. True or false. Bill Belichick coached against Chuck Noll as head coach of the Browns.
  8. Name the three teams the Browns played during the players' strike in 1987.
  9. Name the four Browns quarterbacks in 1988.
  10. Eric Dickerson once played three games in Cleveland Stadium during one season. How did this happen?

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