There were hints of interest in Glenn last year when he had his initial troubles with the Patriots... now he's REALLY available! The Packers are circling and the Browns are interested in upgrades at WR. The draft is weak. That's all the BTNG Crew Rumormongers need.




3/4/2002: Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. Ah yes. (Smirk). Could have told you. Lane and JT were a day ahead of the big media on this one, as anyone who read yesterday's Massacre would tell you. Our old friend Lenny Pascaldebugger caught up today, tying the Browns to Glenn. Lenny also has some good info on the challenges around Glenn's salary demands, so I would call his article must-reading. The Boston Globe has a similar article on Glenn, but they also state that they think a deal will get done this week... the Pats are hoping for a third-round pick. I also got a chuckle out of today's Boston Herald. At the bottom of an article about Glenn, the Herald reports that Pats coach Ivan Fears - sort of a Glenn baby-sitter - has changed roles in the organization. The article ends with this: "Fears was hired, in part, to advise and babysit Glenn. Most of Fears' work went for naught, as Glenn had one problem after another. Three years ago, a group of veterans bought Fears a gold watch as a reward for putting up with Glenn." Terry sounds like he would make a great Raider to me, but Davis has shown he isn't afraid of taking on players who have had troubles elsewhere.

3/3/2002: A lot of folks have decided to dust off that Glenn-to-Packers rumor this week. Here it is again in the Boston Herald, for example. Then, CBS Sportsline talks about Glenn and mentions the Raidahs. Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Rep mentions that the Browns may have been doing a little homework on Glenn. Wondering why we still care? You'll have to check out today's Sunday Morning Massacre.

2/11/2002: David Moore of FoxSports repeats the Glenn to the Packers rumor. Whether this is based on new information or he's just recycling what was in the Wisconsin papers five days earlier, we don't know. We're guessing option B but, then again, we're basically clueless.

2/8/2002: Glenn's desire to exit Boston hasn't diminshed just because his team won it all... Glenn is still looking to get out, according to an article in the Boston Globe. "I don't even care about the money. Let's just break it off.'', Glenn says. Somehow, there's something about an NFL player saying his doesn't care about money that gets my spidey-sense tingling. Something just doesn't seem right...

2/4/2002: The Terry Glenn fun doesn't stop just because the NFL season is over... oh noooo... now's when it gets interesting. There are two bits of Terry-news today. First, it looks like Terry isn't going to have to face charges for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Prosecutors say that they don't have enough evidence. I guess that's good. I guess. Secondly, there's some speculation that Glenn could wind up on the Patsie's expansion list. I bet the Texans will jump all over that action, no problem. Really, there's nothing like picking up a troubled player who was referred to as "she" by a potential HOF coach to start a franchise off on the right foot.

2/3/2002: Last year, idiots that we are, we used tips from the BTNG tipline as fodder for starting a Terry Glenn rumorwatch. Naturally, there wasn't confirmation of this in any respectable publication, but watching Glenn's downward spiral was worth rubber-necking, so there you go.

At present, Glenn gets to see his Patriots play in the Super Bowl while he watches it from a Columbus suburb. Now, we're starting to hear that the Packers might have an interest in snagging Glenn's services so it starts us to thinking... what other team needs help at WR and is faced with this year's weak WR corps in the draft? What other team has (supposedly) had an interest in Glenn in the past? What other team has shown a tendency to acquire players with troubled pasts on the off-chance that they will change their ways? What other team is in Glenn's home state of Ohio where there is still a chance of positive feelings for our wayward son? Yep, you guessed it. The Bungles.

But there is a faint hint of an echo of a glimmer, plus it's kind of fun to watch, so we'll stick it into Rumor Central so that we can cry "WE KNEW IT!!!" on the off-chance that anything happens. Is an honest irresponsible rumor-mongerer any better than other types? Dunno. (AB)

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