The Return of Rumor Central

Fear. Greed. Snarky remarks. Internet journalism at it worst. RUMOR CENTRAL IS BACK.


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Long before showed up in September 2001, some of the guys behind this site ran a web site known as Or "BTNG" as it was known to those who favored acronyms*.

When that site first started, back in 1999, the home page around March 1999 turned basically into a listing of rumors with updates posted frequently throughout the day. We let other things take over the front page as time went on, but a lot of visitors still fondly remember when the website was just a rolling list of rumor updates, personal opinion, and various types of bitter personal invective directed at anything bearing the stench of NFL greed.

The network, as much as we love it, doesn't have a front page or article format that allows us to do those sort of rolling updates. There is Hot News, of course, but that is for subscribers only and doesn't do exactly what we had in mind.

So, in order to enable us to spend this off-season posting updates like over-caffeinated chimps, we've built our own little system of database tables and script-driven doodads that allow us to emulate the old Rumor Central.

You can look at it if you want. For example, if you want to see a rolling list of updates created by a hops-and-malt-consuming nerd, for example, you can once again use your browser, computer "mouse", and the miracle of hyperlinking for this purpose: Click Here. In addition, you can see an archive of salacious rumors by you can look at by employing the same techniques as above: Click here. These are the same links as above, which I put there because most people just want to see the interesting stuff and not read my tripe.

We hope to be updating Rumor Central frequently in the days ahead. Constantly, in fact. Like over-caffeinated chimps, in fact. And it's free, free, free. If you've got tips and other goodies to point in our direction to share with our fellow fans, please do so.


Remember that there is a brand-spanking new Mock Draft Muncher available for your clicking pleasure. We haven't really pimped this hard with all the combine and free agent news crowding it out, but this remains a very popular feature on

Please feel free to click here to check out the last word on mock drafts mashed together in a semi-coherent fashion.

* Oddly enough, even though it was universally called "BTNG", we never actually owned the internet address "". It was grabbed by internet domain squatters before we had a chance to get it. They once quoted me $9,000 to buy it, and refused to pay my hospital bill after my brain overheated due to a combination of stark fear and uncontrollable laughter.

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