Friday Browns Trivia

Answers will be posted in the Watercooler later today...

  1. The Browns, Bengals and Steelers each entered the final weekend of the 1976 season with 9-4 records. Why did the Browns have no shot at winning the AFC Central Division when they took the field in Kansas City?
  2. In what stadium did the Browns play their first-ever exhibition game?
  3. In what year did John Elway have his first great game against the Browns - or, against any other team, for that matter?
  4. In what calendar year did the Browns have three head coaches?
  5. The Browns game the week of Sept. 11, 2001, was rescheduled for nearly four months later due to terrorist attacks on the United States. Who was the Browns' opponent supposed to have been that week?
  6. Name the only Browns' head coach with prior NFL head coaching experience.
  7. How many quarterbacks threw for 4,000 yards in one NFL season prior to Brian Sipe in 1980?
  8. In what nine seasons did the Browns sport orange pants for every single game?
  9. When was the last time the Browns played on Thanksgiving Day - 1982, 1989, or 1994?
  10. What was the Browns' composite winning percentage in Paul Brown's last four seasons as head coach - .538,.606, or .702?

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