<p>With Rickey Dudley coming off foot surgery and occasionally known for having hands of stone, tight end might be a position the Browns will address in free agency. <p>

With Rickey Dudley coming off foot surgery and occasionally known for having hands of stone, tight end might be a position the Browns will address in free agency.

The need to upgrade the position becomes more important when considering that O.J. Santiago is a free agent and is hoping for a significant upgrade in pay.

Perhaps this is where Ken Dilger enters the picture. Dilger was in Hawaii this week for his first appearance in the Pro Bowl. When he returns home, he'll begin work on finding a new employer, assuming that the Houston Texans don't select him in the expansion draft.

Dilger received a letter from the Indianapolis Colts in which the organization said it will release him if he doesn't become a Texan. His release would probably happen soon after the Feb. 18 expansion draft because he's due a $625,000 roster bonus in mid-March.

Dilger, a seven-year veteran, has long been considered one of the league's premier tight ends. His value dropped last season because of cartilage damage in his left knee that will require minor surgery. He finished with 31 receptions, his fewest total since he had 31 in 1998.

The Colts are in cost-cutting ways these days, and Dilger doesn't fit in. Indianapolis signed tight end Marcus Pollard to a $14 million deal last year, which included a $4.675 signing bonus.

Dilger would have been a prime target in free agency two years ago. The Colts didn't allow him to reach the open market, signing him to a five-year, $15 million contract with a $4.5 million signing bonus.

TALKING TRADE: There's been plenty of speculation that the Detroit Lions might be willing to trade the third overall pick in the first round, which sets up the thought of a deal with the Browns. If something could be worked out between the teams, the Browns probably would use the pick on Miami offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie.

There's reason to believe that the Lions are interested in trading down. They have many needs, including most notably at quarterback. Lions GM Matt Millen would also like to find a speed receiver, a speed linebacker, a cornerback and a pass-rushing end to ease the work load for Robert Porcher.

The chance to gain more picks and remain in the middle of the first round might be enticing to the Lions. The fact that Millen has talked about the possibility of using the third pick on a quarterback seems to be sending a message that he will be asking a lot in a trade.

TRICKY FOOTING: Conjecture that the Browns might be interested in Terry Glenn is interesting, but the front office might not be ready to aggressively pursue the troubled New England receiver. While Glenn waits in his Columbus home for a Super Bowl ring that probably won't arrive, his lawyer has begun proceedings for a lawsuit against the National Football League.

The suit claims that the league violated the guidelines of the Americans With Disabilities Act when it suspended Glenn the first four games of last season for failing to report for a drug test. Glenn claims that he suffers from depression.

A player that has had numerous off-the-field problems and is now taking legal action against the NFL might not be a good fit at this time. What we do know is that Glenn wants to find a new playing home.

"Now that they've won the Super Bowl, why bother with me?" Glenn told the Boston Globe. "Just reach a settlement. I don't even care about the money. Let's just break it off,"

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