BuzzardBlaster and TBF have been busily updating their draft analysis, including the newest player rising/falling info!

New rising and falling analysis, new offensive player rankings, new mock drafts coming online... It's a madhouse in there! Point and click  DRAFT CENTRAL for more fun than anyone should be allowed to have on a Monday morning. Forget the meeting you have scheduled. You know Smith is going to spend the entire time taking credit for your innovative ideas anyways. Dentist appointment? Forget about it. He will understand because 4 out of 5 dentists already recommend DRAFT CENTRAL over other sites. And that will likely go up now that the fifth dentist is a Darwin Award finalist and will be replaced. Anyways, TBF's Mock Muncher, BuzzardBlaster's Draft Analysis and DRAFT CENTRAL are newly updated. And keep your eyes on Draft Central over the next couple weeks as a new mock draft highlighting the ridiculous, whimsical rise and fall of players based entirely on nothing will be coming...

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