Free agency bonanza could be in the making.

With free agency on the horizon, the Browns are in a position to greatly improve their roster.

Improve may be an understatement, as we've been told that the Browns organization has been working the phones in recent weeks.

Ken Dilger, a tight end from the Indianapolis Colts was placed on the expansion draft list. The Insiders have been informed that the Houston Texans will not select Dilger and the Colts will release him on or around March 1st.

Browns linebacker and special teams player, Brant Boyer is on the expansion list selection bubble, according to league sources. Boyer's salary and experience make him attractive to the Texans.

There had been some discussion that the Texans would select wide receiver Keenan McCardell in the expansion draft and promply deal him to Cleveland.

According to sources close to the Browns, that possibility still exists but the Texans are now wavering on what was believed to be a certainty, just a couple weeks ago.

Officially unofficially, throw the name of Michael Westbrook into the Browns offseason free agency mix.

The Insiders today have learned from associates close to Westbrook, that Westbrook expects (wink, wink) to visit Cleveland in the early days of free agency.

Three draft day rumors have appeared on the Rumor Central radar screen.

One draft rumor has the Browns being involved in talks with Dallas and another team which would land the Browns the sixth selection in the 2002 draft.

Another draft tidbit has the Browns dealing their first, third, and fourth round selections to New Orleans for running back Ricky Williams and Willie Roaf.

A third draft rumor has the Browns obtaining the fourth selection in the 2002 NFL draft, in return the Browns would trade their first and second round selections in the 2002 draft and a third round selection in the 2003 NFL draft.



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