Wednesday Chat: It's Pat!

Pat McManamon of the Akron Beacon-Journal will just us in the chat room Wednesday night at 9:30 PM!

By popular request, one of our favorite chat guests will make a another appearance in the Bernie's Insiders Chat Room on Wednesday night, as Pat McManamon joins us at 9:30PM.

Pat was the first-ever "special guest" in our chat room back in 1999, and we've been happy to have him stop by frequently during the past several years. He is returning to the ABJ after a stint on the team's official site and ventures into the chat room following a hectic off-season and prior to next weekend's draft.

There will be lots of Browns football topics to discuss, so join us on Wednesday night for what is sure to be another great session! See you there!

Instructions on how to use the chat room can be found below.

Visiting the Bernie's Insiders Chat Room

Via the Web

Go to the front page of and click the chat room link under the "Fan Interaction" graphic on the right, or by using the Message Board menu near the top of the page. Alternatively, you can enter "" in your web browser, or just CLICK HERE.

Most fans use the web-based chat room, but it does require that Java runtimes be installed on your computer.

Via an IRC Client

You can get to the chat room using practically any available IRC chat client. We have been able to get into the chat room from every platform we've tried - even cell phones - using IRC clients. There are a large number of chat clients available for all platforms, with mIRC, Klient, and HydraIRC being examples of the excellent shareware or freeware solutions on Windows.

Configuring your IRC client to access the chat room:

1. (optional) Enter your nickname and password if you have one registered in the chatroom (these are different from your usernames and passwords)

2. Set the IRC server to: and the port to 7152

3. After connecting to the server, enter "Join #Lobby", and you should be taken to where the action is!


More About the Chat Room

Logging into the Chat Room

Going into the chat room via the web will either take you straight into the chat (if you are a repeat visitor who has clicked to save options on a previous login) or will take you to a chat login screen (below).

When you get to this screen, you have three things you can do.

  • Option 1: You can click directly on the "Sign On" link which will bring you in as a guest (although there have been reports that this doesn't work for some people)

  • Option 2: You can type in a nickname (no password) to come in under a new name if it has not been registered. You can simply type in the nickname and then click Sign On and you will have that name when you log in.

  • Option 3: If you have previously registered on chat, type in your nickname and password, then click "Sign On"

Registering a Nickname and Password

Click here for information on how to register a nickname and password on our chat server

Eliminating Join Messages

In a busy chat room, messages indicating which members are entering or leaving the chat room can be a distraction. Fortunately, you can turn these messages off. Click here for information on how to disable these messages.

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