DraftNotebook.com, where Brian says he can still get you his draft guide if you order today! Here's the transcript..."> DraftNotebook.com, where Brian says he can still get you his draft guide if you order today! Here's the transcript...">

Brian Stevenson Chat Transcript

Brian Stevenson brought his twenty years of draft expertise to the Bernie's Insiders chat room last night, and the <i>Street and Smith's</I> analyst was a real source of insight, as usual. Visit <a href="http://www.draftnotebook.com" target="_blank">DraftNotebook.com</a>, where Brian says he can still get you his draft guide if you order today! Here's the transcript...

BrianStevenson Hello everyone
BrianStevenson Thanks for having me back. It's been a while, but glad to be here to talk DRAFT
BrianStevenson For those of you that might not know much about me, I run Stevenson's scouting service. Been doing this since 1983 and have been writing for Street & Smith's magazine the last few years. I put out three guides annually and an online service. Check it out at www.draftnotebook.com
ramllov Brian how deep is this draft, does it go through the early fourth round?
BrianStevenson It's a pretty deep draft this year... no real "can't miss" superstars, but a lot of good football players. There will be several undrafted that make rosters next season.
atlpwm Patriots (Crennel) and Ravens (Savage haven't drafted an offensive player in round 1 since 2001 and that was with the last pick for Todd Heap. Interesting to see why everyone is thinking offense.
BrianStevenson Even it's what everyone is predicting right now, I can't see the browns staying put and taking Rogers or Smith... won't happen.
SOBO Brian any rumbles you've heard around circles of the possibility of trading down?
BrianStevenson Nothing sure thing in the days of smoke and mirrors, but I'm sure they are talking to everyone. can't see they staying at #3.
Sutra I think maybe 1 and 2 rounders before we could get Dallas or Minny to take
BrownNoser Stevenson, do you think it possible to be able to pick up 2 1st rndrs this year. Will Dallas and Minny give up those highly coveted 1st rnd spots?
BrianStevenson Minn is possible depending how bad they want Edwards or Williams. If I was minn, I wouldn't give away 2 for 1. Why? Williamson, Clayton, etc. there is not a lot of difference with those top 4-5 guys... each has some positives and negatives.
atlpwm Brian can you see Savage or Crennel drafting offense when they never have in the past?
BrianStevenson There is no cant miss there. Have people gotten how Edwards was as an underclassmen? The recent history of Michigan receivers is not good.
BrianStevenson I think the guy the browns really want is Merriman, but not with the #3 overall pick. He makes sense if the browns swing the deal with Minnesota, then Merriman at 7 and maybe a guy like Thomas Davis at 18. could also see at receiver at 18. Clayton is a heck of a player!
howldawg You have said the Browns prefer Merriman - Why, and how high would they take him?
BrianStevenson Merriman is a better fit for the browns new 3-4 defense. I think he would be a terror and play the role McGinest plays in New England. Johnson is a bit better suited for a 4-3 weakside where he can use his speed and athleticism to make plays sideline-to-sideline.
howldawg btw welcome and ty for coming
BrianStevenson Thanks for having me back. Its been a while, but always enjoy coming in here.
WaverlyJackson Brian any chance the Browns take a corner. Say, Fabian Washington, in the 2nd Round. I love the guy
BrianStevenson Second round, maybe. (The current combo of) Baxter and McCutcheon isn't bad. Yes, depth is pretty weak, but a starting linebacker and safety are needed much more. Quarterback also needs to be addressed, but not in round one... especially when these two quarterbacks are going to need time to develop.
BrianStevenson Washington will not last until round two. that kid is a player and the word is getting out.
BrianStevenson the kid that gets no credit is Darrent Williams. He plays so much bigger than he is... much like Winfield in Minnesota. Someone will steal him in the second round and have a starting corner.
artbtz Anything else Waverly?
WaverlyJackson Nothing more, just really love Fabian, that is all. He is a future pro bowler
manny2005 Brian, my question was in regards to to how low we can drop to draft Merriman and if we could get enough from trading down for him to trade again into the first round and draft Frye or Barron?
BrianStevenson Cant go much lower than Minn (at seven) to get Merriman. His stock is going up daily... probably too high, but it is.
BrianStevenson I think the browns will trade down, but I don't think they'll get two #1's this year. Can't see that happening.
artbtz You're up LAGreg!
LAGreg What do you think of Chris Canty, would he be a good fit and at what round? Is DE high on the Browns list?
BrianStevenson I like Canty quite a bit. He lost out some by missing time as a senior due to injury. The kid was a player that made a ton of plays... good size... not that explosive... fits well in the 3-4. Should be a 3rd or 4th rounder.
BrianStevenson Its a fairly deep year for defensive ends and it might cause a player like Canty to slip some. He'll likely make someone pretty happy next fall.
artbtz Sutra is up!
Sutra What do u think about Charlie Frye in the second round or would Jason Campbell be better for Crennel's offense
BrianStevenson Frye just might go to the packers in round one. doing well in the individual work and appears to be a player that fits what Green Bay is looking for. If he gets by GB, then yes, a good chance the browns would consider him near the top of round two.
BrianStevenson I'm not sure though the Browns should give up on McCown yet. He was rushed in way too early last year, but the kid has enough skills and may develop well in this offense.
Guest350 i have heard that Merriman is considered a more physical player than Johnson. is this true? I ask because I believe the browns lack a physical attitude on defense
BrianStevenson Yes, Merriman is very physical compared to Johnson. Johnson's main weakness (maybe his only weakness), is taking on plays right at him. He is much more effective in space and chasing plays. Merriman is a workout warrior and can be a nasty player (not in a bad way)
BrianStevenson Yes, when you look at the current browns defense, there is not a clear cut leader and a player that demands respect.
Guest350 Also, do you believe the browns would ever be interested in Rolle? of the players i watched last year, he was most impressive
BrianStevenson I'm sure they like Rolle, but don't have the luxury of taking a corner and passing on other more important needs right now.
BrianStevenson I'm a little surprised people haven't been after Rolle more for his off the field troubles last year.
Guest350 thanks brian
artbtz Lefty is up!
alwayslefty where is Justin Tuck on your radar? rising? falling? A good choice for browns in round 2?
BrianStevenson Where would the browns play tuck? He's really a 4-3 rde. I can't see him at linebacker. He's coming off a down season and slipped some and will likely end up in round two.
BrianStevenson I don't think tuck would be a good fit for the browns and their scheme. Canty makes much more sense a round later.
alwayslefty What about Blackstock, will he be there in 2?
alwayslefty Last question, could you see Mike Patterson as a DE in a 3-4?
BrianStevenson Blackstock fits well in the late-1 early-2. He has played effectively in the 3-4 and would be a good compliment to Stewart on the other side.
artbtz BTW, Bill Rees watched Blackstock at the Va Pro Day
BrianStevenson Blackstock makes sense... if people are right and they go qb in round one, Blackstock makes great sense in the second.
Guest386 If the Browns can't trade down, is there a chance they still will go defense and if so who?
BrianStevenson If the browns stay at 3, go defense, and no trade down ... they could still go for Merriman. It's a bit of a reach, but if the kid fits their system, go for it!
Guest386 Do the Browns really want Edwards with his character issues, or are they just trying to convince everybody else they do?
BrianStevenson I'm not sure why everyone is so head-over-heels with Edwards. The kid dropped more balls than he caught as a junior (over-exaggerating some). I think the browns want teams like minn and was to try to trade up to get their guy
newdawg OK.... about Merriman. is he a player or just and athlete?
BrianStevenson Player and athlete. He could be very special as a pass rusher. He's not a coverage guy, so he will have to be used right - but if used right, he should put up double digit sack totals
newdawg I've got a sneaking suspension that the browns want Jason Campbell in the 2nd round. please comment.
BrianStevenson I'm not a Campbell fan. Questionable leader and inconsistent... he'll disappoint someone.
BrianStevenson Not sure why he has shot up so high on many of the draft boards... athletic ability, I guess. Potential ... that word that gets so many guys fired...
artbtz Savage has been talking him up and he visited Berea recently
DM Rees mentioned Alvin Pearman, RB from Virgina in his PC today, what round would he go in?
BrianStevenson Pearman is a second day selection who does everything pretty well, but does not stand out in any area. Runs well and has soft reliable hands, but not a feature back in the NFL... good quality backup
DM Also, Matt Jones was in town today, would you be surprised if we took him in the second?....thanks!
BrianStevenson I don't understand the Jones hysteria. Because he can run a 4.4 at that size, he shoots up from day two to second round. He'll get someone fired!
atlpwm Brian, the Patriots nor Ravens have drafted a offensive player in the first round since Todd Heap in 2001. Its hard for me to think that Savage or Crennel would go Offense with their first pick, Also would the signing of Russell harm any possible trades with Minn?
BrianStevenson The Vikings did not want Russell, so there would be no hard feelings there. As for offense, I don't see a player that would make a greater impact than a guy like Merriman in round one
Guest203 The New York Post said the Browns will go with Shawne Merriman with the 3rd pick, any chance of that happening?
BrianStevenson Could get Merriman in rd 1 and get a pretty darn good receiver early in the second. Maybe even the third if guys like Fred Gibson and Chris Henry slide. There is some history between Minnesota and Cleveland, so it is possible the two swing a deal... I just don't think Minn will give up both #1's
Fog As a Buckeye fan I gotta ask about Nugent. Where do you see him going? And if we take Merriman, will the Dog Pound be sporting a Merrymen section in the fall?
BrianStevenson Nugent is clearly the best kicker in the draft and could go as high as round 2 to the Vikings. Minn has been terrible in recent years with kickers and need to address the problem... worst case, third round for the Buckeye.
BrianStevenson I will be watching for the dogs and merry men :)
seattlesipe With an outside POV what position do you consider as our most glaring need and what prospects would best fit that need?
BrianStevenson On offense, the browns need a go-to receiver... someone that demands extra attention.
BrianStevenson On defense, a big play linebacker and a strong safety are at the top of the list. The defensive line is suspect, but with the 3-4 scheme and coaching, they'll make do with later round picks and free agents
BrianStevenson Outside of winslow, there is not a starter on the team that stands out as ""special"". a lot of good role players right now.
redright What is the likelihood of a browns trade down? with whom? Best Three scenarios? Chance of anyone giving us this years and next years 1st? Minn? What value does the #3 have this year?
BrianStevenson Most likely trade down is with Minnesota... Washington might surprise and include Rod Gardner in a package deal.
redright I am hoping we can get a trade down and some picks in the 2nd and 3rd, many have said...your thoughts? Hey, is there any trade down question I have missed? lol
BrianStevenson Yes, a lot of trade down talk. because it is very likely to happen... and I agree, we've probably gone to the end of that topic.
redright lol
brownsfan999 Where does Corey Webster look to be drafted and is there any likelihood to grabbing him in the 2nd. I think i heard he was late 1st, but curious if you thought he could fall. thanks! As a side question where do you see Clarett falling.....if he is drafted?
BrianStevenson Webster has slipped some due to jr corners that declared. Miller, "Pac Man", Browner... my latest mock had him to NE at the end of rd 1. We could see him slide midway through the second possibly.
BrianStevenson NE has some history with selecting LSU players and thought he would fill a need position for the champs.
BrianStevenson Clarett is a good question. he should not be drafted ... and he'll sue the league for that too.
brownsfan999 lol on clarett
BrianStevenson Someone will give him a chance, but I'm not expecting Clarett to make an impact in the NFL.
brownsfan999 What ""sleeper"" do you think has the best chance to impact the browns? and is Webster worth it if he does slide?
BrianStevenson Sleeper ... I think he was mentioned earlier, chris canty... maybe 4th round. Jim Davis from Virginia Tech is another player that might work out well on the second day.
WaverlyJackson Logan Mankins: Is it all hype or is he the real deal? Also, any chance we can get CJ Mosley from Missouri on day two? Merriman, Fabian Washington, Mankins, CJ Mosely that would be quite a draft in my opinion.
BrianStevenson I don't think Mosley will last until the second day. People are seeing the film and realizing his skills. He should be a 2nd or 3rd rounder.,, fits well in the 3-4 too. Mankins is a decent player, but not special. He won't hurt you, but not sure i would want him starting either. Good backup at guard and tackle.
cmhdawg I would like to know where you think Wes Britt, Alphonso Hodge and J. Goddard will go in the draft. I would love to see Britt become a Brown. Thanks Art and Brian.
BrianStevenson I think I had Britt in the second half of round two. Athletic and experience... pretty good player that should start in the NFL.
BrianStevenson Hodge is a top athlete, but does not play like it ... yet. He might just take time and if he puts it together, could be a quality starter, but right now, he is a project.
BrianStevenson Goddard is all heart. That kid plays every down like its his last... chases plays all over the field. The problem, though, is how will teams use him in the NFL? He cant be used in coverage. He needs a 3-4 defense and the freedom to run and chase.
Seiklis Is there much of a difference between Kevin Burnett and Derrick Johnson in playing ability?
Seiklis Also could you name a few late round inside backers and 3-4 defensive linemen who could turn into something, thanks Brian and Art
BrianStevenson there is a huge difference between johnson and burnett. johnson is explosive and a big play backer. burnett is steady and solid, but lacks explosiveness. not nearly as effective in coverage as johnson either.
howldawg Your take on Alex Smith big upside? big risk? both? 2nd Who are the top 5 in your opinion and again thanks for taking the time to spend with us
BrianStevenson Both Smith and Rogers are a risk. Both have only started two years on the college level... but both have good upside and potential. They should both start eventually and be pretty effective. Nearly all first-round quarterbacks are a big risk. There are few Elways and Aikmans that simply cant miss
BrianStevenson Top five: Mike Williams, Antrel Rolle, Carnell Williams, Cedric Benson, and Alex Barron
BrianStevenson Not Ronnie Brown!
artbtz Can we ask why you don't put Brown in the top five?
BrianStevenson There is a reason Brown did not start at Auburn: there was a better player in front of him... but Cadillac will be drafted after brown. That's the way this crazy draft process goes.
BrianStevenson Its the post-season fog every year when kids start running 40's and lifting weights and doing all the none football things. Quality players drop while the workout warriors sky rocket... and then after the teams select workout warriors, GM's get fired. Its the GM's that select the football players that continue to draft well every year.
BrianStevenson I wish the draft was closer to the end of the season and less time would be spent with the non sense.
DM Savage mentioned that Kyle Orton has a good arm and could throw well in the Cleveland wind. Is he a better option in the third than say Campbell in the second?
BrianStevenson Orton would make great sense in the 3rd or 4th round. He's well schooled and plays the kind of game that would work well for the browns.
LAGreg Do you see any mid-to late round NTs and OLBs playmakers that the Browns should look at?
BrianStevenson At NT, guys like Darrell Shropshire and Ronald Fields make sense on day two. Lorenzo Alexander is another.
BrianStevenson At OLB, kids like Goddard and Ken Pettway are players to keep an eye on
BrianStevenson Jon Welsh from Wisconsin is an athletic pass rusher that would make sense later in the draft
seattlesipe Tough one...right now which prospects in this draft do you think are a blue-chipper... Can't miss, if any?
BrianStevenson Two can't-misses are Cadillac and Mike Williams
seattlesipe true
artbtz You're not in the ""Mike Williams will get too big"" school?
seattlesipe Or the Mike too slow school?
BrianStevenson No, Williams is what he'll be. 6'4"" 230-235. Unstoppable in the red zone and absolutely incredible hands.
BrianStevenson There are some pretty good NFL receivers that have run slower than Williams
BONEZ Appreciate the time Brian, I was wondering what you thought about Stefan LeFors. I am a big CUSA guy so I watched him a good bit and I was impressed. Where do you see him coming off the board and do you think he will be effective?
BrianStevenson LeFors is a player that you just hope gets a chance on the next level. Him, and Jimmy Leonhard of the badgers - they're smart and productive players, but fall outside the NFL prototype.
BrianStevenson I do think LeFors will stick on someone's roster next fall based on his decision making and intelligence. He'll never be more than a detmer type backup though
CF70 Does Braylon's stock fall since he blew off Savage?
BrianStevenson No, edwards will go top-5... I wouldn't make too much of that.
artbtz Really appreciate your sticking around Brian. Transcript up tomorrow! Remember Weds night, Pat McManamon at 9:30PM. SHould be fun!
BrianStevenson Thanks again for having me in. Always enjoyable. Be sure to check out draftnotebook.com. It's not to late to get the guide mailed out to you before the draft!

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