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Chat Transcript: Pat McManamon

Here's you go... Pat's takes from last night's Bernie's Insiders chat, free for all Browns fans. Of course, if you feel like showing your support for an independent Browns website and magazine, and getting some cool stuff in the bargain, we wouldn't mind. You can always <a href="" target="_blank">click here</a> and join us. Enough pimping... here's the transcript...

artbtz There he is!
MadDawgJimmyMac Hey Pat, welcome
sRavedawg Nice to have you back, Pat!!!
Pat McManamon LOL ... thanks everyone.
Guest351 Hey Pat, glad you could make it. Is/was their any truth to the rumor, I believe on PFW that Romeo was pimping DJ and Savage was leaning towards Alex Smith? If so, we know its Phil's call but do you think he might defer to Romeo since he'd want to help him to put his footprint on the team and also to assist him installing his defense?
Pat McManamon Wow ... nothing like starting off big. Let me just say that they've been VERY secretive about their plans, even when I worked for the team I got little info. I honestly do not know what Romeo thinks of Johnson, but I don't think (emphasis on think) Savage is third-pick high on him. As for who makes the pick, it's Savage ... all the way. Savage is picking the players. Period.
Guest351 True but do you think he may defer to Romeo? Or his wishes?
Pat McManamon No. I do not.
Guest351 OK, I'm done Art
Pat McManamon He'll listen to Romeo, and he won't take someone Romeo doesn't want, but it's Savage's pick.
ter6357 Pat, thanks for coming on. What have you heard about the rumor of Tampa Bay feeling highly confident that they can move up in the top three, and who do you see us interested in at 5?
Pat McManamon I think the Tampa Bay rumors may have legs. But I also think Tampa Bay wants to move up for a bargain price. Usual price to move up to three would be a one and a two, they may want to do it for a one and a three.
Pat McManamon As for who we'd be interested in at five ... same guys as at three ... best guy on the board .
ter6357 Also, what are your thoughts on the Savage regime's feelings on the top two receivers?
Pat McManamon I think they like the receivers, but I'm not sure either is viewed as a true No. 1 receiver. They can prove they deserve that label in camp and during the season, but now I don't think they have it.
DraftMan2005 Pat..2 things...1.) As you look at the schedule...What do you see right now as a realistic record?
Pat McManamon If the Browns go 7-9, people should be ecstatic.
Pat McManamon If they do better, they should be orgasmic.
Pat McManamon (sorry about the reference there)
DraftMan2005 Any Idea who they may have higher on the draft board between Mike Williams and Braylon Edwards..and did Edwards really blow Savage off last week?
Pat McManamon My guess is Edwards is higher merely because he played last year. And sorry, I don't know the scuttlebutt on what happened with Edwards.
redright Pat, what is up with Willie Green? Saw Savage on NFL network talk about everyone except Green. Seem he is a dead man walking. any chance of a revival for WG? Does he have any value? I hear NY giants for a 5 or 6 and the gints don't have a 5. Does Green realize he is almost out of the NFL? Does it make a difference?
Pat McManamon Green obviously does not fit in the plans. But here I would give Savage credit. Instead of just cutting him (a la Kevin Johnson and others), he's holding out for a pick.
redright We can hope for a pick
Pat McManamon Right now he has little value because of all the backs in the draft, but after the draft he may have some value.
redright Seems they can hold until the season?
Pat McManamon It'll be interesting to see if he comes to camp if no trade is made. Savage and Romeo both have said he's welcome if no trade is completed.
redright thanks Im done
howldawg welcome out from under the mans thumb how much did Savage impress you after he was hired.. ala how organized is he, how does he come across be nice you may still need back into the building for some reason
Pat McManamon Good point. He's the BEST I've ever seen.
Pat McManamon Seriously, he seems very organized, he operates meticulously and he seems to know what he wants. I was impressed .. even though I didn't see him a lot because he was usually working pretty hard. He's young and he's never done this before, but he seems to know what he wants.
howldawg also wouldn't it make since to keep Green on the roster and put alphabet on the practice squad?
artbtz You mean Echemandu?
howldawg yes alphabet
artbtz LOL
Pat McManamon Your point about Green and Echemandu is a good one. I remember Green running pretty well as a rookie, and I remember a lot of other teams (like Baltimore) wanted him.
Pat McManamon I don't know what it hurts to keep him -- unless Savage and Crennel have decided he's not their kind of player.
c19pdawg Pat thanks for coming. What are your feelings of the new regime did you get the vibe that they are running the ship together or has the been some turbulance and friction between parties? Also does Lerner take any day to day part in the goings on even in keeping up and talking about stuff?
Pat McManamon I'll take the last part first. I left with great respect for Randy Lerner. He's a good person and he cares deeply. I firmly believe if people heard more from him they'd like him.
Pat McManamon Is he involved? Yes, but he's got a lot of balls in the air ... so he's not fully involved. That being said, I'd do (almost) anything for him. I like him that much.
Pat McManamon The new regime seems to be getting along fine. But it's early. The team hasn't lost a game with players Savage picked, and there were so many needs there really wasn't a lot to argue about.
c19pdawg Why do you think Lerner is so intent to stay out of the spotlight?
Pat McManamon Let me clarify one thing first ... when I say he's not fully involved, I only mean that he's got a lot going on so his energies are focused in several areas ... As for the public thing, the guy believes that the team is not his but Cleveland's.
Pat McManamon So he doesn't want his name associated with the team's. He wants Cleveland. It's also part personality, and part preference for him too.
Pat McManamon But believe me ... he cares, and he wants more than anyone to see the team win.
c19pdawg Is the coaching staff strictly Romeos baby or is their pressure from the front office?
Pat McManamon On the coaching staff, I have no reason to believe it wasn't Romeo's call. I think it's his staff.
Ravedawg Glad to have you back, Pat!! What team do you see as the most likely partner in a trade down scenario, and who would you most like to see drafted by us--assuming the team stays in the top ten?
Pat McManamon Thanks. Good questions. I'm not sure there really is a partner, Rave. Look at it this way ... if everyone high wants to trade down, why would someone low want to trade up?
Pat McManamon As for the pick, I keep flipping around between Alex Smith, Braylon Edwards and Antrell Rolle -- to me Rolle might be the ideal pick if they trade down. Imagine that, Phil Savage starting his career with a Miami guy.
Ravedawg Yeah, we have to hope someone really falls in love with someone
Pat McManamon If the QBs go 1-2, you might find some team trying to trade up to get Ronnie Brown.
ATownDawg Hi Pat. Thank you very much for taking time to answer our questions this evening. My questions are as follows... 1.) Based on your comments about how much you like Randy, is it safe to assume that your decision to return to The Beacon was yours and yours alone or was a mutual parting? 2.) Do you expect to have the same level of access to the team as you've had in the past ( 3.) Just a comment in good suckfish fashion...glad you're back...and nice use of the word ""orgasmic"" LOL
Pat McManamon I may have to retire the Suckfish stuff ... got way too many hostile remarks about something I thought was a harmless joke.
ATownDawg I thought it was hilarious
Pat McManamon I got a lot of NASTY notes ... I think the decision to return was mine, but it came with much discussion with the team. I think one of you guys wrote in the threads that newspaper guys have ink in their blood and I think that's true of me.
Pat McManamon It's just better for me. And yes, I expect the same access as I had prior to my nine-month tenure at
ATownDawg thanks alot Pat...I'm out AB
Pat McManamon Thank you.
Pat McManamon Hope that answered the question.
StormPug What are the chances of a trade down from 3 in your opinion? Less than 50%? Do you see any surprise picks by SF or Miami? Was the Chester Taylor offer a ploy?
Pat McManamon I'd say the chances of trading down are 10 percent unless the QBs go 1-2. Like I said, a team then may want to move up to get Ronnie Brown. Miami could surprise. I've seen them taking Brown, Alex Smith and even Braylon Edwards in some circles.
Pat McManamon How can a signed offer sheet be a ploy? Savage liked Taylor.
StormPug do you think he was surprised Ozzie matched it?
Pat McManamon I do think they were surprised Ozzie matched it. Three million for a backup RB is high under teh cap -- as Brian Billick pointed out.
StormPug overall a good move since we ended up with Reuben Droughns
Pat McManamon But when we talked to Savage about it at the meetings he was very matter of fact and ready to move on to the next plan. That's when he got Droughns. This is why I like the way the guy works; he's very methodical.
howldawg how thin of a line is Verba walking with the new regime? What impression did you get in regards to how seriously they would address the line in this draft would they reach a little to build depth?
Pat McManamon Howl, they will address the line, but I think they've done the heavy lifting already signing two guards. Verba has a year left on his contract, I believe, so it's up to him ...
howldawg how much better was your access to information while within the organization and how much do you think you'll miss that easy access
howldawg BTW thanks for coming by and welcome back im out AB
Pat McManamon Well that was interesting ... I didn't have that much greater access, really. Sure there were some things I heard, but it wasn't like I was sitting meeting rooms or listening to the coach talk to the team.
Pat McManamon That was a bit frustrating in that many readers, I think, thought I was privy to everything, and it just wasn't so.
Pat McManamon It's understandable too ... if the team wants to keep something in-house, you wouldn't exactly tell the internet writer about it.
Guest525 Is Winslow healthy? And who do does Savage like on the D-line in the draft that might fit the 3-4. Are Hawthone and Castillo off the board now?
Pat McManamon Winslow is getting healthy. And I think they'll look at some tweeners in rounds three and four. I know they like the guy from Wisconsin (Erasmus James) and Merriman as well. But they'd be picked if they trade down, I believe.
cbsmitty OK...doesn't seem like the Browns can trade down....if not, is any defensive player worthy of the #3 pick?
Pat McManamon Not according to what I'm reading and hearing, Smitty ...
Pat McManamon which is unfortunate.
cbsmitty Can they be serious about a WR? With Dilfer, it seems to be a waste of pick for at least a couple of year
Pat McManamon LOL ... not a fan eh? I think they are serious because the wide receiver might be the best player available when they pick. And let's face it, this team needs great players.
cbsmitty Yeah but....signing dilfer was Ok for now.
cbsmitty longer term, I don't see him as the gunslinger.
cbsmitty Better off takign the QB then if we're going to wait...thoughts?
cbsmitty thanks art & Pat
Pat McManamon That's the argument for taking Smith ... it'll be a couple years anyway and Dilfer is probably the perfect guy to tutor and bring him along.
Guest351 Even though Berea is under the cone of silence you must have gleaned some insight on what the FO deems as most pressing need (s), how high does a QB rate? Could you expand on the impressions, HONEST impressions not the customary glad handing PR dispatches of our QBs? I mean we can't honestly be comfy with Dilfer and Luke as our QBs heading into an NFL season.
Pat McManamon Do you imply I was giving PR?
Guest351 You semi answered my question but on a scale, where does QB rate?
Guest351 Naw, err, naw. lol
Pat McManamon Hmmm ...
Guest351 FWIW I don't think Miami is going to take a QB with Feely and Ferrote and Linehan connection, no second or third rounder and no RB.
Guest351 Smokescreen by Saban, he's got to take RB unless he's got a deal for Surtain
Pat McManamon QB is high on the scale ... but to put any position highest on the scale would be wrong simply because there were so many needs. Let's face it, Butch Davis did not leave this team in great shape.
Pat McManamon I think Savage and Crennel recognize they need a long-term QB, but given there are so many needs they will not force the issue if a better player is there.
Guest351 True, but impactwise and rare nature of filling QB wouldn't that bump it up the scale a tad?
Pat McManamon Does that answer teh question or was that PR?
Pat McManamon LOL.
Guest351 Yes, no more dancing to Mr. Charlie for you, I'm done ART
Pat McManamon To answer your last question, no it does not. Don't forget Savage was with a team that won a Super Bowl with Dilfer. Crennel was with a team that won three Super Bowls with a sixth-roudn QB.
Pat McManamon That's their perspective, and they're operating from that background.
Pat McManamon Hope that helps.
CF70 You're Phil Savage who are the top three guys on your board and are you actively trying to trade down and how far?
Pat McManamon My top three: Smith, Edwards, Brown. And I am trying to trade down for pretty much whatever I can get.
bobbyflats Hey Pat - if the Browns don't take one of the top 2 QB's who are they leaning towards among the second tier guys?
Pat McManamon As for second tier QBs ... they seem pretty smitten with Jason Campbell of Auburn.
artbtz What do you base that on, Pat? (On Campbell)
Pat McManamon Some on scuttlebutt and some on teh amount of attention they paid to him. They sent the new QB coach to Auburn to watch his workout, for example.
artbtz Gotcha
Pat McManamon I think Campbell is this year's Losman, though. He may go late first round, early second.
Pat McManamon Once word gets out on a guy, teams start to think more about him and he goes earlier.
artbtz Our chat guest last night was not a believer in Campbell. He will be interesting to watch.
Grover51 hey da man...NFL Radio stated earlier today that the Bucs might have a solid interest in Smith and would be willing to move up into our spot at #3 if he was still on the board. Any thoughts on who we might target at #5? Is that too high still for Merriman? Sorry if the question has been asked...
Pat McManamon I think the ultimate dream would be -- and this is a guess -- to trade down and still get the guy they want at three, either Edwards or Rolle or maybe even Merriman. Pass rushers are valuable.
Pat McManamon My thing is, if Tampa wants to trade up to get a QB would they be willing to trade their first-round pick and Chris Simms to the Browns? Just a thought.
Grover51 curious that the Bucs had both of the top QBs in this week...
Grover51 that's all i've got...glad to see you're back with the ABJ...take care...
Pat McManamon Thanks.
ter6357 Pat, you mentioned before that you think that the new regime might not view either of the top 2 receivers as a viable #1 threat. If this is the case, can we say that the team might not be looking to draft one of them in the top 10, since they don't view them as #1 receiver values? or?
ter6357 also... your thoughts on Mo Carthon and his potential to utilize the receivers well
ter6357 also... your thoughts on antonio bryant's past with Carthon and the flammability of that situation?
Pat McManamon First, ter, the top two receivers I was referring to were the two on the roster -- Bryant and A Davis. That's what I was asked about, I think.
ter6357 oh i see
Pat McManamon Second, I don't have a real good read on Carthon yet. He's never called plays and he was a bit guarded at his news conference. He even refused to state what kind of offense he'd run because he didn't want to give his opponents an advantage. In March.
artbtz The Parcells school of media management
Pat McManamon Carthon does know Bryant, and he'll give him a fresh start. If he produces and plays, he'll be fine.
Pat McManamon But that situation can be touchy because Bryant is what he is.
YSU Welcome back Pat. Always loved your writing and thought it was great when you replied to my emails last year. Thanks again for coming in tonight! I too think we are going to pick Alex Smith if he is there. What about the second tier QB's: Frye, McPherson, Matt   Jones?
Pat McManamon Matt Jones will probably go to someone in the late first round ...
Pat McManamon I get the impression they're interested in Frye, but more intrigued by Campbell.
Pat McManamon McPherson, for this team, might be a reach. They need sure things.
Pat McManamon I can take one more art.
YSU OK...I say bring on Rolle if we stay at #3...even thogh no one else thinks so. Thanks art...night all
Pat McManamon Rolle is someone to remember ... cover corners are hard to find. And then I think they would move McCutcheon to nickel.
Pat McManamon Provided Rolle beats him out ... I'm a big McCutcheon fan. Pure football player, and a great guy.
artbtz You're up ttylicki
ttylicki Pat, do you see any unexpected trades/cuts come June 1st? Also, do you see Savage raiding the Ravens scouting department soon? Thanks
Pat McManamon Well with Savage it sure seems like any trade is possible at any time, but nothing jumps out at me. Even on the cuts.
Pat McManamon There's a rumor that Savage wants to bring in one of his scouts from Baltimore, but that will shake out after the draft. That's when a lot of contracts expire.
Pat McManamon OK art. One more, for old time's sake.
artbtz THen I'll ask one.
Pat McManamon Go for it.
artbtz Why don't you think the Browns have much interest in Mike Williams?
artbtz Oh, and did you find out where all the bodies are buried in Berea?
Pat McManamon Well I think they do have interest but he's being compared, I'm sure, to Edwards. Edwards played last year, and Williams didn't and historically it's been tough for guys to come back from a year off.
Pat McManamon That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Williams is the pick if they trade down.
Pat McManamon As for the bodies, I've been sworn to secrecy.
artbtz LOL... dammit
Pat McManamon Good try though.
artbtz Thanks, man... can we get you back here sometime?
Pat McManamon Sure ... be glad to.
Pat McManamon Thanks to everyone out there.
artbtz Coolness. Talk to you soon!
howldawg thank you Pat
Pat McManamon Take care.

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