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Tony Pauline visited the chat room last night, but had to leave after about a half-hour due to a TV commitment. He'll be returning at 7:30PM EST tonight to finish the chat, join us then! Here is the transcript from last night, which includes talk about trades, Alex Smith, Charlie Frye, and defensive end Marcus Spears (pictured)...

Tony Pauline Man- lot of guys here tonight
Tony Pauline Hello everyone
Tony Pauline Few hours away from the start of it all
Guest269 any good long snappers in this draft??
Tony Pauline Guest269- no; Butch Davis has hired them for future employment!!
Tony Pauline I've got good news and bad news...
Tony Pauline The bad news is I have to do a TV gig at 10PM so I only have 30-minutes
YSUfan good news is
Tony Pauline Now- I can come back when I am done about 10:40 or come back for some more tomorrow
Tony Pauline sorry- that is 10:40EST
artbtz Want to shoot for tomorrow Tony?
Tony Pauline art- fine; send me an e-mail afterwards
SunsetSam Hey Tony. Who is the more likely partner for Minny right now, us or the Fins?
Tony Pauline SunsetSam- the Fins are pricing themselves out of everything...they want to much of an asking price so Savage must decide- take Braylon Edwards or trade down
voodoochile1 Tony what do you see the Browns doing on the D side for this weekend?
Tony Pauline Voodo- I think all through the draft Savage will take best player available. If they trade down it will be Derrick Johnson. Second round could be a DE if one of the top (Justin Tuck) guys fall.
artbtz Follow-up Voodoo?
voodoochile1 No thanks!
Seiklis Heya Tony, what team do you see as the most likely choice to trade up into the upper part of the 1st round?
Tony Pauline Seik- the Skins, Vikings right now....maybe the Chargers, though I don't think they want to go to three. It is not a strong crop at the top hence not a lot of people are clamoring to move into the early part of the round
superfork Have the Browns looked at Goddard from Marshall maybe in the 4th he is a monster and under rated?
Tony Pauline Superfork- I have not heard of any specific interest but he would be a decent fit as an LB in Crennel's system. He is an athlete and makes a lot of plays in pursuit
jdbrowns with the Third pick would you take Edwards or Williams or some other player
Tony Pauline jdbrowns- Edawrds is much better value then Williams or any other player for that matter in the third slot. The only other propsect I would consider is one of the QB's.
artbtz All set JD?
jdbrowns thanks
CF70 If this is supposedly such a weak draft why are so many teams clamoring trying to get high enough to get Braylon? Would he have had this much hype in last year's draft?
Tony Pauline CF70- good; he would not have gotten the hype last year. Teams look at the fact that Edwards does have a lot of upside and terrific size/speed numbers. Factor in the Vikes really need a replacement for Moss and Washington needs size at WR as they plan on moving Gardner...hence those two teams want to move up.
NO_JCampbell do you think the Browns may free fall and not pick until later to get Barron at a reasonable # if no trade out of #3, or get edwards?
Tony Pauline No_JCamp: you mean pull a Viking deal?? No, not at all- Savage is about value...just letting other teams pass you at no cost is not a good strategy.
NO_JCampbell Is Frye worth the Browns 2nd rd pick thats it thanks
Tony Pauline NO-JCampbell- I still think that is a little early for Frye....
RedDawg What DE would you rate as the best fit for Crennel's 3-4 defense, and where do you think Phil should target that player to be drafted? Richard Seymour, Ty Warren and Wilfolk the NT from the U were all first round DL picks in NE....
Tony Pauline RedDawg- Seymour was the only top six player....Spears is the best two-gap 34 lineman in the draft but three is two early. Justin Tuck has that potential. Later on (3/4 round) Chris Canty of Virginia. 3rd round Ron Fields of Miss St on the nose
Tony Pauline Reddawg- Spears could end up w/Dallas @11
YSUfan who do you see sliding down the 1st round ladder...and who are a couple of your super sleepers?
artbtz You're up YSU!
Tony Pauline \RedDawg- I meant to say the third pick is too early for Spears
artbtz (Irelanddawg... get ready!)
YSUfan who slides down round 1...who are your super sleeeprs
artbtz Thanks YSU...
Tony Pauline YSU- Dan Cody is sliding as is Justin Miller and Heath Miller. Some good sleepers; a pair opf LB's that would be good fits for Cleveland Jordan Beck of Cal-Poly and Jon Jackson of Oklahoma...Todd Herremans, OT Saginaw Valley State....Stanford Routt, CB Houston
Irelanddawg Will QB Rodgers fall from the top 10 picks?
Tony Pauline Ireland- I think if Rogers is available @8 Arizona grabs him
artbtz Great... do your TV thing, Tony. We'll set up a time to finish up tomorrow night...
artbtz Thanks for coming everyone... I'm going to take off the hammer...
Tony Pauline thanks- sorry I had to cut it off so early but tomorrow night- Barry will set it up.
Guest132 Thanks a lot Tony
CF70 Thanks Tony
SunsetSam thans tony

Two additional questions which Tony Answered by Email

brownie4life We all know that Butch did some of his best drafting on the second day. I was wondering who are some of the players that might slip through the cracks and fall to Day 2 and who are some names that we should be looking out for during Day 2 that could really have an impact on this team?
Tony Pauline Chris Canty/DE/UVA
David McMillen/DE-OLB/Kansas
ALvin Pearman/RB/UVA
Anthony Alabi/T/TCU
Marcus Lawrence/LB/South Carolina
Kelvin Hayden/CB/Illinois
Chidawg What did Charlie Frye do (or not do) to be dropped from #38 just after the Senior Bowl to #60 in the draft guide? I'm especially puzzled as all accounts of his pro day workout have him impressing scouts with his arm strength which was his major question mark when he was ranked #38.
Tony Pauline His combine workout was horrible. Also- don't forget; the guide went to print 3/16, Frye's workout was the end of the month....that is always a problem.

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