Stay on top of Browns news from around the web within minutes of it breaking! We're giving away a <B>free</B> desktop news tablet that you've GOT to try. You're going to love it. Trust us on that. <BR><BR>Plus, there's a free draft guide and a free mock draft contest! Finally, news about Saturday's draft coverage, a new radio show, and some Draft Bash updates! If you've only got one click a day, make it a click on this article.

Under normal circumstances, most of these items would be getting their own feature stories, but with the draft coming up there's a ton of news, so we're going to put all this stuff into a single article of announcements and (best of all) freebies!


This is a very exciting development for us, and we think you'll love it. We have worked with software developers to create the Bernie's Insiders NewsTablet. This application will make headlines, Hot News, Tips, The.Raw.Feed, the Newswire, rumors, and so forth available to you on your desktop within minutes of being posted on Bernie's Insiders. Look for us to add more feeds in the future.

Whether you are a subscriber or not, you'll want to grab this application and wire into the most aggressive Browns portal anywhere. If Browns news breaks - whether we break it or not - you'll know about it within minute.

This is the application every Browns fans with a PC needs to get. It's simple, fast, contains no ads, and best of all... IT'S FREE!!

CLICK HERE for more information and to download!


The contest will continue through midnight on Friday night. We are working on a live scoring system so that you can tune in during the draft and see how you're doing vs. your fellow Browns fans and vs. the "expert" mock drafts.

Here's more info on the Mock Draft Contest! Get your entries in today!


Our friends at Sports Talk Cleveland have provided fans with a free 50-page Draft Guide written by You can check it out and download the guide by clicking here. To use the guide you need to have the free Adobe Reader installed. 

If you haven't heard the news yet, the rumors are true. We will be launching a radio show with Sports Talk Cleveland this coming month, making STC the only sports talk station with a weekly Cleveland Browns radio show. It will be Lane and I, with guests and hosts to be determined, just talking football. Nothing fancy... we'll take phone calls, answer emails, and have a lot of back-and-forth with the chat room. We can't afford all the wacky buzzers and joke writers and stuff, but if you want to talk football, it will hopefully be worth your time.

Look for more info on this to come out in the next week...


You have probably gotten news about the Bernie's Insiders Draft Bash already - at least if the 12,000 views of Swerb's post about it in the Watercooler forum is any indication - but we have a couple of late-breaking announcements.

First, Kat has helped to arrange a T-shirt sale to help the Eddie Johnson Foundation. Here's what Kat has to say about it:

"At the 2nd Annual Bernie's Insider's Draft Party, we will be collecting donations to build care packages for the troops and also for the Eddie Johnson Foundation. The first 75 folks to donate over $10 to either cause will receive a special Bernie's Insiders Draft 2005 t-shirt.

Special thanks to, who has generously donated 75 shirts and their screen printing services to us. Please visit Jeff's site and send some business his way, guys and gals! "

Thanks to their generous donation, every penny donated will go to our troops and to Eddie's charity. Thanks so much!!

Also, two television crews will be at the Draft Bash to talk to fans about their thoughts leading up to the draft (WOIO-19 between 11-12) and after (WJW at 6PM). This is still a "get-together"... no emcees, no pre-defined activities, no cover charges, just fans and friends hanging out and taking in the draft. We just ask you to contact Swerb so that we've got a head count. Still, it's getting pretty amazing.

I'll also be running around with a voice recorder at a couple of points and grabbing some sound bites and feedback from folks for use on SportsTalkCleveland and our radio show. At the very least, we can have a contest to see which of us slurs our words the most.


We'll join every other vaguely football-related site on the internet and claim that we'll have complete coverage of the NFL draft.

(Yawn) Great.

If you've been here before, you know what to expect... there will be a lot of people hanging out in the chat room as the draft nears, a bunch of us will be at Bunkers (we'll try to set up a PC so there can be chatting from the Draft Bash), and we'll be slamming out scouting reports, Hot News, photo galleries, and articles throughout the day as the Browns make their picks. Also keep an eye on the forums because we'll post late-breaking news there as well.

We'll also be live on Sports Talk Cleveland at several points throughout the day from Bunkers and elsewhere as part of their coverage of the draft. Also, a new feature will be links to videos of the top players selected in the draft.

We'll be slamming out the Browns goodness all day, but you already knew that. So, we won't blather on about it. If you're a hard-core Browns fan, you already know where to hang out.

- BDMc


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