It's Edwards!!

The Browns breathed a sigh of relief today when the Miami Dolphins selected Ronnie Brown, opening up the way for the top player on the team's draft board, WR Braylon Edwards of Michigan. While the phone lines burned up with offers, no deal was completed in the 15 minute allotment, and the Browns have picked up a true #1 wide receiver.

More details and analysis on the way!

Braylon Edwards is the newest member of the Cleveland Browns, and the first selection of the Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel era!

Reaction here from the fans and analysts at Bunker Hill Golf Course was mixed, with many fans hoping for a trade down. analyst Lane Adkins offers that "Edwards was the top guy on the Browns draft board. While some people were disappointed with the inability to swing a trade, they shouldn't be upset with Braylon Edwards with the #3 pick in the draft. This kid can stretch the field... he's a player."

Bernie's Insiders commentator Rich Passon said that he was disappointed in the selection, since he feels that USC WR Mike Williams was the best receiver available in the draft.

While trade-down scenarios continue to swirl, Adkins is skeptical about whether they are likely to happen at this point, given that the 15-minute period was very active with talk that didn't come to fruition.

For most of us, though, the time has come to put our trust in Phil Savage and his ability to judge talent. The Browns considered Braylon Edwards to be the best player available in the draft... and they got him.

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