6th Round: A Target Achieved

Bernie's Insiders told you about the Browns attention to Nick Speegle during the New Mexico Lobos' Pro Day, and again when he visited Berea. Today, the Browns were undoubtedly delighted to find the big New Mexico linebacker available when they picked at the top of the sixth round.

Once again this weekend, the Browns and their fans can be pleasantly surprised that a sought-after draft pick was on the boards for the team sometime after he was expected to be gone. Yesterday evening, it was Charlie Frye. Today, Nick Speegle qualifies for a similar distinction in the sixth round.

As predicted, the Browns have made a sharp turn to the defensive side of the ball on Day 2, acquiring Speegle and DE/LB David McMillan. Both players appear on the surface to be plug-em-in fits for Romeo Crennel's favored 3-4 defense.

Speegle is not the fastest linebacker, but is tall and makes the most of this abilities. At New Mexico, Speegle has made solid progress every year, and was elected team captain in 2004. He's a player that, in many ways, represents the sensibilities of the new Browns braintrust.

Another positive aspect of the new Browns braintrust and their less-secretive approach to dealing with the media can be found on Draft Day.

Whereas Butch Davis, in 2003, was so secretive about the team's fancies that the ultimate draft selection (Jeff Faine) wasn't even brought to Berea, there's been little doubt all along that New Mexico linebacker Nick Speegle had caught the Browns interest.

So Browns fans, at least the ones who have been tuned in here, can simply nod their heads in agreement with the selection, rather than turning to their draft guides in a depeperate search for information.

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